If you thought last weeks post about GMO’s was scary, this week’s subject should raise the hair on the back of your neck.  Rev. 13:16-18 says,   “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”   For years we have talked and debated about the coming Mark of the Beast.   There has been much speculation as to what the mark would be.  Before the technological age many thought it would be some type tattoo, not unlike what Hitler did to detainees in his Nazi concentration camps.  Those that remain today still bear the tattooed numbers on their arms.  Today, more than in any time in history, the significance of the number 666 should be of keen interest to every thinking person. 

There are aspects of the prophecy that are becoming increasingly clear.  The technology already exists and is in place to restrict buying and selling.  It all began with the innocuous introduction of the retail barcode.  What started as a way to speed up the grocery store checkout process has a far more nefarious possible outcome.  Because the scripture challenges those of “understanding to calculate the number of the beast”, many have tried.  In 2000 years nobody has figured it out, so I am not gong to be so presumptuous to think that I can.   Having said that, I do find it interesting that the typical retail barcode has the number 666 embedded in every single one. 

There are very few occasions where you need to use cash any more to make a purchase.  The debit card has made it easier than ever.  We use them everyday and never think about how we are participating in a cashless society where we give vendors direct electronic access to our bank accounts.  Many people never carry cash at all.  Most retailers already rely on the scanning devices to read the prices on the barcodes.  The same device could be used to scan people instead.  Why go to all the trouble of carrying around a bulky debit card when the same information could easily be implanted under the skin and the transaction is complete with the simple swipe of the hand?  The chip is called a RFID.  Radio-frequency identification.

The tiny chip which is implanted just under the skin can hold 2 megabytes of data and be read from over 6 meters away.  That is an incredible amount of information.  Think about it; all your personal information, health records, financial information and maybe your baby pictures or a video of you singing at last year’s office Christmas party.

The chip is manufactured by a company called Verichip.  They were originally marketed to be implanted in pets so that they could be tracked if they became lost.  Now parents are having them implanted in their children for the same reasons.  The chip can remain in them for the rest of their lives and the data constantly upgraded without removing the chip.  Verichip’s sales pitch has been for the safety and convenience of carrying your health information with you at all times so that medical professionals can act accordingly in a variety of situations.  Watch the advertising video and then continue reading.


It all sounds so comforting, doesn’t it?  Verichip has now purchased a company called Steel Vault, an information security company that can store and track personal and financial records.  The newly branded company is now called Positive ID and is capable of amalgamating all personal, health, and financial records onto one data base and place all the pertinent data on the RFID chip.  If all this seems to you like far fetched sci-fi conspiracy theory stuff, then you are right where they want you to be.  They RFID chip is already in use in several parts of the world and is catching on at an alarming rate.  Warnings that this might be the Mark of the Beast, are being  inexplicably ignored by the masses.  Check out this incredible video of how the chip is being used in Europe.

Oh, by the way, you already have a RFID chip in your wallet.  By now your credit card has been upgraded to a ‘chip’ card.  The chip is a RFID.  You may also have one in your car if you have a toll road ‘speed pass’ or any ‘swipe and pay’ fob for paying at the gas station.  They are being used at an accelerating rate in all kinds of applications. 

I cannot say for certain that the RFID is the Mark of the Beast, but it is definitely a good possibility.  Maybe the thought of having a foreign object implanted under our skin seems disconcerting to some of us old fashioned folks, but not so to a new generation that has embraced the trend towards tattooing and body piercing at a frightening pace.  I think it is all part of a diabolical plot to desensitize the population to what would have seemed seriously creepy only a few years ago.  At any rate you won’t see me wearing a lip-ring or a RFID any time soon, but I am seriously concerned about a younger demographic who would not think twice about having another needle plunged into their already ‘beautifully adorned’ bodies.   The Mark of the Beast is coming, and may already be here.  Where are you planning on drawing the line?  Or are you just going to be led down the garden path with billions of others?

