Women of Worth – March 11, 2015

324e244c-d511-46f3-8852-f1bb545aac4eWednesday Mornings bring such a spirit of joy and blessing! As we enter the church ready to study the word of God there is nothing more refreshing than seeing everyone greet and welcome each other with laughter, a gentle hug, or a conversation over a warm cup of coffee. We receive Blessing in the Welcome! Can We Pray For You? Prayer Requests? Come and join our prayer group during worship at the back of the Multi-Purpose Room every Wednesday – or send us your prayer request in the prayer box during WOW. Small Groups

We trust you are enjoying your small group! With so many ladies we have continued to create new groups as ladies join WOW so we can connect on a more personal level!Enjoy your studies this week and please let us know if you have any questions! (cotrwow@gmail.com)
Snacks: March 11th – Kimberley A., Patricia G-S, Gaye, Geri March 18th – Valerie U., Patricia C, Anita D, Aimee H

Thanks to everyone who has already registered for the Women’s Retreat! This Wednesday we will take registrations during WOW so don’t miss out! Further registrations will continue through the office.

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