There is a poem by the name The Tears of Allah that goes like this; Allah cries now and then to shed his tears on the doings of the misled people that live in his name and does atrocities in his name and religion which he cannot bear anymore which wells up as his tears and shed them.

A few years ago Osama Bin Laden claimed that he was working on a new form of liquid heroin that was so addictive and deadly that he could use it as a new weapon against the West.  He dubbed his ill-fated concoction the Tears of Allah.  I trust the irony is not lost here.

As Middle East continues to boil over with violence and unrest it is hard to know for sure what to make of it. The uprisings continue to spread from one Muslim nation to another. Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan and now Libya. Although on the surface it is about freedom and democracy I am not convinced.  Most of the time these nations just swap one bad leader for another and there is nothing democratic about them.  The Ayatollah Khomeini for the Shah of Iran was a lateral move at best.

The Arab world of today has a significant biblical root.  It goes back to the days of Abraham when God had promised him a son.  After 10 years with no results his wife Sarah suggested that perhaps he give it a go with their Egyptian maid Hagar.  Being a ‘guy’ he didn’t need much persuasion and Hagar became pregnant.  Sarah became embittered about the whole thing and Hagar was going to run away.  The angel of the Lord appeared to her and said, “I will multiply your descendants exceedingly, so that they shall not be counted for multitude… Behold, you are with child, And you shall bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael, Because the LORD has heard your affliction.  He shall be a wild man; His hand shall be against every man, And every man’s hand against him. And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.” (Gen 16:10-12)  I would say that is a pretty apt description of the Arab world.  It is generally accepted that the Arab people are the descendants of Ishmael.  In fact the Koran claims that it was Ishmael not Isaac that Abraham was to sacrifice on Mt Moriah.  There are of course millions of peace loving and gentle Muslim people.  But the combination of some of the idiosyncrasies of their religion, their terrorism bent leaders and the close proximity to their historic enemies brings out the wild man’.

Islam is not increasing by conversion but they are growing exponentially by birth rate.  The average Arab family has 8 children. The political leaders in Europe are getting increasingly nervous since the Arab population is growing so rapidly in nations like France, Italy and Britian that some are warning that by 2050 Europe will be a Muslim state.  This is probably alarmist but all one has to do is travel in these nations and you can feel the palpable ethnic tensions that already exist.

When it comes to advancing the gospel in the Arab world we are not doing very well. The math is against us. We have fewer missionaries in the Arab world than anywhere else. The Muslims number a billion strong and are sitting on the largest oil reserves on the planet giving them immense economic power.  Add to that the fact that most of their political leaders are either Islamic fundamentalists, lunatic dictators or both.  Muammar Gaddafi of Libya is the craziest of them all. He has used his oil money to sponsor global terrorism for decades. The Libyan dessert is littered with terrorist training camps.  He will not go peacefully like Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and has already stated he will gladly die a martyr for Allah.  Also unlike Mubarak he has told the army to open fire on protesters and 100’s if not 1000’s have already been killed.

One has to wonder as to whether the Lord is somehow at work here to crack open the Arab world for the gospel.  Twenty years ago we saw a similar situation in Eastern Europe where one nation after another rose up and discarded communism almost over night.  We did not fully capitalize on the situation and it wasn’t long before the window for the gospel closed up on us.  Jesus said, This gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all nations and then the end will come”. I don’t believe the Lord would return without giving the Muslim world a clear opportunity to here the message of salvation.  I cannot help but think that this time the Lord has His hand on the Middle East in setting up a scenario where the gospel will have a chance to succeed.  I don’t know what it will look like but I have always thought that dropping bombs on Arab nations was a poor way to warm them up to our message.  Maybe this crisis will precipitate an invitation to go in with the love and hope of the gospel of Jesus. That’s the outcome for which we should pray.

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  1. Evelyn Bennett says:

    The only concern that I have with regards to all the wars right now is our natural resources.

    I do know that the end of days are near. However we cannot panic, and endure the inevitable. Only God can give us answers as we are able to embrace them. Some of the words God gives sometimes takes time to make sense at the time. Do not give up hope.

