Pastor Mark – “So these two Germans are walking down the street…”

Listener – “Whoa, Pastor Mark, why do all your jokes need to be ethnic jokes? Wouldn’t it be just as funny if it were just two guys?”

Pastor Mark – “Oh OK, you’re right, let me start again. So these two guys were walking down the street; Hans and Wolfgang…”

Speaking of which…Canadian Ernst Zundel is serving five years in a German jail for denying the holocaust. It’s a stupid position to take given what we know concerning Nazi Germany, but my question is; since when was stupidity against the law? (If that’s the case I can think of a few politicians that need to go to prison for life). Whatever happened to freedom of speech, and freedom of thought and expression? Zundel has never been convicted of inciting violence (or any criminal offence for that matter), just denying the Holocaust and trying to convince others of the same. His views clearly offend the sensibilities of many, myself included. So what? He also has written extensively on the existence of UFO’s. How about the feelings of the poor Martians he has maligned? Waaaa! To my way of thinking, the real intolerance is on the part of those of us that won’t tolerate him.

The biggest complaints I ever get concerning my preaching are about my sense of humour. Some people just cannot understand why I am so politically incorrect, and in their minds, offensive. Here is an example of a fairly typical letter:

Dear Pastor Mark

one thing that confuses me when i see the Church Of the Rock television broadcast is Pastor Mark’s brand of humour: if we are to walk in love, doesn’t that mean we are to love Michael Jackson…etc etc as well? i get a very non-Christian instruction on how to behave, in with the Christian message. “according to scriptures we must this and this and this, except when it comes to making fun at the expense of celebrities” now, i don’t want to make your work more difficult and i’m not a person who gets offended easily (at all!), but isn’t that how the devil works? a little bit of truth to make the evil go down? i just don’t get the ‘jokes’ and the mixed message they send. Joel Osteen doesn’t make fun of people and he tells jokes, too.

Sincerely KL

Dear KL

Yeah, but Joel Osteen isn’t funny! Oops, there I go again…

I believe most of us are far too easily offended. We live in a culture of hypersensitivity. People get bent out of shape everyday because of the most petty of things. I think people take themselves waaaaay too seriously. When we are offended because of an ethnic or gender comment, what is the real root of our offence? Is it not human pride? Our race, religion, culture and gender are all important, but all too often they become too important. The original sin of the fall of both Lucifer (Isa 14:12-15) and of Adam and Eve (Gen 3:5) was pride. Pride could be described as ‘thinking more highly of yourself than you ought’ (Rom 12:3).  What do they call that gay parade they hold every year?  That’s it, Gay Pride. Yeah, that’s working for me.

Look at the way Canadians describe themselves. No one is just a Canadian. They are either Italian Canadian or Indo-Canadian or German Canadian etc. It doesn’t seem to matter if their family has been here for 300 years! The Census taker at my front door was offended when I looked down the list options and told her I was a Native Canadian. “No, sir, what is your ethnic origin?” she indignantly replied. “I was born here, that makes me native Canadian.” I calmly responded. I have no intention of carrying the ethnic pride of my great, great, great grandparents. I haven’t even been to their birth countries. I am certainly not going to be offended by a joke related to their (or my) ethnic origin. I am of course not talking about mean spirited racial slurs and hurtful comments.

If you want some great Jewish jokes, go to Israel. The best Newfie jokes are told in Newfoundland. We were there a few years ago and they are easily the friendliest and perhaps funniest people in Canada (think Rick Mercer). When I tell a Newfie joke I get a raft of letters, not from Newfoundlanders, but from others who are offended for them. We really need to lighten up. Trust me, the Newfies are not nearly as bent out of shape as we are. You can buy this T-shirt in St Johns.

Personally, I think it is healthy to poke fun at ourselves and even our differences. For me no one is off limits, but in fact, I poke more fun at myself than anyone else. I do it deliberately as a provocation not to take ourselves too seriously. If that is a sin, then I am guilty as charged. But to me the far worse sin is the sin of hypersensitivity.

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  1. Dale P says:

    I agree that we are far too concerned about being “politically correct” today. It’s been taken to such extremes as to be absolutely ridiculous at times. Being able to laugh at differences is a wonderful thing (especially when you laugh together) and infers a fondness rather than a slur on a given identifiable group. Keep us laughing with gentle humor. “A merry heart is like good medicine” Pr.17:22. Loved the T-shirt!

