Last week William Swinimer, a Grade 12 student was suspended from his Forest Heights Community School in Chester Basin, Nova Scotia for five days.  The offense?  Wearing a T-shirt that read Life is Wasted without Jesus.  Swinimer wore the shirt for several weeks and ignored requests from his Principal to refrain from doing so. Finally, the Principal suspended him for 5 days in hopes that he would come to class the next week wearing something else.  (For the record, no teen should ever wear the same T-shirt for several weeks regardless of what it says on it.  It is possible he was sent home for a week in hopes the shirt would at least go into the laundry.  Just a thought.)

When Swinimer returns to school Monday he plans to continue wearing the shirt every day, and is even willing to risk not graduating with his fellow students if that is what it takes to stand up for his freedom of expression.  The main offence according to the School Board is how the slogan is worded.  If the shirt said. MY life is wasted without Jesus, they say that would be acceptable.  Their claim is that the shirt can be interpreted as being a slight against other’s faiths or those of no faith at all.  Swinimer insists that that is not at all his intent and has no ill-will or criticism against non-Christians.  He merely claims it is his constitutional right to express his faith and he is not going to comply with the school or school board’s requests.

Before we go any further with this we do need to ask the question if the slogan in question is indeed offensive or not.  I think the best way of doing that is by simply wording it from the perspective of other faiths, and then asking ourselves if we are offended.  Let’s try it.  If I saw a Muslim wearing the T-shirt, Life is wasted without Muhammad, I would consider that an expression of his faith and not take any personal offence.  Although I do not agree with the sentiment it certainly does not incite hatred or violence.   A T-shirt that reads Death to the Infidel on the other hand is in a whole different category.  Let’s try a few others.  Life is wasted without Buddha.  Sure, why not?  Life is wasted without Krishna.  Fine.  Life is wasted without Darwin.  Whatever.  Life is wasted without Led Zeppelin.  I hear ya.  Life is wasted without Abba.  Getting close to the line.   Life is wasted without Charlie Sheen.  We should be so lucky.

No, I think most would agree that the Principal and the school board are off side on this one. If the T-shirt simply said Let’s get Wasted we would not even be having this debate.  What is really at issue is the new intolerance.  The intolerance of tolerance.  Those that claim that they want to ban the T-shirt in the name of tolerance, are they themselves being intolerant.  The fact probably remains that if Swinimer was wearing any one of the other T Shirt slogans I mentioned he would still be in school.  It is only because he was wearing a Christian T Shirt that he became a victim of the Tolerance police.

In our culture today you cannot (and should not) criticize anyone’s religion, but Christianity is fair game.  It has become open season on Christians.  We routinely get called hatemongers, bigots, homophobes, racists etc.  All without cause or evidence.  Nobody cries foul, nobody gets censured when it is done in the media or in the public square.  Christianity is without question the most persecuted religion in the world.  Michael Horowitz, a U.S. Jewish activist who has written on Christian persecution contends there is a “blissful lack of awareness to this fact that is fostered by preconceptions and conventional wisdoms that lead many in the West to dismiss anti-Christian persecution as improbable, untrue, impossible.”

Horowitz is right.  We have been told for so long that we are the persecutors we have failed to realize that we have become the persecuted.  For the most part we sit quietly by as our faith is attacked form every side.  The media paints us intolerant, hate filled, religious zealots who are against women and gays and drinkers and gamblers and prostitutes and just about anyone that wants to have a good time.  Science portrays us as ignorant, uneducated peons that blindly follow mindless fables.  Radical leftists like to attack us as being war mongers and greedy capitalists that hate the environment and health care.  Others think we are so gullible that we are lead by manipulative hucksters that are just after our money so they can buy themselves Rolls Royses.  Everyday the impression of who we are becomes further and further away from the Christ following lovers of humanity that want to give every person an opportunity to hear the good news that God loves them and has secured a glorious place in eternity for them.  So when I see a 17 year old High School student in Nova Scotia that says, “No, I will not be stripped of my right to religious freedom”, I say… good for you William, I am behind you all the way.


