Women of Worth – March 5

Thank you Volunteers!

As we finish up our winter session we want to take some time to thank those that have helped serve in Women of Worth!  This program is only possible because of the many ladies that work together week after week.

1 Corinthians 12:5 “There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.”

Helps Ministry:
Laura G., Maureen, Bonnie Y. and many others always pitching in when needed!

Unglica and team!  And to all the ladies that helped out when we were short childcare workers!

Gayle V., Marcia H., Lynette S. Kim C., Heidi K., Bonny B., Susan B., Lisa Z, Darlene, Melissa

Study Leaders:
Frances J., Katherine B., Karen B., Shawna M., Maria, Leanne N., Sarah B., Kimberely M., Susan B., Lisa Z., Chickie H., Karen Blevins, Jo B., Lynette, Natalie, Alex, and those that stepped in when needed!  Thank-you.

Snacks this week:
Megan T., Kimberley A., Lisa Z

40 Days in the Word Workbooks will be sale again this Wednesday starting at 9:15am.  Only $10 each.  Session begins next week.

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