  2. Steve says:

    I hypersensitively take offense to this unpolitically correct topic, physically and mentally! I’m breaking out in hives even as I type!

  3. todd says:

    Remove the cash and assorted free-rides that come with being “offended” in Canada and we would have few if any discrimination cases. To learn just how bad this epidemic has become, I recommend reading ShakeDown by Ezra Levant. There are religious/ethnic movements to take advantage of our weakness – our reflex to even the word discrimination. The Human Right’s Commissions – faux-courts – are batting 1000 on convictions that has the defendant paying arbitrary fines and the instigator writing complaints on the back of napkins and then sitting back and watching the parade for 3 years or more. We need to remove funding for this nonsense and bring the return of common-sense before it’s too late.

  4. Tamara says:

    I’m with Steve on this one… Hives and hair-pulling. But I had a nice glass of wine, and I feel all better now.

  5. Fed Up says:

    Hey Steve and Tamara, “take a pill” and relax”. I am so sick and tired of this politically correct nonsense. “I am Canadian” that’s it! How many people are lined up to get into Canada and how many are lining up to get out! This country was built on the Judeo-Christian ethic, if others don’t like it maybe they should line up to get out……and boohoo if you don’t agree with my comments. You don’t have to, opiniions are like belly buttons everyone has one….please don’t respond to my comments, just think about them.

  6. Tamara says:

    Yes, and I’m sure that is exactly what God will say to me when I get to heaven… ‘Oh, Tamara, you’re so SENSITIVE’. Afterall, it’s just WORDS, right? Words don’t have any power. I don’t know where I got that idea from… hmmm… must be all the rock music I’m listening to. My bad. All this time I could have been telling all those HILARIOUS leper jokes I heard back in high-school? Ah well. There will be abundant grace and mercy for me, too, I am sure.

  7. Fed Up says:

    Are you the same Tamara that wrote the book for the Sipping saints blog? Just curious???

  8. Steve says:

    I guess You don’t know what a joke is Mr. fed up. I was merely making fun of all the neurotic politically correct people out there. I love the way Pastor Mark tells it like it is. I’m always saying stupid things that insult people or make me look bad. I try to make up for it afterwards, but most Christians take things way too seriously. I remember at a promise keepers where Pastor Mark had said that he had layed out Ted Debiase in the hall because he made him mad. Now that’s the kind of humor I can deal with. Or when he said he was better looking than Jesus ever was and then he showed a picture of what Jesus probably looked like. I’m sorry but I almost had to go to the bathroom I was laughing so hard. I was wondering if anyone would actually take my comment seriously, but I thought it was so stupid that no one in their right mind would think I really meant it. Ha ha, the jokes on you buddy!

  9. Lori says:

    Fed Up – Lighten up!

  10. Mark Hughes says:

    I think like the blog itself, most of the comments have been tongue in cheek. Getting all uptight (one way or the other) will defeat the very purpose of it. The bottom line is not to take ourselves too seriously.
    As i mentioned Newfoundlanders are amongst the finest people I have ever met. I have great respect for their work ethic and their kindness. I think it is so refreshing that they tell the Newfie jokes on themselves. We had a Newfoundlander on staff for a couple of years and he fed me material constantly. My opinion of him as a person went up, not down. If you do a biblical study of ‘offence’ you will discover that it is a sign of spiritual immaturity. It is ironic since it almost always masquerades as piousness.
    I believe we can poke fun and still respect and honour one another. So let’s keep that the tone of the comments.
    Thanks for responding.

  11. Steve says:

    I apologise for gloating. That was not very Christianlike. God bless all of you out there. Just know that I really didn’t mean that first comment. It shows how much grace I need from God everyday. Please forgive me. I better get off of here and wash the dishes befor my wife kills me.

  12. Steve says:

    Can you tell I feel bad for responding the way I did? Tamara, there is nothing wrong with being sensitive. We are all sensitive in some way. Even the people with the thickest skin have a soft spot somewhere. We should respect people where they are sensitive which I wasn’t doing. My wife is pretty sensitive and I think she is the best. And Mr fedup (sorry I don’t know your name) I was just trying to razz you a bit. You know guys razz each other all the time. It just cracked me up so much that someone thought I was serious. And being politically correct is sometimes a good thing. It has gone way too far though. Anyone who is hypersensitive out there, I think the right thing to do is to show you love and not get offended by your hypersensitivity. Grace is the answer I believe. Please ignore anything stupid I said earlier. I think with my big toe every now and then. Whew! That feels better.