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  1. Michelle says:

    Bravo Wiliam. We are becoming increasingly more persecuted every day. Sometimes it is overt sometimes it is covert. We lived in the Middle East and I half expected to be persecuted by the locals. Imagine my surprise when I was attacked by an American Athiest because I was president of the corporate social club! I had set a calendar of parties for the year for our families there. He felt I should call the Christmas party – Winter Festival and Easter – Spring Fling. Etc…. He said I was being culturally insensitive and politically incorrect. I told him I felt political correctness can read intolerant…. Generically naming parties to accommodate everyone seemed intolerant to me. He even took the matter up with the CEO… Threatened to sue the company! The lawyers looked at and told me to call it whatever I want. I told the manager I will call the party whatever he wants me to call it to avoid a law suit however I would be attending a Christmas Party that night. The locals wanted to be invited to the Christmas party… They thought it was cool, not what I was expecting. I was invited to many non-Christian celebrations while we lived there and enjoyed the cultural diversity. My American friend did not attend that Christmas party….You cannot please everyone… There will always be someone who is offended …. I am glad that young man William drew the line in the sand. Political correctness and compromising to accommodate, and not wanting to offend ultimately breeds intolerance and offends someone…

    • Donald says:

      “Generically naming parties to accommodate everyone seemed intolerant to me.”

      I rarely laugh out loud when not in the company of others, but that statement made me laugh. Keeping a name generic for a public party to accomodate everyone attending seems intolerant? Really? So accomodation = intolerance. Not sure you can catch many people who would agree with that statement while keeping a straight face. For me, as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, it’s actually quite the opposite. I’m sick of people generically naming parties “Christmas” parties, when the majority attending have no faith at all. Winter Festival actually WOULD make more sense. Why does the date believers use to mark the Birth of Christ get frivolously used to mark office parties, social club parties, and the atheist who lives down the street from me has it blazed on his house in stupid green and red lights? How about instead of insisting we keep the “Christ” in Christmas, we request that Hallmark stop riding the bandwagon of stealing the name of a beautiful religious holiday to sell presents, trees, lights, and Santa Claus? While we’re at it, stop raping the Blessed name of Easter to hawk chocolate eggs, hunting for them, and all the other pagan BS we mislabel the name of that holiday to as well ;).

    • Trevor says:

      Maybe because December 25th was originally a pagan worship day that “Christianity” “stole” (joined).
      …He was actually born as a human on September 11, 3 B.C.E. (previously called B.C.) in/near Bethlehem, and the Zoroastrian astrologers who visited Him did not do so until He was almost 2 years old.
      And maybe because the 2 days of the week that we celebrate “Easter” (which is not a Christian word, but a pagan one in honour of the Queen of Heaven, Ishtar) on are actually both pagan worship days, especially “Good Friday”, that “Christianity” also “stole” (joined)?
      …besides, those 2 days do not have 3 days and 3 nights separating them anyway.

      …no, we should instead allow others to “steal” our Christian slogans etc. if we’re going to continue to “steal” theirs.
      (otherwise we Christians are hypocrites)

  2. Evelyn Bennett says:

    Boy this brings back memories. There was a highschool student here in Winnipeg that decided to not read 1984 because of the content. If she did not read she would not graduate. Guess what she was a Christian.

    In Bravo’s case she is just expressing what he believes. If we stopped freedom of speech where would we be as a nation.

    I have trouble spreading the gospel so I wear shirts just like that one. Christ is the cure. I am upgrading every year. No one looks at me strange. Only when it comes to literature. They cannot force you to take off clothing. We might get charged with indecent exposure.

    I say to all those principals lighten up. If God would not have been taken out of our public schools this would be not be happening.

    I ask all those principals to take a look in the libraries to get all the obscene pornographic material removed. That will prevent teens from thinking raping girls is okay in today’s society.

    Sorry if I offended anyone. This world has gone to crap and someone needs to know and spread the word.

  3. Beverly says:

    I would like to commend William for his faith and the fact that he is willing to stand up for it. Being persecuted for one’s belief is, in today’s world, like going back to biblical times. What is wrong with our Christian churches? Why are they being silent? Especially in Chester Basin. Stand up for William and let him know we are behind him in his belief. There are not many ‘young’ people today willing to be this proud of their religion, no matter what the religion happens to be.

  4. Jesiah says:

    In an article I read, they quoted students saying that William was telling them that they’re going to burn in hell and such. Now I totally agree that he shouldn’t be getting all this flack because of a T-shirt, but if what his fellow students say is true, then even being a Christian myself, I’d want him suspended too.