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  1. Andy says:

    scary but I believe in a pretrib rapture so I have no worries.
    because the Mark of the Beast is only evil after the mid point of the tribulation

  2. Clayton says:

    It is good to see you address this — people need to be aware.
    In support of your views of the RFID chips: some computer systems have three levels of permissions (read, write, execute) for three levels of users (user, group, other). There are numbers associated with these permissions. If the files on a RFID chip were Unix-based and set to read and write for all levels of users, the numbers for the files permissions would be 666. Something to think about.
    Keep up the good work Pastor Mark

  3. Bruno says:


    It’s a subject that I always had a question about. As you’ve mentioned every generation tries to guess what the Mark of the Beast could be and obviously nowadays with technology and nanomachines, people see implemented chips as the Mark of the Beast.

    So my question is the following, do you see all implemented chips as “evil” ? What I mean is that the Bible tells us that people will willingly know that what they are accepting is the Mark of the Beast. If for instance our store would implement the use of a chip and they asked us to use it, but that nowhere can we see that chip is linked to a belief or anything, is it still bad? Sure, I understand the “Why take the chance?” but it seems that lots of people are scared that this will happen without their knowledge or approval.

    So… I really hope I make sense, basically I’m just thinking that maybe not all chips are bad, that although we shouldn’t be careless, we shouldn’t also be hysteric over nanotechnology?

    Does that make sense?

  4. Mark Hughes says:

    Good question! I am not really sure. And yes, I am purporting the ‘why take a chance’ approach. In order for the chip to be the mark of the Beast it will need to be associated with some belief system. Taking the chip before that point is still a bad risk as it predisposes one to accepting the number of the beast if it is indeed chip related.

  5. Mark Hughes says:

    You may want to check out my blog on the rapture.

  6. Christopher says:

    Hi Pastor Mark.

    That was an interesting comment about tattooing. I had never thought of it in that light but you may be on to something there.

    I can’t see how a Spirit filled Christian could not know whether or not something is the actual mark of the beast when we have the opportunity to take it. If we know Christ deeply and are following him wouldn’t our Spirits recoil against it.

  7. Victoria says:

    I have recoiled against it!
    I have seen the upc labels tatooed on the necks of young people and am in shock at their ignorance. I also know that this symbol is used to empower dark magic, as I have been victim to it.
    I remove all upc labels from my purchases or furnishings that make up my home. Am I crazy to do this?
    PLease respond.My friend thinks I am nuts….

  8. todd says:

    My wife and I have been watching this particualr issue (and others) develop over the last few years. We’ve been studying Revelation because we’re all but certain that time is nearing – including this mark/technological “advancement”. We would never consider accepting one even if it meant we could not “buy or sell”. The way things are going – we’d prefer that anyway so we’re planning to move “off the grid”. She learnt how to knit this past year as well as how to barn/milk her 2 new goats and eggs from 4 chickens. We can’t wait to return to this lifestyle full time. The future is here already I’m afraid.

  9. Steve says:

    RFID chips are for sure leading us down the path to the mark of the beast if they aren’t the mark already. I’ve seen one of these videos already and it’s anyone’s guess how much time we have till a world dictator steps into view.
    On another note one day I was thinking about dying for some reason. I said to God what do you have to say to me about this? (He doesn’t usually reveal anything to me like this but that day He did)I felt Him say, if you die you’ll be in paradise with me and at that moment I saw a picture in my head of Christ welcoming me into a place that looked like a resort or a kind of park. He was all excited looking and eager for me to get in there. There were huge palm trees(I’m talkin huge) and behind them I saw people without a care in the world just having a picnic and relaxed. The scenery looked like something off of Jurrassic Park. I had never pictured heaven like that until that moment. It was a place of eternal rest and peace, joy and wonder and it looked amazingly fun. It was just a quick image that passed through my mind, but it felt awesome.
    All this evil here on earth we have to endure is really going to be worth it cause I want to go to that place. Hope the picture God gave me encourages someone like it did me.

