This week’s blog post is a companion to a message by the same name that will air in a few weeks.  I know people are going to ask me for the pictures in my Power Point, so here they are.  The Perfect Storm I am referring to is Noah’s flood.  Of all the great wonders of the scripture this one is easily the most incredible.  By comparison Moses dividing the Red Sea seems like a High School science room experiment.   The idea that the entire earth could be flooded in 40 days seems scientifically unbelievable.  In 1997 the Red River, that runs through our city of Winnipeg, overflowed it’s banks and turned into a  20 mile wide lake that got dubbed the Red Sea.  But the Red River valley is so flat that houses on 10′ high knolls were spared.

It took Noah 100 years to build the ark.  It was 515′ long and needed to accommodate some 31,000 species plus all the millions of types of insects.  The way I figure it they probably fended for themselves.  I’ve never seen an insect yet that didn’t know how to find its own food.  At 3 stories high the ark mathematically could have housed all those animals. Ironically as the first in history, it was also the largest wooden ship ever constructed.

The fascination with the ark has never diminished.  There are numerous theme parks around the world where you can wander through scale models of the ark and see pens full of live animals.  The most incredible model is in Hong Kong harbour.  Built by the Kwok brothers, it is actually full size.  These billionaire Christian businessmen spared no expense to make this model as authentic as possible.

Still, most people regard the story of Noah’s ark as a mere fairy tale.  How could the whole earth be covered with water by 40 days of rain?  The answer is; it couldn’t.  That is not exactly how it happened.  In Genesis 1:6 it says; “Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.” In Genesis 2:6 it says that in those days it did not rain but a mist came up and watered the ground.” Prior to Noah’s flood, it had never rained.  Many scholars believe the earth was covered by a moisture canopy.  Protecting the planet from the sun’s UV rays perhaps this was the reason the inhabitants could live to 800 and 900 years old.  When the rain began Genesis 7:11 describes it this way;  on that day all the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.  And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights.” The waters came from above and below.  The canopy that covered the earth came down and waters kept rising until they covered the earth.  Although many scientists will not agree, it does explain why you can find marine fossils on mountain tops.

Unfortunately few people are aware that there is significant evidence that the ark still exists. Every few years a new group claims they have found the ark.  The most compelling is the site near Durupinar, Turkey.  In 1959 an aerial mapping of the Ararat mountains (where the bible said the ark came to rest) produced this photo.

Travelling to the site, ark hunters could not have been more elated by what they discovered.

Investigation teams using some sort of rudimentary ground penetrating radar supposedly discovered a pattern that ran uniformly throughout the boat shaped outcropping, which incidently is exactly 515′ long.

The apparent ribs stick out in a way that makes it hard to imagine that it is anything other than a boat.

A few miles away anchor stones were discovered.  Though not mentioned in the scripture they have been used for centuries to stabilize ships in storms.  To the skeptics you need to ask the question; what are anchor stones doing in the Ararat mountains?  (Their answer is that they are an ancient type of tomb stone.  Hard to know for sure!)

ABC’s 20/20 sent a team to Turkey to investigate the claims and both Walter Cronkite and Barbara Walters reported on it. The Turkish government originally declared the find Noah’s ark and made the site a national park.  Apparently, the visitor center is no longer operating. If I ever make it to Turkey I will make the day long bus trip and find out for myself.

So there you have it.  Draw your own conclusions.  The more important question of course is why God did this incredible and catastrophic deed.  For the surprising answer, don’t miss Part 3 of Wonders of the Word – The Perfect Storm coming to a TV near you.

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  1. Maslin says:

    Dear pastor Mark,
    In refer to this article “The Perfect Storm”. What is your opinion on the recent discovery of Noah’s ark by a group of Chinese Missionary from Hong Kong?

  2. Jane says:

    Your blog is interesting Mark. I imagine you are aware of the other sites people claim are the ark as well. One was a picture taken by an astronaut of a boat encapsulated in glacier ice. The other of pertrified wood beams amoung a lot of rock. All these sites are in the Ararat Mts. and are believable amazing stories, but I doubt they had found the right site, I don’t believe God wants us to know considering what we would do with it. Satan wanted Moses body, why? He would have made sure it became a shrine we would have worshiped and adored to this day. We get a little weird when it comes to holy relics. We need to worship God not things.From the last picture, it does not look like the gov. is making much money over this, Too many skeptics maybe. I totaly believe the flood, not sure about the site. I am interested in your answer to why the flood. I believe I know.