  5. lesley says:

    Wow. Yes, I heard about this fiasco on the news, and I think I mentioned before on one of my comments about another kid who had worn a t-shirt of Christ on the cross, saying He loves you this much, and was sent home with a note that other children were ‘disturbed’ by the shirt and would he please not wear it anymore. But I’m sure it would be okay to wear just about any other t-shirt in this crazy world we are in right now.

    Santa means Christmas and bunnies mean Easter. It’s okay to have books about witches and witchcraft in the school libraries. If you stand on the roadside with a Pro-Life poster, you take the chance of having garbage thrown at you.

    I’m glad this William kid is sticking to his beliefs and his right to wear that t-shirt.

  6. Raf says:

    I think that this whole situation is unfair and really biased. How many times do we see shirts such as the others shown above and or shirts that put money, possessions, drugs, alcohol etc. on a pedestal (idols anyone?) as something that people need or “worship” but those things and especially the illegal things are supported in mainstream society? Nobody makes it illegal to wear a shirt with a leaf representing marijuana on it, even though it’s illegal to smoke it…

    Or how about music? How many people here have been listening to Christian music and have been told to turn it off because it is “brainwashing”, but have been forced to listen to “mainstream” music that includes profanity, references to sex, drugs, etc.? I know I have, and at the time I wasn’t worried about it enough to confront it but I believe that’s wrong, and as a Christian I commend William for standing up to this blatant persecution and misguided thinking.

    I agree with Evelyn about where the world is going, but that also means that Christ is coming very soon. But I think that this event definitely opens up a lot of doors and channels to be able to talk about God to other people and spread His message and really show people who are non-believers what we are really about. That is a blessing! Paul said he was proud to be persecuted and welcomed it, because then he could profess his faith even more, and I think this is a great opportunity to rejoice in and that it should be used to motivate other believers to stand up for their faith and to stand together and fight the good fight! Christ called us to be a community and its about time we started doing it and SHOWING it! I know this isn’t going to stop me from wearing my Christian shirts, or my crosses, or living my life for God, and I pray that this and many other events could unite us all!

    Have a good one guys!

  7. James Slyk says:

    I recently went through a similar experience. Tr manuscript “The Cosmic Game” about the relationship between sport and Christianity, I was told that unless I could tell EXACTLY when Jesus would return, publishers would not pick it up. Here is the exact quote from the letter I received,” It also seemed strange that you went to all the trouble of explaining the signs of the impending coming of Christ, but never actually suggested when it will happen. In the Evangelical genre, this is the money shot. Without it, the manuscript ends flatly. You have the build-up there, as though you’re going to predict the date and time, but then give us nothing”.
    Bottom line, I can relate.

  8. James Slyk says:

    The first part of my previous statement should have been,” in searching for a literary agent to pick up my manuscript THE COSMIC GAME…
    It didn’t come out for whatever reason, my apologies to anyone who got confused.

  9. Melanie says:

    This is an interesting read, although I do think the writer should have read the following CBC article before he wrote this.

    You will note that only after the students were tired of Swinimer preaching to them, that they complained to their teachers. So who’s the intolerant one here? In my opinion, the intolerance was displayed by the supposed Christian. Its one thing to wear a tshirt like that and let the message stand for itself. Its quite another thing, to preach and in essence shove his belief system down other student’s throats, telling they they will go to hell, if they don’t believe in God. That is intolerance of others. I don’t care who you are, that is not how the world works. I agree completely with the school board for suspending him and applaud their decision.

    This article sends a very skewed version of the actual facts and presents only part of the truth. Tolerance is an honorable thing and should be taught to all. However, this article really missed the mark regarding what is intolerance.

    After reading articles like this I know can see why churches are losing members. I don’t need to hear only partial stories based on truth to try and teach my a lesson. What is the lesson the writer is trying to impart? It sound like a lot of whining and complaining to me.

    • Mark Hughes says:

      Nope, sorry but it is you that are skewing the facts.
      FACT: Swinimer was kicked out of school for wearing the T-shirt, not preaching to his fellow students.
      Although the article above states some students claimed he was offensive in things he said to them, that is not what this controversy is about. The Principal and the school board said nothing about that. If that was the problem I am sure they would have dealt with that. How does taking off a T-shirt change how he talks?
      We are not in the school yard and so don’t know for sure, but I have no problem believing that once the pressure was on about the T-shirt some students for sure would start piling on. In the meantime the facts state that he was suspended for not taking off the T-shirt. Period.