  10. Christopher says:

    Hi Victoria. By recoiling against the Mark of the Beast I meant to say that we wont need to fear knowing what the actual mark of the beast is because if a Spirit filled Christian was in the place where they have the opportunity to get the mark his/her Spirit would know the truth and recoil against it. I wasn’t referring to tattooes in that part of my comment but trying to convey that God is with us and we have no need to live in fear.


    I wonder if “going off the grid” is a fear response. Jesus said to watch for his return. He never said to go off the grid or to trade our money in for gold to help them live in end times (a movement happening amongst Evangelicals these days) and what not. Didn’t Jesus say to sell all that we have and give it to the poor. We’ve fallen to selling what we have in order to keep care of ourselves during some future event that might not even happen in our lifetime.

    Jesus’ teachings have always been to love people in various ways as described in the Bible. I feel that there is an unhealthy obsession with end times that has often hampered us from fully doing this. The Bible says that in the end times peoples’ hearts will grow cold. Could it be that some of the end times thought amongst a certain segment of Christianity has caused some Christians to lose some of their care for the concerns of the world, and it’s citizens. Those who Christ died for out of love?

    Of course I’m not saying that your heart has gone cold. This is just something that I have observed in general.

    I’m all for awareness but I would like to see Christians spending a little less energy, resources and time on the end-times and put more of said towards reaching, loving and healing people. This is what Christ has told us to do, let’s not go astray.

  11. todd says:

    Christopher thanks for the comments. We’re just preparing so we can self-sustain. The question is – is Rapture at the beginning, middle or end of the period of Tribulation? That’s the enigma. Regardless – the way things are going in our increasingly dangerous and unjust society – we want to cede away from it anyway. The old-timers used to talk about how hard things were in those days. Only now do they realize how good things were back then. I mean food-wise, work-wise, health-wise and just plain old good livin. Our alarm clock is now the Rooster And our micro-wave is at the dump.

  12. Mark Hughes says:

    “I remove all upc labels from my purchases or furnishings that make up my home. Am I crazy to do this?”

    Yes, you are a little crazy. There is no intrinsic power in a UPC label. Removing them is probably rooted in superstition not faith. You could always remove them because they are ugly. I always think of Paul where he says he would have no problem eating meat that was sacrificed to idols… but he wouldn’t if it made another “weeker” brother stumble.

    Further, to your question about having a woman Pastor in your church. The bigger issue is, does she teach the Word of God?… not her gender.

  13. Betty says:

    That is an awesome experience, that you had Steve, and that is a powerful experience, that a person does not forget.
    When Jesus speaks to me that way, it has given me the courage, to go on in life many times.
    For many years, I was very scared, about the end times and whatever the bible says in the book of Revelations has to happen.
    Jesus showed me at three different times, in a vision, the day, when He comes back, to take us that are ready home, [then I experienced in the vision, when I keep my eyes on Jesus,] I was not scared at all, and only could think of Jesus and to be with Him, for an eternity.
    I will share my third vision, which I had about two years ago.
    Many people were gathered at this place and WORSHIPED and PRAISED GOD, then it was the end of the world and people started walking towards the very bright light, unto a narrow path and a gate, where Jesus was coming, then I stopped for a bit and asked a group of people that I knew,[who were laughuing and had fun,] ARE YOU COMING? They answered and said: No, we want to stay and have fun, so I walked towards Jesus.
    JESUS PROMISED, when we ask Him for help, He will help us and give us the courage and wisdom to make the right choices.

  14. Kendra says:

    What happens if this is all just another technological advancement?

