Women of Worth – Sept 15

Hello Ladies!  Here’s a glimpse of how the WOW mornings will look!  

Meet in the MP Room at 9:30am for a time a worship & fellowship as a large group. We will then break into our small groups around 10am for study and prayer. Check out the information below to see what room your group will be meeting in.  Contact your group leader if you have any questions.

Study Rooms

Altar Ego – Multi-Purpose Room
Contact Leader: Kim McCarthy – kdm789@gmail.com

Beth Moore – K2
Contact Leader: Karen Barbour – barbour@mymts.net

Raising Kids – A4
Contact Leader: Lisa Zeilstra – lisazeilstra@gmail.com

Path to Success – A3
Contact Leader: Frances Jacob – francesjabob730@gmail.com

Out Live Your Life – A1
Contact Leader: Karen Blevins – karenlynnblevins@gmail.com

Sacred Marriage – K1
Contact Leader: Susan Beck – js.beck@qkstream.com

“He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.” Psalm 37 verse 6.
God is our rock – He is the keeper of our faith!

Providing snacks this week:

Lana Plemel
Sunita Alex
Anne Campbell

WOW Childcare – We have an increasing number of children participating in the Childcare program!  Even with the numbers of workers we have, we still require more in order to run the program.

We will require 2 ladies each week to assist with nursery.

There will be a sign up sheet at Kidz Rock Check in this Wednesday. For those that are able – please sign up for one slot.  Thank you for your willingness to serve.



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