  3. Mark Hughes says:

    There is no reason to believe the ark could not be found. If you do a tour of the holy land today you will visit many of the sites mentioned in the bible; the temple in which Jesus walked, the place in which the money changers set up their tables, the synagogue in Capernaum where Jesus healed the man with the withered hand and so forth.
    As for the find of the Chinese missionaries, they need to provide a lot better pictures to convince me. Nevertheless, I think people need to examine the evidence and decide for themselves. I think finding Noah’s ark is entirely plausible. The skeptics are not going to believe it even if the evidence hits them in the face.

  4. Betty says:

    Very interesting, Pastor Mark, and so was todays message.

    It is amazing, how beautiful the scenery looks, with water in it and it’s just as amazing how powerful or destructive it can be, when it comes to floods and other weather conditions.

    In 1997, at the time of the flood, we lived in Winnipeg and it was a very different experience.

  5. Larry says:

    FYI, If anyone is interested the name on the bottom of the noah ark national park sign is an American company ran by Ron Wyatt who specialize in discovering ancient biblical artifacts and I guess marketing them.

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  7. Jane says:

    The problem is Pastor Mark there is not enough evidence to smack anyone in the face and what there is is scattered into different sites. I don’t need the ark to believe, but it would be great if it could be proved. I read the story about this site some time ago, and not enough hard facts exists for me. Your service today was great.

  8. Dave says:

    The only problem with the canopy theory is that according to the Bible, the ‘waters’ are still up there. The waters are written of hundreds of years after the flood. This leaves a number of options:
    1. There was what they thought to be a canopy which held water, and which continued to be there after the flood. (although it was only at the flood that the ‘windows of heaven’ were opened). This would be based on an ancient middle east understanding of the world, and although incorrect of what we know from the world today, would not limit the message (as long as you don’t fasten the incorrect physical understanding to the eternal message). This would also mean that the canopy is still there today. Is it?
    2. There never was a canopy of water, and they are referring to something else.
    3. There was a canopy of water, which ceased to exist after the flood. In this case, some of the later writers of the Bible were wrong in describing it.

    Any thoughts?

  9. Mark Hughes says:

    That’s why it is called a ‘theory’. Something was definitely different in the atmosphere before the flood as Gen 2:6 implies it did not rain. After 1500 some years of not raining, the clouds in the heavens would be holding one whole lot of moisture. IMHO the theory holds water. Pun intended …snap!

  10. Hugh says:

    re: The Perfect Storm; your explaination left me a little confused:
    “How could the whole earth be covered with water by 40 days of rain?
    The answer is; it couldn’t”………
    And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights.” The waters came from above and below. The canopy that covered the earth came down and waters kept rising until they covered the earth…………. Are you saying the flood did,or did not cover the earth, according to the biblical account;

  11. Mark Hughes says:

    Gen 7:16 – 18 “And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it was lift up above the earth. And the waters prevailed, and were increased greatly upon the earth; and the ark went upon the face of the waters. And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered.”

  12. Karen L says:

    A few years ago I worked in a grade 5 classroom, and one day the teacher had the class color “earth’s time line” in pictures of the earth from millions of years ago. At one point in the time line, he had the students color a portion of the picture blue, because that’s when the earth was completely flooded. This teacher did not claim to recognize the Hand of God, or have any spiritual leanings. The Christian kids in the class knew better.

    By the way…I showed these photos to my 11 year old son, and he thinks that you are “totally cool” for teaching about the flood.

  13. Connie says:

    What about Genesis chapter 7 verse 4:
    For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.

  14. Sally says:

    I was visiting some friends in Billings Montana one yr and they took us up to Fort Peck Montana to see their cattle ranch. While we were there we climbed up Fort Peck mountain which overlooks the Fort Peck Reservoir. It was very surprising to all of us that we saw thousands of seashells on the top of this mountain….now is it a possibility that this could be the result of the flood??? I tend to think so.

  15. Victoria says:

    We have to remember the facts;

    From a scientific point of view,the earth’s surface is constantly changing.The winds take care of this.They blow mountains along the ground grain by grain,covering up and filling in lakes,and uncovering what used to be under the mountain tops centuries ago. I know in my heart that the ark is somewhere, and they will find it with some type of sonar or space-age technology. It will be an exciting day when they do….
    We found King Tut didn’t we? I was in London at the time, and had the opportunity to visit the display….
    Boy was it eerie….I think that the people in Egypt at that time, were worshiping idols and people, because I felt the a DARK spiritual energy, filled with greed,lust, and murder,as I walked through the site.

    When they find The Ark it will be a GLORIOUS day!
    …they will have more solid evidence to
    prove our belief system, thusly changing and saving our people, for the earth and it’s salvation.
    I hope.
    I think that they grains of sand have come full circle-
    -covering the ark at first.
    The time is now that it would be closer to the surface…it’s a BOAT, period.
    It won’t sink!
    But the earth will move itself according to Gods will.

