Women of Worth – March 12

Ok Ladies!  Here’s what’s up for next week!
40 Days in the Word Begins!  We will have 10 Leaders hosting small groups!

9:15am – Workbooks on sale

9:20am – Leaders will already be at their table – each group will be encouraged to have only 7 ladies plus their leader.
Come to the MP Room with your workbook and bible!  Join a small group when you arrive!  Susan and Lisa will be available to help decide what group might work best for you!

9:30am – Mingle with snacks and coffee in your small group.  Your table host will bring a snack for next week for just your group!  We want a small community feel – each week someone from your table group will bring a snack!

9:45am – Worship!
10:00am – 40 Days in the Word DVD
10:25am – Group Discussion
11:00am – Prayer
11:15am – Please pickup children in childcare

Your table Leaders are:
Karen Barbour, Sarah Brandt, Leanne Neufeld, Frances Jacob, Chickie Hughes, Jo Barker, Heidi Krahn, Darlene Wiebe, Kimberly McCarthy, Shawna Masters!

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