  13. Tamara says:

    That was lovely, Steve. I really appreciate that. My husband tells me ALL the TIME that I’m too sensitive … and then I ask him what the OPPOSITE of sensitive is… and we have a good laugh together. Sometimes I need to learn to lighten up, and sometimes he needs to learn to choose his words more carefully. If we’re doing it right, then we bring out the best in each other, not the worst. Grace IS the answer, and I love that you said that. I completely agree, I think EVERYONE is pretty done with political correctness… but hopefully not with kindness.

  14. Dawn says:

    As I read Pastor Marks blog at 12:54 am I had to laugh out loud at your first comment Steve! I got a good giggle out of it!

    I’m enjoying the blog Pastor Mark! Leaving me with something to think about – as always.

  15. Gord says:

    Well, I guess I’m at risk of being too serious. I’m not usually like that (I can be as politically incorrect as anyone), but isn’t it a matter of relativity? Sure, Ernst Zundel probably shouldn’t have been put in jail. He offended most citizen’s sense of right and wrong. Most wanted justice, but not to the point of putting him in jail at our expense. Perhaps we should have listened to “vengeance is mine”.

    In the old days we may have tied him up in the town square and thrown rotten fruit etc at him as well as a tirade of verbal arrows.

    But in relative terms, many Canadians have no direct family connection to the atrocities that occurred in Nazi Germany. It’s fairly easy to be lenient of Zundel’s denials (as we should be … he is clearly flawed in his thinking).

    But it’s got to hurt a lot more when it was your father or your mother, or a brother or sister who was taken from your home and ended up being gassed to death in Auschwitz.

    We have to be sensitive to that kind of intense sorrow. But as Christians, how do we reconcile the two?

  16. Steve says:

    Pastor Mark,
    I am trying to hold myself back from possibly offending you with this next comment but like I said in a different post, asking questions about things that don’t make sense is what I do best. Earlier you said that we need to honour each other. Making fun of Joel Osteen was funny but honouring? I don’t know about that. When you made fun of Micheal Jackson’s plastic surgery. Honouring? Hmmm? I’m pretty sure he was a sensitive guy who wouldn’t feel honoured by that comment even though it was funny. Mabe KL actually had a decent point but it seems like you just brushed their feelings aside. I am trying to be honest here and it seems like there is not too many Christians that like people who question anything a pastor says. It just seems like a double standard to me. If you can take this kind of comment from a schmuck like me then you will really have gained my respect as a pastor.

  17. Mark Hughes says:

    Actually, I believe you can joke and honour at the same time. Read my earlier blog on the death of Michael Jackson. I praised the things praiseworthy and ridiculed the ridiculous.
    The people I poke fun at have chosen to live in the public eye. If they then act like bizzarely, they should expect a little flack. It goes with the territory. “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.” Some day I will do a blog on some of the 100’s of criticisms I get every year. Sometimes I read them out loud for the whole staff and we have a good laugh together. Again, we all need to learn to laugh at ourselves… especially the poor sensitive celebrities.
    Gord, you make a very good point about those who are more directly affected by the holocaust. However, everybody is entitled to their opinion, no matter how stupid it is…including Ernst Zundel.

  18. Kendra says:

    Thank you for being funny Pastor Mark! I appreciate your sense of humor. In fact, it was your sense of humor that made me sit and watch the services on tv. In fact, you may be partly responsible for my being a Christian!
    I like to laugh. When I laugh I relax. When we all laugh we connect with each other.
    Keep laughing!

  19. Tamara says:

    I’m not losing sleep over Ernst Zundel. Even the devil has a right to his own opinion, but God still tossed him out of heaven.

  20. Steve says:

    I know Pastor mark that you can take alot of criticism and I would never want your job. Wasn’t Ernst Zundel teaching this trash to his students though? I feel that deserves some kind of penalty. And I know that you didn’t mean any harm to micheal jackson. I just thought that you could try to see other people’s points of view as well as your own. Just look at Joel Osteen, now there’s a fine young man. I’m just kidding, please don’t turn into Joel Osteen! Did you see his interview with Larry King? “I don’t know. I can’t answer that. I I just don’t know.” I hope he figures something out soon.

  21. todd says:

    The genesis for hypersensitivity – especially in Canada – is that our government has cradled people to believe that they have the “right” to not be offended.
    One of the reasons we go to CoR is to be regularly offended. It’s refreshing.

