Threshold Goes to California!

During the school Spring Break (March 26 – April 3) a team of 14 teenagers and youth  leaders from Threshold got in a van and made the 40 hour journey to Los Angeles, California for a mission trip to work with the Dream Center in LA.

The Dream Center is a ministry that is dedicated to helping the inner city of Los Angeles. Their mission is provide hope by meeting both tangible and spiritual needs of the community by providing food, clothing, shelter, life rehabilitation, education and job training, biblical training and much more through their 273 ministries and outreaches. We were able to partner with them and serve in many of these activities during the week. We served in the following ministries:

Food Bank/Food Truck: The Dream Center gets loads of food donated each day that get distributed to feed tens of thousands of people each month. Some of us spent one morning sorting through food before it went out. Later in the week were able to go with the “Food Truck” as we delivered grocery bags full of food to those in need.

Under the Bridge/Skid Row Outreach: On Wednesday we spent our morning walking the streets of Skid Row inviting the homeless to a meal we served in the afternoon where we got to interact with and pray for many of them there.

We also spent that evening in Santa Monica inviting the homeless to a meal in the evening, during which our team had the chance to pray for them and hear many fascinating stories.

Project Prevention: We were able to go out and deliver food, baby supplies, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and furniture to families that are at risk of losing their children to foster care because of poverty. We were able to go into various homes to deliver these supplies and pray with those families as well.

Adopt-a-Block: While we were unable to stay for their big Adopt-a-Block ministry on Saturday (when they minister to over 150 blocks of houses), we did serve the area by cleaning up garbage and doing a free window wash at the local gas station.

Our team worked together really well in spreading God’s love through practical service to the city of Los Angeles. This trip also gave our team a passion and desire to come back and bring glory to God by serving our local community.

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6 Responses to Threshold Goes to California!

  1. Caleb Bergen says:

    oh wow me and my suspenders, that was a great time, i really connected with God there

  2. Sherry DeRidder says:

    Dear Pastor Tim
    Being a former youth leader and reading this touches my heart. I could only have dreamed of this with our former youth. What you are doing is wonderful. Our youth touching those in need in another country is so special. May God truly bless you and Threshold.

    • roberta says:

      ahem>>>>very nice reason for a trip….
      I have an idea….How about doing some “inner city work” right here in Winnipeg???!!!?????

      • Tim Hamm says:

        In the last year, our youth ministry has served at Siloam Mission, Walls of Freedom, and Living Bible Explorers which are all inner city ministries here in Winnipeg.

        We will also be doing projects in our city as part of Love Winnipeg on May 27-June 12 and I encourage you to take part in serving our city as well!

  3. Rebecca says:

    My family is moving to Winnipeg this summer and are thinking of coming to this Church. If we do end up attending I would LOVE to go on a missions trip like this, so I was wondering if you guys are doing the same thing next year?!?! 🙂

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