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THIS WEEK (Grade 9-12)
40 Days of Community
What Matters Most
Also hangout/cafe in The Cage

Friday April 20, 2012
7:11 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Church of the Rock
Cost: Free

YC Manitoba
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A Fearless Life


Risking it all

Genesis 12:2-5

Discussion starter:
The subtitle of this video might be, “101 things your mom doesn’t want you to do.” Just about every clip in that video could get you killed.

As you watched this video, were there emotions that erupted inside of you. Did it get you excited? Or were you cringing as you imagined yourself attempting some of those same things?

Genesis 12 documents that at 75 years old, God challenged Abraham to take the biggest risk of his life. God called him to walk away from everything he knew and move his family to Canaan. Abraham would have rather base jumped or done back flips on a bike than tell his wife they needed to leave their homeland at their age and start over. But he did it and God rewarded him greatly.

Sometimes following God’s call on your life will lead you to do scary and dangerous things. And while your mom or your family might think your crazy, the rewards that God offers make it all worth it. (Genesis 12:2-3)

Three Questions:

  1. Which of the stunts in the video do you want to try the most? Which one is too scary for you?
  2. Would you rather be really rich or really daring?
  3. In what ways is your faith like Abraham’s?

Chew on this:
What’s the biggest risk you can take for God today?

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Church of the Rock
1397 Buffalo Place Winnipeg, MB R3T 1L6
Phone: (204)261-0070 or 1-877-700-ROCK (7625)
Email: (Tim Hamm)

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