  22. Steve says:

    I gave you a letter saying you needed to add turning from sin to the sinners prayer. I’ve never written a pastor before and I can honestly say I felt God speaking to me about that. I think it shows maturity if a pastor and his staff can accept any criticisms that are valid. I also tried to compliment you in this letter as well.

  23. todd says:

    I should add that my sister stopped going to CoR when Pastor Mark expressed opposition to gay mariage. She has a “right” to go somewhere else – which she did/does. What she does not have the “right” to do is remain there and expect that that or any other position be withdrawn/reversed to suit her – which I told her. The problem is that we now have faux-courts in Canada that deliver on such a right – stay, be offended, and seek the punishment of your offender (at a rate of 100% conviction).

  24. Steve says:

    I’m going to go back to my first comment now. My hives are in dire need of some peniciline. I’m gonna go bathe in some tomato juice. Jesus is Lord!!! God is great!!!My sins are forgiven!!!I am blessed!!!How can anyone feel bad when all these things are true? Woooohoooo!!!

  25. Carmen says:

    First, I want to say how much I appreciate your program. I love your sense of humor and I love the way you put things into simple perspective. We humans love to complicate things, and it’s refreshing just to see things as they truly are. I believe people are too easily offended. There is a season, a time, a place for everything…even ethnic humor. None of us intentionally goes about seeking who we can offend. Humor is just humor…realize that is all it is and move on. Perhaps people’s complaints in this area are more about fault finding than anything else. I’m just glad you’re not one of those sourpuss christian pastors. Blech.
    Have a wonderful humor filled day!

  26. Steve says:

    Ok I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing from me but I feel I haven’t totally got what I’m trying to say across properly. It’s like Tamara said. There are sensitive people and there’s thick skinned people. You can’t be too thick skinned and you can’t be too sensitive. I’m not sticking up for either side. If this blog was about how stupid people are that don’t care about other people’s feelings I would be sticking up for the thick skinned people. I just don’t think the Bible tells us that either side is right. It says to try to get along with each other. And Pastor Mark if I disrespected you in any way with what I said earlier I am sorry. That’s it I’m going to leave this blog to the rest of you guys.

  27. todd says:

    Steve if you leave, I’ll be offended.

  28. Alan says:

    Pastor Mark it is your humour that keeps me laughing and it is your ability to mix it up just a little! Lol that keeps me here. I do like the way you give a message with humour I don’t usually say too much but it’s so nice to see people interact here after all is that not why you started this twit thing? Keep up the great work!

  29. Karen says:

    I LOVE your sense of humour.Its a big reason we like to listen to you preach.We all need to lighten up a bit and “get over ourselves”!
    Keep up the good work Pastor Mark!

  30. Tamara says:

    My concern is not with the ‘joke’… it is really more in who is doing the telling. I thought the Joeley Osteen bit was hilarious. You want to poke fun at marshmallowy, uber-rich, white-toothed Christian televangelists, I say ‘bring it’. But I think we can be sophisticated enough to understand that words mean different things depending on who is saying them. ‘We shall overcome’ means something different coming from Martin Luther King Jr., then it does coming from a a guy wearing a white sheet. It’s just context.

    There would be no need for political correctness in the first place, if the church were doing its job – if we were teaching what Jesus taught.. that all people are created equal, that it doesn’t matter if you are a Jew or a German, if you are black, white or green with envy, if you are in a wheelchair, if you have a funny rash, if you are an adulterer or if you are gay, you are created to be an image bearer of God, and you are loved with an everlasting love. However, the history of the church shows that the white North american church hasn’t been successful at doing that, at all, and I think we need to be very, very humble about that. We haven’t really done any work as the church to show God, ourselves, the Jewish community and the world, that we have in any way grieved and repented of our gross silence during the holocaust. But then maybe you are right.. maybe everything has just gotten way, WAY too intense, too serious, and we really do need to have a season where the body of Christ is free to say, ‘pull my finger’. I don’t know, I guess I could see that making some real sense in the grander scheme of things.