  16. Serge says:

    I am not sure but I am thinking it went this way: Noah said “Ham go for wood” rather than ” go get some gopher wood”

    Apparently some guy figured out this story and the actual age of Noah and the rest. Check out Genesis 5 by Robert Best. Apparently a simple error with scribe, decimal point, and fraction. makes me wonder, and you?

  17. Serge says:

    Further to the previous note,

    Sorry the internet article would be ‘The analysis of numbers in Genesis 5 by Robert Best’. Give it a read, decide for your self, numbers don’t lie.

  18. mark says:

    How did Noah keep the dinosaurs out????

  19. john hudson says:

    Mark…If noah had all baby animals to make for room, then if he was in the boat for more then 300+ days the animals must have grown to full maturity?

  20. Dale says:

    There is knowledge that used to be known only by a few spiritual seekers. Today Jesus ( Jeshua ) has given us new words of hope that contain truths long held from most. Look for the book, LOVE WITHOUT END; JESUS SPEAKS. When you have studied HIS words for this age, you will add to your wonderful teachings from a base of new understanding. You will understand why some wish to change their sexual status and will not be threatened by it. You will only have compassion for their confusion and pray for them.
    We listen to you almost every Sunday and admire the work that you do.
    With LOVE, Joyce and Dale

  21. Thomas Hatt says:

    Dear Pastor Mark: I thoroughly enjoyed your message this am re: Noah’s flood/ark!!!

    There is something you and so many others really need to know. Approx. 45 years ago, as a young boy of 7 or 8, I along with my grandfather watched a TV documentary re: Noah’s ark. We were literally taken INSIDE of the ark and saw hundreds of cages of varying sizes!!! The doweling was very primitive as one would correctly imagine, but we SAW IT! We saw the three levels with ALL the cages! Don’t ask me where I was two days ago; I cannot remember! But this, I will take to my grave or up in the rapture, whichever comes first! I’ll NEVER be able to forget those scenes. I’d love to be able to see it again and have others experience the same as I did that night. There aren’t words in the English language to describe how I felt other than rapturous!!!!!!!

    I was awestruck, because it was at that time that I was learning about Noah in Sunday School and this really “drove it home” for me to be truthful/real! Unfortunately, I was too young to care about the name of the show, who produced it, etc. I was just extremely thrilled to see Noah’s Ark!

    Where is this video footage today? Why has it “vanished”? One needs to remember that Turkey is predominantly Muslim and they don’t want us to have ANYTHING that would lend credibility to our Scriptures! If such were to happen, they would have to give back to Israel the huge chunk of real estate that is rightfully theirs, including the Temple Mount! (Today, Israel inhabits only a VERY SMALL FRACTION of the land that the UN gave them in 1948 ((all of Palestine))!) It would also discredit the Koran on multiple levels.

    By hiding the evidence (Noah’s Ark), they help to conjure the mythical element and put various “Christian” perspectives at loggerheads, and it attempts to undermine the foundations of our faith. In short, it breeds doubt and suspicion, leading many dear souls into a Christless eternity!

    As a former Bible college student, we were asked a question by my Pentateuch professor that I will never forget! “What did Noah do with all the refuse (manure) during those days on the ark?”

    We all gave our various incorrect answers. He let us masticate upon that question for a day or two. We couldn’t come up with the correct answer and I notice you didn’t have it today either. Here it is:

    God put Noah, his family and all the passengers into a deep hibernation-like sleep! Nowhere in Scripture do we see Noah being commanded to put up in store food for himself or the animals do we?! God saved a lot of room and extra work for Noah & his family by omitting this huge detail!

    We cannot begin to imagine how violently the winds howled outside, or how scary those huge waves would’ve been!

    By being in a deep sleep, God circumvented extreme fear, panic, stress etc. upon all within that huge boat! Not only would being awake leave tremendous psychological damage, but it would also affect the physical health thereby, threatening the ability of many of the animals to reproduce later on! As a bird breeder (pheasants and doves), I know how stress kills or interrupts the breeding program! Birds would’ve been terribly stressed out on such a voyage as this; may as well left them outside to perish if God hadn’t put them all to sleep! How thoughtful was that! God looked after every minute detail, ensuring the safety and the peace of mind of all in His extreme care! Praise His holy name! The same applies to us today!

  22. Sabian says:

    Hello, Pastor Mark, I loved your sermon. =)
    I’ve been looking, and this is what I found about some exploration of the ark.!
    So..? What do you think about it?
    It’s kinda hard to understand, because it is in chinese, though.

  23. Anne Tilitzky says:

    I happened to tune in to your program today and was very very interested to hear your take on it..a lot of it makes total sense.I really enjoy your teaching as we don’t often hear this much anymore.Thanks for the was very inspiring to me today!!