  15. Andy Johnson says:

    Hi pastor Hughs I did read your blog on the rapture and i respectfully disagree with you views on it and if you will allow me i am going to back up my view
    from Rapture on page 309 -316
    “A Posttribulation Rapture is Inconsequential
    If God miraculously preserves the church through the tribulation, why have a Rapture?
    If it is to avoid the wrath of God at Armegeddon (at the end of the tribulation), then why would God not contune to protect the saints on earth ([sorry] as is postulated by posttribulation) just as he protected Israel (see Exodus 8:22; 9:4,26; 10:23; 11:7) from his wrath poured out Pharaoh and Egypt?
    Further if the purpose of the rapture is for living saints to avoid Armageddon, why also resurrect the saints (who are already immune) at the same time?
    If the rapture took place in connection with our Lord’s posttribulation glorious appearing, the subsequent seperation of the sheep and the goats (Matthew 25:31-46) would be redundant. Separation would have taken place in the very act of translation.
    If all Tribulation-era believers are raptured and glorifed after the Tribulation and just prior to the inauguration of the millennial kingdom, who then will be left to populate and propagate the Kingdom? The Scriptures indicate that God will judge the living unbelievers at the end of the Tribulation and remove them from earth (see Matthew 13:41-42; 25:41). Yet they also teach that children will be born to believers during the millenium and that these children will be capable of sin (see Isaiah 65:20; Revelation 20:7-10). This would not be possible if all the believers on earth were glorified through a posttribulational rapture.
    A posttribulational rapture and the church’s supposed immediate return to earth leaves no time for the bema–the judgment seat of Christ (1 Corinthians 3:10-15; 2 Corinthians 5:10). for these reasons, a posttribulation rapture makes no logical sense. A pretribulation rapture, by contrast, does not leave us with these insurmountable difficulties.” thank you for your ear I only copied one part of the article for compression sake and I am fine if you disagree with me as I just have a laymen’s education in biblical Eschatology my email is always open and I am on facebook as well so you can add me and discuss I am always open to discussing topics

  16. Mark Hughes says:

    “What happens if this is all just another technological advancement?”
    That’s possible. But either way, agreeing to a chip under one’s skin is opening ourselves to an incredible loss of personal privacy and setting up a Orwellian possiblity that no Christian should even consider. I personally don’t see the Mark of the Beast as something that is all of the sudden upon us, but rather something that has quietly crept up on us… like these chips. I don’t think people are going to say, “Maybe I’ll become a Beast worshipper”. I think they’ll say, “Hey, what’s the big deal, this is nothing new”.

  17. Mark Hughes says:

    There are whole websites devoted to the discussion about the rapture, not to mention 100’s of years of debate. So, I don’t expect to be able to solve the controversy here. I will say this though; I believe the pre-trib rapture scenario is based on a whole variety of false assumptions. I don’t think they got the timing wrong, I think they got almost the everything wrong. The pre-trib rapture is a western world, feel-good, Polly-anna creation designed for soft luke-warm North American christians. The post-trib scenario plays out entirely differently making most of their points moot. For example;
    1) The purpose of the rapture is not to spare believers from tribulation but from the great and terrible day of the Lord. Go tell the christians Somalia, Rwanda, Darfur, Cambodia, Bosnia, Nazi Germany, Sumatra, Nepa,l East Timor etc. etc etc. that God would not allow His people to ever suffer tribulation.
    2) The Church does not go to heaven in the rapture but “to meet the Lord in the air” from where we immediately return to become part of God’s host for the battle of Armegedon. Or at least get ring side seats.
    3) We continue to live on earth as Christ rules for 1000 years as do many that survived the trib and Armegedon.
    4) It is possible that the seperating of sheep and goats doesn’t take place until then. Read the parable; it says the goats get thrown into the everlasting fire, which the book of Rev says does not happen till after the 1000 years.
    I try not to get too combative on eschatology but I do believe the pre-tribbers have it mostly wrong. But hey, if they are right, I will apologize to them when we get to heaven. But if they are wrong… they have ill-prepared an entire generation of christians for the most crucial time in church history. That is a deadly mistake. For a complete treatment of the subject you can order my series, “The End of the Age”. Get the CD not the DVD as it is longer and more complete.

  18. Steve says:

    Great picture God gave you Betty. Since you shared that, I’ll share another I had about a year ago. I was coming home from work listening to music. I started to feel the Holy Spirit and then I saw this amazing vision in my mind. I saw millions of angels across the sky. They were all cheering and thrusting their arms in the air like they had just won a huge battle. Then out from the midst of them all, in the middle, I saw them part and out came Christ who’s face looked fierce but kind and smiling at the same time. When I saw this in my mind I felt completely unworthy and scared like I wanted to hide. I saw Christ step down from the angels almost like He was stepping down to earth. That was the end. The vision was stamped on my brain like it had been branded there. I never realized how soon the Lord was coming back until I had this vision.

