Women of Worth – Sept 29

Altar Ego – Small Group Focus

Here’s a glimpse on what the small groups studying altar ego are discovering.

With only a few weeks into the book many are already feeling challenged and encouraged.  One women had this word to share with the group last week.

” Altar Ego is about laying down who we think we are.. Trampling the labels and agreeing with Christ that we have a purpose and we are here in time. At this very moment… For His kingdom.  I believe God wants the women to hear Him say that it’s time to stop waiting until all of areas of life are in order until we step into His call for us.  That He wants us just as we are today.  The lyrics of “Just as I am” say that we are tossed about with many conflicts and fears but the Lamb of God says “Come..”  And that He has new names for us, just like the song says… We come BROKEN to be MENDED.  We come GUILTY to be PARDONED.  EMPTY to be FILLED.”


Check out this link for lyrics to the song, “Just as I Am” by Travis Cottrell

Snacks this week:  Jayni Bergen, Anna Bergen, Tara Janzen

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