    Still, this isn’t South Park… and I would still argue that it is completely ok to say that some people are ‘off limits’ to Christians. To just say, ‘I’m free, and because I’m free I’m going to go ahead and abstain from this one. In fact, it’s such a beautiful day, and God is on His throne, and so I’m going to just go ahead and walk 10 extra miles around this one’. I may be completely wrong – it isn’t in the Bible anywhere – but I think it is quite reasonable to suggest that if you get to be a rowdy, white, North American, Christian televangelist, then perhaps part of the deal, through no real fault of your own, is that you don’t get to have a Labbatt’s on a hot, summer day, and that you don’t get to use Jewish jokes in a sermon illustration.

  31. Steve says:

    I’m back! Everyone I’ve turned over a new leaf. I will never write another letter to the pastor. I will never question anything. I will start drinking beer again. It’s a whole new me. I have to admit, a labbatts on a hot day is refreshing. I think I need a tattoo as well. I don’t know if I should start smoking again though. AAAhh what the hay. If some of you knew me you’d know that I am not stuck up in the slightest. I can tolerate almost any kind of sinner in front of me without judging them.
    I guess I got on a kick where I thought I had to be soooo very honest of what I thought sin was that maybe I sounded like a fuddy duddy. And Pastor Mark, go ahead and make all the jokes you want. You’ll never hear another peep out of me again. I’m gonna be so politically uncorrect it’s not even going to be funny. To tell you all the truth I really could care less if someone makes fun of Joel osteen or Micheal Jackson. I really mean that. Please, make fun of Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland,Rob Bell,and about a billion other looney toon preachers out there. Have you ever looked up Kenneth Fartland on youtube. I guarantee you’ll be in for a laugh. You know what I’m just not going to care. It’s alot easier on the brain let me tell you somethin. Let me make this clear! I AM NOT A SNOTTY STUCK UP PERSON! I’ve had it with getting in debates with people. I’m just gonna sit back and watch the show.Tah Tah.

  32. Tamara says:

    Ah, Steve, I know just how you feel. It is so possible to be entirely convinced of something one moment, and then half an hour later to be completely leveled by a sudden comprehension of the other side of things. For some of us, it can be emotionally exhausting, this business of pressing on towards Truth, but I don’t think there’s a worthier task to set our minds to. It’s particularly difficult to do it and speak about it, especially if you feel like you’re alone and nobody gets what your trying to say, or what your heart is. It’s a high call, and not for the faint of heart. This is why Pastor Mark is pastor at Church of the Rock, and you and I are not.

  33. Steve says:

    But I have started my own church. It is called the Robert Goulet wannabes. We dress up like Robert goulet, drive alpha romeos while singing showtunes and worshiping Benny Hinn. All to the glory of God.

  34. Tamara says:

    Lol. You’re a funny guy!

  35. Steve says:

    Sometimes Tony Campolo shows up at my church and tells us how fighting abortion is stupid and that we just need to help the poor. Or how heaven is just some fictional place. OOOhhh the things we do there, let me tell you.

  36. Tom says:

    As a proud Newfoundlander, I believe one of the most endearing parts of our character is our ability to not take each other too serious and make fun of ourselves. If we don`t have humor, what do we have? One of my favorite parts of COTR is Pastor Mark`s ability to weave humor into a message and leaves me wanting more and remembering the whole point. If people are going to be offended, wait, because his humor touches almost every race, color and creed without have any maliciousness behind it. I for one like being recognized as a standout part of the weave that is Canada, even if it is known for having a few moments of absolute stupidity, I know a few Newfies that are truly guilty of this. Keep em coming Mark, we can take it! It`s one of the things that make it real for me, too much PCness makes life dull and boring, you keep your thoughts in the absolute black and white and that for me anyway, keeps me coming back, we all know where you stand. We don`t need to agree but we can always find common ground!

  37. Alan says:

    Is this pastor mark twit space?? Lol

  38. Isaac says:

    I could’ve lived my whole life without seeing that picture of that dude with the pitchfork. And now I cannot unsee it!

  39. Steve says:

    Now we ask you brothers and sisters to respect those who work hard among you. Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work. As I was reading my Bible I came across this scripture and it convicted me to my core. Whether I think the pastor is right or wrong doesn’t give me the right to undermine his authority. Pastor Mark can you forgive a foolish person like me? I would really appreciate it. I can really let my lips fly sometimes.

  40. Curtis says:

    Just curious, why on niether the website (churchoftherock) nor this blog do I ses nothing of repentance, the severity of judgement and Hell? Why nothing on the wrath of God, didn’t Jesus preach repentance, and the wrath of God? Why nothing about breaking Gods law and the consiquences? Here is a link I think prefessing Christians that frequent this blog may be thankful for.

