Women of Worth – Jan. 29

Enjoying the Journey

Hello Ladies!

This last week I had a chance to look out of an airplane and just enjoy soaring through the sky while enjoying God’s creation – only problem was – I have a real fear of heights and don’t enjoy flying!  I thought to myself of the all the ways that I could make this ride far more comfortable for myself when I heard God’s voice pretty clear saying, “why?  I’ve got this – just enjoy the journey”.  An overwhelming sense of peace came upon me and I began trusting in Him more and not concerning myself with reaching the destination, but instead enjoying the journey.

Whatever journey life has you on right now, may you trust in Him as He guides you along.


Prayer Highlight! Gayle Vandenberg (pictured below with her mother) has been involved with worship in the church for a number of years and recently in the WOW program!  When Gayle gets behind that mic, her heart is on fire for God and her passion for Him and worship is contagious!In February, Gayle will be heading down to Montreal so that doctors can work at controlling her ongoing seizures through brain surgery. Gayle has been experience seizures for many years and has already been through multiple surgeries.  We want to lift up Gayle and her family in our prayers.
Special Guest this Wednesday!Come and meet our very own Pastor Steven Hoffman and hear his testimony this Wednesday in A3.
Snacks this week:  Patricia Collette, Bonnie Uribe, Rachel Ryden



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