    • Trevor says:


      Although many times in a controversial situation, the official reason an organization (workplace and/or schooling and/or spiritual/religious, etc) removes and/or shuns someone is different than the unofficial situation.

      The official reason is what the general public who is not a part of the organization is gladly willing to agree with,
      whereas the unofficial reason is what the general public is not as passionate about.

  10. Karen says:

    What happened to “freedom of expression” and “freedom of religion”? Or is it just that it’s okay for everyone but Christians to express and worship and have their faith.

    We need to remind ourselves that this country was built on biblical foundations. We need to stand up for that in a way that honors God.

    “God keep our land, Glorious and free, Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee.”

  11. Isaac says:

    My hope is that all believers reading this will be encouraged to, “…Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,”- 1Pe 3:15b NIV. That their close relationship with Jesus will never be hidden, even at work, school etc.

    2 other people and I began a prayer group in a government workplace on a lunch break once a week, and it continues to this day.

    As you can imagine, the environment towards Christianity in there was hostile, but in a passive-aggressive sort of way, as tolerance is preached really heavily. However some of that tolerance does actually extent to our group.

    As a group, we always made sure we stuck to that, “with gentleness and respect” attitude. We were bold, and undeterred, but never hostile, or defensive, and we never once let on if we felt persecuted.

    What we found is that, for the most part, non-believers don’t think they were persecuting Christians, and if we would’ve started demanding equal treatment, and complaining about the persecution we faced (which we did), we would’ve completely lost our audience and credibility. Instead we just steadily continued on, and have slowly gained trust and credibility.

    That group has now been around for six years, and there is a distinct improvement in that office spiritually. The group has even helped out with charity events, and has had the logo displayed publicly for the whole building.

    I say all that to be a testimony and an encouragement for everyone to act boldly for Christ, even with persecution, but to do so with gentleness, and to try to ignore the persecution and push ahead anyway. This requires submission to Christ, and knowing that He is your defender, that you don’t need to get defensive.

    God bless!

  12. Darrel says:

    Sounds like this principal was being convicted themselves. Canada has no problem on advertising beer commercials, but when it comes to spiritual matters there is a big problem. Also it seems that Christianity can be fair game , but other religons you can not make fun of them.

  13. chris says:

    Good on him and god bless him.

  14. Steve says:

    Maybe there’s a wall in society blocking Christians from expressing their beliefs, but there is another wall that God prophecied a long time ago that needs to and will come down.
    Ezekial 13:10-14 Because,even because they have seduced my people,saying peace, when there is no peace, and because when one builds a flimsy wall, behold[these prophets] daub it over with whitewash,
    Say to them who daub it with whitewash that it shall fall! There shall be a downpour of rain; and you O great hailstones, shall fall, and a violent wind shall tear apart [the whitwashed flimsy wall].
    Behold, when the wall is fallen, will you not be asked, where is the coating with which you[prophets] daubed it?
    Therefore thus says the Lord God: I will even rend it with a stormy wind in My wrath, and there shall be an overwhelming rain in my anger and great hailstones in wrath to destroy.
    So I will break down the wall that you have daubed with whitewash and bring it down to the ground, so that its foundations will be exposed.
    And then verses 22 and 23. Because with lies you have made the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad and because you have encouraged and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not turn from his wicked way and be saved.
    Therefore you will no more see false visions or practice divinations, and I will deliver My people out of your hand. Then you will know that I am the Lord.
    This what the Lord is going to do with the whitewashed wall.
    We as Christians can start to tear this wall down in our lives now, whether any other Christians want to join with us or not. God is about to rip this thing down for good so we can either join Him now or suffer when it is pulled from underneath us.
    Off topic but I feel the Lord wants to get this out there. Shallom.

  15. Evelyn Bennett says:

    Message is for Raf:
    Thank you for getting what I said. Sometimes I do not get the message across the way God would want.
    In the states they establish friendship clubs. I think Canada should too.
    Maybe then we can focus less on appearances.