  2. Sally says:

    Yes indeed, I agree that God is using “whatever means” possible to reach them,whether it be through war and upheavel or dreams and visions.It is interesting that many are coming to Lord as they are being visited with dreams of this “man in white” calling their name. I think a big part of the hinderance to their coming to know the Lord is that they do not have a proper concept of “Father God” Ishmael’s father Abraham rejected and abandoned him. They need to know God as a loving kind father not as a harsh one. Maybe that is why they were able to accept Allah as he doees appear to fit this concept. My prayer is that they will be healed in this area and truly know Father God as He truly is..loving kind just and true!

  3. Christie Braun says:

    If it has the word Middle and the word East I am already tuned out; survival mechanism of 40 years of the same old same old. Everything done today, will be done next week.

    All things on God’s time right?

  4. Victoria says:

    I don’t know what to say…
    other than,
    as Christians have to obey the laws and listen to our governments,and realize these people are a risk to all mankind

    -the united nations has currently suspended Libya from it’s organization-obviously we need to pray from a distance, as forcing our way(Christian missions) in,

    will be like other forms of terrorism,and be dangerous for all.

    We need to be smart in North America and hold small information forums in our churches, to educate those who want to help pray for these people!

    First we have to get to know them,then we can proceed with Gods work.

    • jdude says:

      “I don’t know what to say… other than, we, as Christians have to obey the laws and listen to our governments,and realize these people are a risk to all mankind”

      That is to say if you view the territorial judicial monopoly (the state) as legitimate, then yes you ought to partake in the social contract. Rather, I am inclined to believe that man’s only natural God-given right is the freedom to choose and thus a territorial judicial monopoly violates the only God-given natural right that man has. We may conclude then that the state is illegitimate (not to mention unnecessary to man).

      “the united nations has currently suspended Libya from it’s organization-obviously we need to pray from a distance, as forcing our way (Christian missions) will be like other forms of terrorism,and be dangerous for all.”

      The United Nations is first, hardly legitimate in the eyes of governments (and nation states) and is even less so to the people which comprise the member states. The West (namely Japan and the US) prop up the UN in order to promote (defence) stability in international relations and provide another (failed) level of diplomacy. Further, Libya (among Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Mauritanis) was a member of the UN Human Rights Committee (until it was subsequently released as of recent). If that does not prove the sham that the UN is, well then I point to Rwanda, the continued flagrant rights abuses in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, etc. As well as the double standard imposed by many member states (IE. Canada housing much of Ghaddafi’s personal funds, the West’s continued support for a variety of far worse regimes than Libya such as Saudi Arabia, among many, many, many other examples). The UN consistently fails in terms of ability to respond, ability to provide and ability to assist in conflict after conflict (IE. Failure of UN resolution 1701 in all intensive purposes, the failure to diplomatically secure the sovereignty of the Republic of Georgia, the failure to solve quite possibly the simplest peacekeeping mission in the organization’s history: the Turkish-Greek-Cyprus conflict, as my prof stated “if the UN cannot solve that dilemma, peacekeeping is in foundational trouble”… etc.)
      To Pastor Mark’s point: “Although on the surface [the conflict(s) are] about freedom and democracy I am not convinced. Most of the time these nations just swap one bad leader for another and there is nothing democratic about them. The Ayatollah Khomeini for the Shah of Iran was a lateral move at best.”
      Neither am I. However your Iran example is misconstrued seeing as Iran is in fact a democracy. Just as 18th and 19th century Britain was a democracy. People often confuse our notion of democracy with ‘democracy’. Seeing as Canada is in effect a ‘liberal democracy’, a state may choose to be democratic yet fail to incorporate liberal values, Iran and 18th/19th century Britain provide ample examples. The Middle East, or Arab states, have a long history ruthless dictators, however they also have a long history of supporting such dictators (IE. Syria, Egypt, the Jordanian monarchy, etc.). We may note more importantly however, that even beyond the Arab states, the military has provided a crucial element to the strategic culture (and grand strategy) to each of the respective states. We can look at the historical evolution of Israel and Iran. Israel and Iran have systematically institutionalized the military where the military is currently a huge part of cultural life, political life and even the business world. I suppose this ought to be one of the few Israel-Iranian comparisons =).

