Women of Worth – Oct 30

Wednesday Morning Ladies Bible Study

This week are taking a closer look at another one of our small groups.  Drawing on her life coach experiences, Robin Chaddock helps women find the answer to “God, what do you want me to do with my life?” by providing step-by-step instructions to uncover their primary passions and greatest strengths.

Here are some incredible testimonies on what this study means to these ladies:

1. This study is really opening up my view on what I’m meant for and where my strengths are.  These can all be used by God and focus on a vision.  

2. It is so refreshing for me to focus on the “positives” about myself!  – Destroy the barriers I have put up over my life!

3. I have made amazing friendships.  Interesting to explore what my personal passion is.
4. I find Wed. morning Bible Study to be a refreshing part of my day.  This study helps me to understand myself better as the discussion prompt us to open up ourselves at a deeper level in including Christ in all our thoughts, emotions, and actions that affect our lives and others.  It’s a binding thread of women passionately in love with Jesus.

5. Camaraderie of other women with a desire to know God more deeply and figuring out what our giftings are together.

6. This study has been enlightening and affirming, it’s given me insights into myself and God’s plans for my life.  

7. This book is very encouraging and providing clarity for some questions I didn’t even realize I was wrestling with.

 8. This book is challenging me to find myself and go out of my comfort zone in relating to others.

9. I am enjoying the challenge of discovering the true spirit that lives inside me.

10. Very motivational!  Helps me to want to learn more about myself and how God sees me through His eyes.

11. I love this book because it is challenging me to come out of my comfort zone in finding myself and answering questions.  This book is helping me find my purpose with God and helping me everyday to be a better woman with Christ in a compassionate way.

12. Journey of discovering my true authentic potential.  This book has exposed lies I have believed about myself for way to long.  I have been sabotaging my happiness because I didn’t believe I deserved true happiness (Lie!)  I have kept myself from intimacy in marriage and in relationships because I didn’t believe I deserved true intimacy. (Lie!) I haven’t allowed myself to live to the potential I know God has called me to because I didn’t believe I deserved the peace living my true potential out would bring.  (Lie!)  Obviously this book has been changing my life.  One word has been brought out within this book that sums this all up.  FREEDOM : )

Want some more information or have questions on last week’s teaching on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? Come to A3 after your study this week and chat with Pastor Bob.

Snacks:  Renee Coleman, Fibi Cheung, Sarah W.

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2 Responses to Women of Worth – Oct 30

  1. Roxanne Elgood says:

    I think I would like to eventually get this book.

  2. Larissa says:

    Hi Roxanne,

    In case it helps, the full title of the book they mentioned is:

    How to Find Your Personal Path to Success: Keys to Living Out Your Purpose and Passion – by Robin Chaddock

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