  16. Steve says:

    I’m gonna explain what the upper prophecy means!
    The white washed wall is the wall built in God’s wheatfield. The wall that is whitewashed by Christians. Why? Because many of them love their sin, plain and simple.
    God doesn’t care if our sin is murder or greed or pride or depraved sexual sin or lusting over the woman next to you or sleeping with your girlfriend or murdering your brother in your mind while pretending you love him. God hates sin! All sin!
    The whitewashed wall is an excuse for Christians to hold onto their sin instead of Jesus. People who love the whitewashed wall and are building it, hate the people who expose this flimsy wall. Like the prophecy says, God is going to tear it down.
    Like it or not! This is what God Himself is going to do! If people hate this prophecy, it’s because they love their sin.
    God doesn`t care if this is off topic either. God cares more about His people than He does about how on topic we are.

  17. Steve says:

    The Lord has let me know that what I said up there was a little harsh. You know, I feel so much love for the body of Christ. I don’t hate God’s people. It can get irritating though when you’re trying to warn God’s people and they keep assuming you are evil.
    I want to say that God is going to bring an earthquake, whether literally or something else that’s going to shake things up I don’t know, but something is coming that is going to shake all the fake doctrines and lying doctrines in the church. The people that have trusted in these doctrines are going to be crushed by them. It will feel like they are dying, but the Lord has shown me that the people who have not been decieved by these doctrines will be able to pull these crushing lies off of their brothers.
    God is warning His people to flee these doctrines that cause sin and don’t lead to repentance or purity. These doctrines are the white washed wall and God loves all of His people so much. God loves His people SOOO MUCH! It’s time to ask God where we have hidden sin and what is causing it to not come into the light.
    Nobody is sinless, we all sin. But God is desiring us to walk by His Spirit, not by our flesh. When Jesus said His burden is light and His yolk is easy, He was saying that in our flesh, obedience is labour and hard work, but when we crucify our flesh, we find the Spirit of God and find rest in Jesus. Our flesh is a burden and that is why we need to put it to death. WHen God’s people start to put this into action, we are going to see the most unbelievable revival. It will blow everyone’s mind. It will not even make sense.

  18. Steve says:

    There is another dream\prophecy the Lord has given me for the Church as well. If God gives me the dream and the interpretation, then God has given it to me to tell.
    There was a big white jetliner taking off. I saw a boy in a cardboard box just sitting on top of the jet.
    The box slid to the back of the jet as I cringed. The boy got out and seemed to be oblivious to the utter danger he was in. He had a real cocky,smug look on him.
    The plane shook and the boy flew in the air and landed on the wing. He still had the cocky look on him. It was like he thought there was no way he could be shaken off the plane. He was studying the structure of the plane and he looked very impressed by it.
    The plane shook again and he went flying through the air, landed again on the wing but this time he slid off with that same cocky look. I couldn’t believe he thought he was in no danger.
    He fell all the way to the earth and landed on his vehicle, smashing it to peices. He now had a look of confusion on his face. Then I looked and there was disaster and calamity blowing up and destroying everyone’s vehicles.
    Jesus is the jetliner. The people in the jetliner have payed for their ticket by surrendering and listening to Jesus in their lives. They are secure in Christ.
    The boy was young and imature. He wasn’t growing. He was in a box. His view of Christ was very narrow and he didn’t want to let Jesus take control of his life.
    But this person had been decieved into believing they didn’t need to surrender their lives and they would still be ok.
    The jetliner begins to take off and the boy finally gets out of his box to admire the awesome power of what God is doing. He’s very impressed. What he doesn’t know is he is about to be thrown off the jetliner, whereas those who are inside(in Christ) have no need to worry about that.
    He falls to the earth and destroys his vehicle. Our vehicles drive us to the airport so we can board the plane. It’s too late for this guy. No he is left behind to calamity and chaos and utter desolation.

  19. Steve says:

    Well, God wants me to say that there is really good news. God always warns His people before He does something.
    We are all failures and we are all in need of a ton of grace. Only by His grace can we overcome any of our sin.
    God knows there is alot of confusion going on these days and that is why He is so patient with us.
    Jesus is coming soon! He is going to do many amazing things, and gather many people before He comes. He wants us to get our houses in order. He is going to go after the lost sheep and He will mend up the broken. He will go after many that nobody wants in their churches. He’s going to do things that will make many Christians who want to put Jesus in a box cringe.
    All the weak sheep and the broken will find rest. The weary and heavy laden will find rest. Jesus is going to come in power on this earth and it will not be the way most churches are prepared for. Jesus never does things the way we think He will, but what He does is always unbelievably amazing!!