  19. Victoria says:

    Pastor Mark, Ok………..I thank you for your opinion on the upc labels – I’ll remove them because they are ugly.
    As for the Question asked about my pastor, she seems to be a very good representative for God….she has opinions, but does not condemn others for having theirs, is forgiving, and is the only person that I can stand listening to besides YOU. You give me goosebumps and make me want to stand up and shout for joy! You make me laugh and if you, or I, weren’t married, I would hunt you down…..:)
    (congrats to Kathy, she got a great guy!)

  20. atheist says:

    The whole Bible is garbage. You are all worried about these fairy tales ? Forget the Bible and your phony God and start treating people fairly.

    • Albert says:

      Christy,I study prophecy too.. Pray that the Holy Spirit leads you into all tuthrs because there are many teachings about the rapture and tribulations.I love helping, and if you gave me 3 days, I’ll help you with this question. You asked a good question, and I’ll be happy to answer you.I’m a praying man, and I never felt more sure than I do now. The rapture won’t happen until Jesus comes, and the real Christians will bbe tried and persecuted.My Messenger or email: nicolasintochristAdd me or email me and I’ll explain to you it as simple as I could

  21. Karen says:

    I was struck by the opening comment in the first video about “something so small can connect you to what matters…..” People are not “connecting” today as in the past. Nobody depends on each other anymore. Technology has a lot to do with that. Now with this “chip”, it is just another reason not to “love your neighbor.” I value the verses in Ecclesiastes(4:9-12) where it talks about two are better than one. Satan knows that if he can separate people from each other, than his influence can take over. People need to lean on each other in times of happiness, joy, sorrow, grief, illness… not depend on some chip to get them through. As for the privacy issue in the second video…nothing is really private anymore. Anyone can get any information anytime. Without a chip. A chip makes it easier for unscrupulous people to take advantage of any situation.
    I had my teenaged girls read this…they thought that the chip was creepy and sick as well as ridiculous. Obviously we will not be utilizing this technology!

  22. Victoria says:

    Hello atheist….
    If you don’t believe in God, then you don’t believe in GOOD. God is goodness, (treating people fairly, comes from LEARNING to be GOOD, or acting within Gods word (the 10 commandments IS THE BASIS OF BEING GOOD.) In others words, teach mankind to be good by studying these simple guidelines and we will have less and less unfairness. Stop the cycle NOW, because you might be perpetuating it, by condemning others who devote their lives to being good!
    My family will pray for you today.
    It’s funny you won’t sign your name……maybe its because you have some guilt in your choice of beliefs?
    Just think about this please.
    Good luck.

  23. k8 says:

    from your City TV Ch #8 television broadcast 07/04/10:

    i’d like to add:

    PS. 103 <– "reversing"

    ..excellent sermon, btw!!


  24. Andy Johnson says:

    Hi pastor mark
    I just wanted to let you know my reasons about the rapture (and if i am wrong so be it). And even though I disagree with that one issue (so far), I am not going to stop watching on tv or reading online, if I did that I would be like the guy in post 20.

  25. Kendra says:

    I think getting anything implanted on your body is dangerous. I don’t like the government knowing every little detail of my life, not that I do anything illegal or anything. I would worry that other organizations would be able to track me. Maybe I am being too paranoid?

  26. Victoria says:

    Trust me your not. Sometimes you don’t have a choice!

  27. Steve says:

    The Bible says all those who recieve the mark will break out into loathsome soars so sounds like it would be dangerous, but mostly dangerous to one’s soul, eternally dangerous. Hey the tribulation might be scary and the mark of the beast but we still got a couple of buddies who are going to stir up some pain for our enemies, the two witnesses. Could be Moses and Elijah, who knows. All I know is don’t mess with these guys unless you like being devoured by fire or hit with any plague they want to throw at you. Ultimately they are killed but they don’t go down without making a huge statement. They of course are resurected to the dismay of the world. All I know is this tribulation is definitely not going to be boring.