  41. Steve says:

    I was begining to think people like you didn’t exist anymore Curtis. God bless you brother.

  42. MICHAEL VAN says:


  43. Steve says:

    If someone brings up something that has Biblical merit, are you saying that it shouldn’t be adressed? If the Bible says something that is part of the gospel, and it isn’t being preached, why should someone who pays alot of money out of their own pockets toward a certain church not be able to say something about it? Jesus preached on repentance! Don’t you realize that in the last days this is how the devil is going to decieve the church? There are horrible people in powerful places over us right now who want to outlaw Christianity in North America and I believe it’s going to happen sooner or later. The least we can do before we have to go underground is preach a gospel that convicts people of their sins. People are laughing at todays gospel because it doesn’t even tell them they need to fear a place called hell. Tony Campolo tells us that Bono is one of the greatest role models for christianity today. Come on! Doesn’t anybody see that underneath our very noses the devil is creaping in with new lies in the church and no one is exposing the liars. I’m not talking about Pastor Mark. I just wish he’d expose some of these guys. Guys like Benny Hinn who says he places a curse on anyone who comes against his ministry. He visits the graves of Katherine Kuhlman and Amy Semple Mcpherson for spiritual guidance. Sorry but that’s witchcraft. Or Rob Bell. They say he’s the next Billy Graham. This guys getting very popular. I suggest people look into all of the things he has said. He makes jokes about Jesus not being born of a virgin. Or that Jesus’ dad could’ve been named Larry. He talks about God having faith in us not us having faith in God. What about Todd Bentley who chants angels over and over at his meetings. He even has an angel freind named Emma that he talks to. He had an affair on his wife left his family, was getting drunk and now is being ushered back into the pulpit and people I know are falling for his crap. These are just a few of a vast amount of false teachers out there that nobody seems to be questioning. With liars like these guys ruling the christian roost something bad is going to happen and I don’t see anybody the least bit concerned out there. I don’t get it.

  44. Steve says:

    I think I’ll add a little bit to my last comment.Some may think because I think repentance is an important issue, I automatically throw grace out the window.Not true.I have great arguments with a guy on youtube who seems to think it is possible to live without sin.I’m talking no sin period.I know this is impossible, and so should anyone who reads the Bible.I tell him we will need God’s grace till the day we die because we all screw up and need grace.It seems like churches like to go so towards repentance or so towards grace.Either way is wrong in my books.I do think a healthy fear of hell is a good thing, and a merciful oustretched hand towards people who are struggling is needed just as much.
    I will not apologize for speaking against certain false teachers though.I see in the Bible that false teachers are big trouble and need to be exposed.I can’t understand why Christians feel the need to sit back and take the word of every Tom Dick and Harry that talks a good talk.It baffles me when I talk to some Christians and they fall for these guys hook line and sinker.We don’t need to be nice to someone who is trying to send us to hell!OK!We can sometimes stand up and tell these guys to take a hike!Let’s get our holy goggles on and call a spade a spade.Check out what supposed Christian teachers are teaching and make sure it lines up with the Bible.Don’t take anyone’s word for it.This is our Christian duty.

  45. Steve says:

    You know what? God’s been showing me something lately.He’s been showing me that repentance is a good thing, but at the same time we are all people who have to renew our minds to the mind of Christ.We are a people who want to do what is right, but there could be a underlying problem with condemnation that might keep someone going back to their old habits.The Bible says if we are doing what we hate then we agree that the law is good.And it is no longer we who do it but it is sin living in us.I believe that God will give us all the victory if we never give up and keep fighting the good fight.So that’s it, DON’T GIVE UP!Forgive me if I was harping on just repentance and not allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work.

  46. Christie Braun says:

    Hi Pastor Mark!
    Because you are funny, and because you try hard also; these are the reasons we ( my sister and I ) watch you.

    Sometimes – I even think the Bible is a lot funnier than people will allow or can imagine.

    Sometimes when I read some of Paul’s stuff – I am crying for I am laughing so hard. For me – this is an example of how the Bible lives. And it makes me feel so good.

  47. Jesus says:

    One word: bigotry

  48. cindy says:

    Being german I often feel happy when some (like you) says something about germans in a joke.

    For me it’s like ‘yay’ someone is talking about me!!
    I really don’t care what people say, if they talk about something that could sort of be kind of about me, I like it. 🙂

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