  20. Steve says:

    The Lord has rebuked me once again. He wants all His children out there who I may have put a huge heavy on to know that I may have spoken with alot less love than God wanted me to.
    Jesus is really putting the scews to me these days and how I say things. He won’t let me off the hook if I am speaking without His love.
    I really did have those dreams so God is warning us(me included). I really felt the Holy Spirit when God revealed the interpretation to me. But sometimes you can feel the Holy Spirit and still speak without love cause of your own flesh.
    God wants His people to know it doesn’t matter how bad you’ve messed up, Jesus loves you and wants to give us all a chance to repent for our sins. We are all in this thing together and we are all in need of His unbelievable grace.
    It’s so good to know we can change the way we do things and think and how we act and that God’s grace is there to pick us up and give us the power to change those things.
    God bless everyone of my brothers.
    I hope if I have offended anyone with anything I’ve said wrong, they will forgive me because I really care about my brothers.
    I really don’t want anything bad to happen to any of us and that is the main reason why God warns us because He loves every single one of us with such an amazing amount of love.

  21. Steve says:

    Today, I heard an amazing sermon on repentance. And this Pastor who corrected me on a few things did an amazing job.
    What he corrected me on was repentance is not about getting rid of sin, it is about going to Jesus to help us change the things we cannot change. To put Christ first in our lives and be sincerely sorrowful for the sins we commit and find His grace to allow us to flee those sins.
    I was wrong about this and the way I put it in some of my comments, but this lines up exactly with the dreams I had.
    Jesus loves us and expects us to put our full trust in Him, to lay our lives down for Him in every way that He shows us. I thank this Pastor for straightening me out on this and I very much appreciate His heartfelt sermon.
    Jesus IS coming soon! Let’s not be caught without our wedding garments on when He comes. Shallom.

  22. Check this out!!!! says:


  23. M says:

    Yup, exactly. Right on the mark Pastor Mark.

  24. Steve says:

    You know what, God has given me an unbelievable epiphany. I have struggled to forgive many churches who have heaped many rules and regulations upon me that I could not live up to. Then when I failed, they would use guilt and condemnation to shame me.
    I began to become bitter and resentful.
    I started to throw rules back at them they could not live up to either to show them what it feels like and then guilt them for not being able to live up to them. This was wrong as well.
    But Jesus has shown me through forgiveness that He wants to empower His people through His Holy Spirit and transform people’s lives.
    Jesus wants to be first in our lives. We don’t make the rules! Jesus does! If there are Pastors who think they are above the Lord and they have decided on their own system of doing things without surrendering it to the Lord’s will, then they need to repent and get right with God.
    I know Pastor Mark is a good guy who wants to do God’s will. I know he has a heart for the Lord. ANd I love his sense of humor.
    If we will surrender our own agendas and let Jesus take over, we will see the most amazing revival this city has ever beheld!

  25. Steve says:

    Here is a great add on to that last comment. Jesus wants to not only bring repentance, and Jesus is not only wanting to heal the lost and the broken, but Jesus wants to heal the Pastors and their flocks.
    I feel He sees much pain in many Pastors, and they have been hurt just like many in thier flock. Jesus wants to heal this pain.
    Jesus wants to give out His mercy and His grace and His love, but He desires us to change and humble ourselves before Him, so we can recieve this healing and forgiveness.
    I apologise for interupting your blog Pastor Mark with so many unrelated messages.
    I know that this is not the way God would want me to get these messages across.
    I know and I can feel how much God wants to use you Pastor Mark and your Church in much more powerful ways than even now.
    Aren’t you glad that Jesus loves us so much and He has a plan for us to be used in unbelievably powereful ways.
    I am rooting for you Pastor Mark and I believe God has a huge plan for your Church.
    I am sorry for being a thorn when I should be an encouragement. I just had these warnings from God and I wanted to be obedient to God.
    Praise Jesus, because He is coming soon! And He is preparing His people for His coming! God bless you with every spiritual blessing from heaven above!

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