  24. emma smelt says:

    how do you purchase sermons. i would like to purchase your sermon on the perfect storm.

    sincerely Emma Smelt

    • Thomas Hatt says:

      Dear Hello-Ah: Your statement proves you are not very well read or studied up on that which you comment! In my previous statement a few comments up, I stated I, my grandfather and no doubt many of our neighbors saw the inside of the Ark many years ago. And now that I think of it, it was a National Geographic documentary!

      Pastor Mark was correct in stating that you can find many of the ancient landmarks mentioned in the Bible in their original sites in our day! They haven’t moved, but one must seriously ask themselves, “Why then are they not seriously promoted more and made more known than they are?” There are various spiritual and political reasons for this, as I’ve already stated above.

      Take some time and do your due diligence before making uninformed judgments which don’t really do anything FOR you or others who read them. I’m sure this site is meant to lift up others rather than knock them down, so I say this to you with all love and grace…please do your homework and then make well informed comments. We look forward to welcoming you into the family of God! What a joy that would be and then you’ll have a lifetime of exciting discoveries to make and to experience in Christ!!!!

      A couple of great books you might want to look at are Josh McDowell’s “Evidence That Demands a Verdict” and “More Evidence That Demands a Verdict”. Josh was a lawyer when he wrote these books; he was out to discredit Christianity any way that he could, but instead was so convinced at his findings that he was compelled to do the wise thing and ask Christ to be his Savior and Redeemer! Where there’s life…there’s hope! All who seek Him find Him!

  25. Hello-ah says:

    People, You realize your statements and beliefs are theoretically based. The arguments for Noah and the ark having no scientific data to support them putting the story on the fiction shelf besides other of the same category like snow white and the seven dwarfs or Alladin. Arguably, a boatfull of dung.

  26. Jane says:

    I enjoyed your sermon yesterday. I would like to add what most people miss is God said that Noah was perfect in his generations. That is very significant. God was trying to stamp out the nephilim, the cross between angels and man made a very evil uncaring type of people. They were a horrible hybrid before and after the flood. Goliath was one of them along with his three brothers. I use to wonder how God could command his people to kill without pity every man, woman, and child when they went into the promised land. It is much easier to understand when you realize what type of people lived there, and the terrible things they did. For instance they sacrificed their children to molech. It’s interesting that where the Hebrews failed to cleanse the Nephilim out of the land is the places they are still having trouble with today. There is a lot we don’t know about the Nephilim dead or alive but it is interesting.

  27. Hello-ah says:

    Mr Hatt, You are making asumptions you can’t prove. Just like you are with the 45 year old television show on the Ark. I also witnessed the documentary. But it proves nothing other than you apparently believe everything you see on TV. However, I don’t believe everything I see on tv. You are holding on to a very dear time (memory) in your life, with people you trust(grand-parent), when you were young and quite impressionable and this potentially descredits your belief system.. But now we are older. educated and can question events claimed to be factual. I can honestly say, the more research I do on theses topics the more I question what I was taught as a yougin.

    I too was brought up in the church learning about all the old and new testament stories. Moses the red sea, Noahs Ark, The epic of Giglamesh and so on and so forth. But what I find is so many holes in the stories that it is easy to start to question the validity of the story teller (Moses). You yourself surmise via a professor in Seminary that a deep sleep fell over Noah et al… Hypothesis is all it is, a theorey. That is why many of the Christian Apologetics rely so heavily on the aspect of faith- So much of the extraordinary events in the bible can be easily scientificly explained. So one now neads the faith of a mustard seed to move the mountain (metaphorically speaking)

    So probally, I have done some due dilligence. WE are close in age and I grew up in the churh. Nice segway into inviting me into the the life of Christ. Ultimately it is what you are called to do. You can go on and celebrate without me. Definetly wont be at the rapture though Cause there wont be one. Death is a guarantee though.

    Thanks for the rrecommended readings though.

    I would reccomend Ivan Pannin was God a mathmetician. Good Luck. And give me one definitve shred of unfallable evidence that there is a God and I will give you an appology.

  28. Hi, Thank you for taking the time to write this blog. i enjoyed reading through it. very good stuff, regards .

  29. Shan says:

    Thats a good work
    apprititae the kind of exploration mentality that you guys have…
    One more thing the exact place of the resting place is mentioned in Quraan(Mount Judi),so i suggest that you should go through the historical and scientific mentioning of Quraan …
    You will find more truths and proof…..
    Surely the day of judgment is not so far …
    so believe in truth before you breath freeze….


    May Lord of Universe expand our hearts and knowledge to grasp the truth and live according to that truth….

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