  5. Steve says:

    One thing I really respect about the Muslims is their real faith in their religion. Heck these guys are willing to blow themselves up they believe it so much.
    I can just imagine what these guys would do if they turned to Jesus. We certainly wouldn’t have to worry about the gospel being spread. Instead of strapping bombs to their bodies they’d be holding their Bibles close and blowing holes in the devil’s kingdom.
    Lord reach the Muslim world.

  6. Betty says:

    Well done, Steve.

    The news from Libya, does not sound and look good at all, but I remember what my friend Peter Y. has said many times, those people are very friendly and kind people, the sad part is, there are not many people, that have heard about Jesus yet and they are hungry for the Gospel of Grace.

  7. Jusuf says:

    when talking about muslim, I noticed everytime government leaders ‘oppressed the christians to show the their muslim radical brothers about their support to muslim’, something always happening. Indonesia the turmoil in 1997. The most recent is UN resolution about attacking islam, and we all know about the middle east now. GOD is pure, holy and no hidden scenario on this earth.
    There’re many committed christian who have pure heart for the lost souls regardless who they are. Evangelizing muslims are not easy, and we understand now Why from many muslim who have been converted to christianity and willing to speak up.
    I believe in ‘the crying out of faithfull christians under oppression’ that repeating the era of Moses in different form. Also Daniel 10 is repeated again and again.
    I see the results are always glorifying Jesus Christ the Lord, just like what God the Almighty promised.

    I’m attaching a link about father Zakaria Boutros, whose head has the highest price tag in muslim radical world

    • Patricia says:

      Thank you for sharing the link with me. I will pray for them that their message is heard in there community by all and safety from God the Father, The Son and Holy Ghost.

  8. Sally says:

    It is great knowing that there are followers of Jesus Christ, like Zakaria Boutos, who has a 60 million dollar price tag on his head for sharing his faith with his Muslim brothers and sisters but dispite of this high cost he still goes on preaching the Word so that some will be saved. Like Steve says Muslims are willing to be blown up for what they believe in. Let us also become so dedicated and bold for the cause of the Lord.

    It is exciting for me to see that Christians are finally making use of the this fabulous new tool of the media, the internet, to get the gospel out to a lost and dying world. Instead of saying that it is a tool of the devil like they did in the past with tv,they are finally using it to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.
    I believe that it is the most effective way of spreading the Gospel and probably the fastest way of reaching the whole world than any other method. Every home seems to have a personal PC. with access to hear Christian programs where the gospel is being preached.
    I heard that one retired Christian has used the web to win a million people to the Lord. Zakaria Boutros is reaching many Muslims through his website.

  9. Jasmine says:

    It’s encouraging to see that the Muslims are being reached by their own people in their own context; this is a great example of what it means to be missional. If we were to go there as missionaries and try to reach them, we wouldn’t be welcome or accepted; we would most probably be killed. But it seems like our brothers and sisters across the globe have found their niche and they are giving it everything they’ve got to reach people for Christ. We need to be praying for them because of the persecution they face; we are all part of the same body and if one suffers, all suffer.

    We also need to pray for the women who are rising up and speaking out about their concerns. They live in a society that is ruled by the men who have authority over them. I read in the newspaper today that the Darul Uloom Deoband, one of Islam’s leading universities in Northern India, issued a new ruling that the Muslim women in New Delhi are banned from tavelling more than 77 kilometres from their homes without being chaperoned by a male relation.

    They live in a culture of shame and their rules are designed to prevent the women from bringing shame on their male authority figures. Here’s a link to explain more about their shame & honour principles:

  10. Jeffry says:

    Why are so called “christians” so quick to denounce Muslims? It seems to be an insecurity with these people. First take the speck out of your own…Who led the crusades (killings) against Arab and Muslim peoples and true Biblical Christians? A so called “christian” entity called the Roman church! Who murdered thousands of true Christians across Europe during the inquisition? The so called “christian” entity the roman church! Who leads the way in terrorism and invasion of sovereign nations, with killings of innocents? A so call christian nation,with a so called christian leader..these are buta few examples think about called “christians” have not been the finest example of brotherly love, so why condemn Muslims? The question remains!