  28. TK says:

    Here’s an article regarding RFIDs that I read a few weeks ago and it made me think about something that, until then, I hadn’t even thought about regarding RFIDs…and that is computer viruses. This is another example of a path that we are going down without understanding all the serious ramifications that it could cause.

  29. Evelyn Bennett says:

    I am will always focus on what God has in store in stead of the conveniences of the world.

    Is the world paperless yet?

    What use does the penny have anymore?

    We as human beings were authorized to rule over wild life. Maybe the chipping was not God’s idea, but it was an interpretation.

    He still allows the human race the freedom to choose.

    God will never makes us do anything that is uncomfortable.

    That is the way of thinking I am sticking with.

  30. Evelyn Bennett says:

    Message to the atheist.

    Has the world been fair to you thus far? Please elaborate.

  31. Hmmm says:

    I don’t think God keeps us from being uncomfortable. If we follow Christ we can pretty much bet on being uncomfortable. But we can overcome discomfort through faith which is awesome because nothing can deter God’s children.

  32. SteveK says:

    Andy / Pastor Mark
    You both make very good points about the Pre and Post Trib raptures. I always seem to catch that TV ministry Jack Van Impe and he’s very adamant and convincing about Pre Trib. I saw that video first on his program. He and his wife go through current news reports and matches them with what the Bible predicts. I don’t know if he’s a Pastor like you Pastor Mark but the only thing he’s studied and preaches about for the past 50+ years is end time prophesy. I was Pre Trib (and still leaning towards it) but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being informed and prepare for Post Trib also.

  33. Andy Johnson says:

    thanks SteveK although i used secondary resources its my beliefs as well and even though i disagree with pastor Mark its true that to prepare for the worst case susituation is a smart idea and besides if it is pre trib who cares about the time and energy and money spent on prep (side note all that could of been used witnessing as well) as I have read before what a pre tribber said if he was wrong and the trib happens tommorow he would write a book titled rethinking the rapture (another side note I have like 25-50 books about the end times in fiction and non-fiction and my personal beliefs /with scripture used to back up my beliefs\)
    thanks agian.

  34. Ray says:

    Funny how people respond including myself.Ya Goverment etc know all kinds of stuff about us and a lot more than we might believe they could. This is with out this chip idea and that to will come to be for many in not 20 years but in less than this.Ther is something most of us tend to forget is that Christ knows every little clitch of information the Goverment /private sector collects on us as people and even knows the habits of the individual dog who already has the chip and He knew it before the darn dog was born. Think about that for a second ! Who is greater and more powerful than whoever in this world we are so engrosssed in. If we protray fear when we think about this 666 idenity what does that say about where we put our faith in. Biggest question I ask myself is if my security is in my bank acct or what will insite fear in me. I am the least of these when in any setting and there is no rightousness in me so don.t heed what I say as all is opinions in this one. I do know who I believe but what is my response when all this is happening.

  35. Ray says:

    The Lord is high above all nations, His glory above the heavens. Psalm 113:4

    “Eminence” refers to the high position of God. “Who is a God like You?” asks the prophet Micah (7:18). He gets no response; there is no one like God.
    had to explain what I meant in my post and the only way I am able to rest in technology as protrayed in this world we live in is this.I will share what I read in my daily devotion and I believe we can rest assured that He will complete that which He has started in and for us, I Hope this to be an assurance to you all and thanks for allowing me to post.
    God is far above all people on earth. Consider the power that may rest in one person, a general, a king, or a president. God is far above him in power. “Who is like the Lord our God, who dwells on high, who humbles Himself to behold the things that are in the heavens and in the earth?” (Ps. 113:5, 6). Our exalted Lord looks down from His throne, not just on earth, but on the heavens.