  11. Audrey says:

    Well, Jeffry, it’s kind of like this;
    In every religion, there are radicals and rogues who go about a certain cause based on the wrong information. In the Muslim nation, they are the Taliban, and yes, even in the Christian faith, there are those who take an unhealthy spin off of true meaning of Christianity and twist it around to suit themselves and their adgendas. They are sometimes referred to as cults. If you do a thorough search in history, as a result of the actions taken by the Crusaders, TRUE Christians spent many years apologizing for the actions of this group and doing what they could to try and make up for the evil deeds committed by a group they had no control over. The Christianity we are following is not that of violence and bloodshed, it is the opposite.
    As far as denouncing Muslims – it’s not so much as picking on a certain people group and trying to proove them wrong – it’s more like when you have discovered a cure to a sickness, you want to share it with the world so that no one need suffer any longer. It is not limited to the Muslim culture, but to anyone that doesn’t know Jesus (which includes members in my own family). This is what the Gosple is to Christians. The “sickness” is death. The “cure” is Jesus. It is not our will that anyone spend eternity in hell – and not the will of God either. The message that Jesus gave is the solution. We would not be “TRUE” Christians if we did not want to share this to the world. A “true” Christian would be sensitive to what God is sensitive to. It is not His will that ANY should perish. It isn’t exactly fair that we should be lumped into the same group as crazy people who acted horrible in a time before we were even born – they don’t represent us. If the Roman Church soley represented Christians, there would not be seperate denominations today either. God used many obedient men and women over the centuries to step in when “humans” started getting it wrong. When I read the Bible, and the New Tesiment especially, personally I can’t understand why the Crusaiders got it so wrong – it’s there in black and white (and a bit of red) that Jesus was NOT about war and violence, but peace and love. I’ll be the first to admitt that when the ancient Christians slaughtered people in the name of Jesus, it was completely wrong, and I’m sure it grieved the heart of God. That is not the Christianity we are speaking about today. If you listen carefully, you will undeniably hear the love of Christ. Just as the Taliban doesn’t represent all Muslims, the Nazi’s don’t represent all Germans, and so on – not every cult represents all Christians. In fact, to turn the table around, do you know how many Christians are being persicuted today and through out all history – to the point of death, just for being Christian? Many of them are willing to risk thier own lives so that others can live. I don’t think they would do that if they were full of hatred. When the Muslim message of eternity is compared to the Gosple’s message of eternity…. well, have a look for yourself- I know where I’d rather be. Here’s a hint, if you meet a “Christian” full of hate and violence … keep walking – he or she hasn’t figured it out yet. There are plenty of true Christians ready and willing to provide you with sound information. Just give the church a call.
    Take care & God bless you

    • Jim says:

      Audry..thank you for your reply..but the problem is so called “christians” walk around with a holier than thou attitude toward other religions..and figure they got it all right..well I would sincerely question that..the Roman Church killings I mentioned did not stop with the inquisition, or the crusades but carried on with the killing of Biblical Apostolic Christians, in the Middle East and Africa and whereever..because these true Christians would not follow pagan Rome..the Protestants, thought they broke away from Rome but did not go far enough..they still maintained a lot of Rome’s pagan traditions. Now if you look at Ireland of recent times the brutal killings for decades, in the war between Roman Catholics and Protestants..they say they are Christian? But obviously are so far from it to be a negative influence on spreading the word of the gospel..who wants the gospel if this is what it does? That becomes the attitude around the world. George W Bush said he is a Christian…oh is that right..well Mr Bush does that give you the right to bomb and occupy two countries under false pretenses, and kill innocent men, women and children under the guise of democracy or whatever? What a sick excuse for a christian that before we get too complacent in our so called “saved” and “raptured” world, we better all study that old Bible and in particular the teachings of Jesus word for word and start following it..word for word in other words “walk as Jesus walked” As Paul said “work out your salvation with fear and trembling”|and quit running around boasting that we got it made, and we are here to spread the word..we, as so called christians do not have it made, and before we spread the word we should make sure we are spreading the true word of God, and not the offshoots of pagan Rome, which is now the case!

  12. Maxine says:

    For some decent overcoming testimony, teaching and revelation, check out

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