    Here, then, is reason to praise the Lord. He is not bound to our boundaries nor tied by our time. His resources are unlimited, His power and authority unequalled. The authority of a king stops at the border of his nation. The power of a general reaches only as far as the number of his tanks and planes. So, “Praise the Lord!” for His perspective is right and His might is abundant.

  36. Steve says:

    Pastor Mark, I have just found out about a new technology that has come out. Somark tattoos. These are tattoos made with some special ink and has the same ability as rfid without a chip or antanae. soMARK. This one is a mark which lines up with the MARK of the beast.

  37. Thank you so much for this message. In 2006, we were taught about the 666, and it was still related to the chip. Thanks to God that you have confirmed it to me. i can now teach it with much support. I thank God for this revelation.
    Pr. Kisa Emmanuel

  38. Steve says:

    Pastor Kisa Emmanuel, If you were talking to me it was my pleasure. God bless you and your church with power from on high.

  39. Juana says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Intensive and extensive and expensive and even pensive research has just discovered that the well-known pretribulation rapture is really and actually a SEVEN-stage coming. For proof look closely at I Thess. 4:13-18:
    (1) The Lord descends.
    (2) The shout.
    (3) The archangel’s voice.
    (4) The trumpet of God.
    (5) The dead rise.
    (6) The caught up (rapture).
    (7) The meeting in the air.

    I just left a space so you can fill it in with your gasps, shortness of breath, and clutching your heart. Yes, it’s true – seven (count them) stages. Would I or anyone else try to kid you? Lindsey, LaHaye, Ice, Jeffrey, Van Impe, Hagee, Missler, Strandberg etc. would never TRY to kid you. For proof of this, just Google articles like “Pretrib Rapture Diehards,” “Deceiving and Being Deceived,” “Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty,” “Pretrib Rapture – Hidden Facts” and “Pretrib Rapture Secrecy” – all by a secret writer known only as D.M.
    BTW, for more info on the exciting seven-stage rapture, Google Joe Ortiz’s “End Times Passover” blog which can out-blog any blog that knows how to blog!

    (I saw the above article while on the web – Juana)

  40. Believer says:

    I understand your way of thinking, but it doesn’t make sense to me that the mark of the beast will be something sneaky and unsuspecting. What I mean is, the mark is to be taken to prove one’s allegience to the antichrist, therefore, I would think that it would be introduced in a way that says “If you are going to be a faithful follower of this man, prove it by taking this identifying mark”. If something is introduced as something else, and people accept it under those pretenses, how can they be held accountable and blamed for taking the mark of the beast when it isn’t even presented in that way? It doesn’t make sense to get someone to take something, then say ” oh, by the way, you just took the mark of the beast and now you’ll be lost for eternity”. Won’t it come in a way where one will have a choice, saying they will or will not worship a man? And I believe when he does show himself, with all his signs and wonders, sadly there will be many who will agree to “follow” him and be proud to identify themselves as such.

  41. Jusuf says:

    Pastor Mark, thanks for your work. It’s amazing that the world events somehow in line to the bible prophesy. The use of barcodes and chips when first invented were for good cause, then came the 9/11 and terror that expanding the use of the available technology for protection against another attack. We’ve already experienced without credit card we cannot buy or sell online internet.
    I believe this technology become the mark of the beast when ……???……. is/are in power (I do not want to speculate)

  42. chocolatemusiclife says:

    The mark of the beast is a spiritual mark, not a literal mark. The mark was described in the context of a vision, where everything is metaphorical. For example, there will not likely be a beast with a woman riding it coming out of the sea either.

    I think more about what the mark represents (ownership, allegiance) and where it is located (the hand and forehead) and what those placements represent (works and thoughts?) within the vision. I also don’t believe that anything you do to your physical body can affect your spiritual standing with God. If that were the case, you would be able to do things to cancel or ruin or negate your salvation, like getting a tattoo that says “I Hate God”, but the Bible seems clear that Christ will not lose any He came to save, and that the flesh is nothing anyway.

    Parables and visions are never describing real events, they are metaphors or symbolic imagery.

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