Some of you will remember Steven Spielberg’s popular animated series from the 1990’s, the Animaniacs.  It featured the Warner Siblings, Yakko, Wakko and Dot.  Set in Burbank, California they interacted with famous Hollywood characters in each episode.  It had an old school variety show format and the characters spoke to the audience, throwing out one liners and often having to explain what was going on.

What they are no one really knows, but here is their story.  In the 1930’s an eccentric and gifted animator at Warner Bros. created Yakko, Wakko and Dot.  From the beginning, however, these three were labeled too wacky, too wild and just too zany for prime time.  Their comical genius was too far ahead of the times.  Behind top-secret closed-door meetings, the studio executives decided to lock them up immediately in the Warner Bros. Water Tower. They remained imprisoned in that water tower for over 60 years, when in 1993, they escaped!  As soon as they got out, the Warner Siblings immediately began to amuse themselves by wreaking havoc upon an unsuspecting world.  The Animaniacs may be gone but they have been replaced by the Egomaniacs.  Also set in Burbank the cast has escaped from late night television and they too are wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting public.

Yakko is being played by Jay Leno, Wakko by Conan O’Brien and Dot by NBC.  If you haven’t been following the story…well good for you.  But here it is anyway.  Five years ago NBC promised Late Show host Conan (Wakko) the Tonight Show when his current contract came up.  In 2009 they delivered and moved his show into the coveted 11:35pm EST time slot.  They moved Leno’s (Yakko) show to prime time at 10pm EST.  After 6 months Yakko’s ratings were down 14% and Wakko’s a whooping 49%.  The execs down at NBC (Dot) decided to give Yakko back the 11:35 slot (for only 1/2 hour) and move Wakko to 12:05.  Yakko agreed, Wakko went kamikaze.  He was not willing to give up his dream job and would go down in flames if he had to. Unwilling to budge NBC bought out Conan’s contract for $33 million to him personally.  Never mind that he put 200 people out of a job, many who had fllowed him from NYC to LA to work on the show.  It’s a matter of principle, right?  The public (94%) for some strange reason sees him as the victim.  Yes, the poor baby, how is he ever going to live on $33 million?

Ego is a Latin word that means “I myself”.  Pop culture is driven by it and the world watches on and is mesmerized by it.  Award shows like the Oscars are the quintessential example.  Celebrities gather together in in the most self-congratulatory way that it is sickening.  Yet billions, not millions tune in to swoon over the most shallow, self-indulgent and immoral members of the human race.


Young people in particular are so taken with pop culture’s enormous cast of Egomaniacs that they want to be just like them.  In fact they will line up by the 1000’s to be the next American Idol.  Last time I checked an idol was a bad thing.  I am sure the bible must say something about it somewhere?  Scripture warns us not to think more highly of oneself than you ought.  Jesus said, “For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Luke 14:11).

Here we have a disaster in Haiti that has left 100,000 dead and millions homeless and yet the airwaves are still preoccupied with whether Yakko or Wakko is right.  If you don’t give a rip…you have made the right choice.  It’s just TV!  It doesn’t matter, it’s not even real life…none of it.  “Wait a minute, aren’t you one of them Pastor Mark?  Isn’t your ugly mug all over the screen too?” I ask myself almost every day why I do what I do.  The day I answer,” for I myself,” I am in big trouble.  God said, “I will share My glory with no man”.

Anytime any of us do anything solely for recognition, credit or to be noticed by others we have stepped into the Egomaniac trap.  Make no mistake about “the meek will inherit the earth”. We all have to ask ourselves the question, what reward do we really want in life? To be noticed by man or to be noticed by God?  One reward lasts for Andy Warhol’s famous 15 minutes of fame.  The other for eternity.  Take your pick.

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11 Responses to THE EGOMANIACS

  1. cindy says:

    honestly I think these talk shows should all go off the air.
    I stopped watching them ages ago, they are soo boring!
    You’ll never see Ellen act like one of them..

    Are you sure your not in it for you Pastor Mark???
    Why do you where such crazy sweaters then??

  2. Isaac says:

    I have to say though, that they’ve all come up with some pretty good zingers over this thing.

    And apparently Conan is gonna give some of that 33 mil to his employee’s although I’m sure it won’t match up to what they would’ve had had they kept working.

  3. Gord says:

    Pastor Mark is correct, there is a lot of idol worship going on, and many people just don’t see that. I watch my share of tv but I never let any of them do anything but entertain or inform. I don’t have any time for an actor who wants to spew his/her political agenda at me simply because they are famous. Yet it goes on and on. Very few seem to have any humility, but I guess that comes from promoting yourself for years just to become an overnight success.

  4. pat says:

    I like how you say it the way it is.
    No excuses for these people. They love themselves and they have that gnawing hunger for everyone to look at them , laugh at what they say, to just be totally aware of them. I change the channel if I see a commercial for their shows. I don’t watch their shows or Ellen’s (she’s just plain embarrassing). She finds herself so funny and fully expects others to do so. How nice that my teenage son doesn’t like her or find her interesting.
    I must have read too much Frank Peretti because I ‘see’ how there is evil clinging to them and how much like puppets they are. I feel bad for them. We should be praying for them that labourers would be in their paths, that their hearts would repent so that they too would walk in the light of God’s Son and out of darkness. It makes me sad that their lives are so shallow and full of things.
    So when you can, keep them in prayer. Someone prayed for me once so very long ago.

  5. Steve says:

    His kindness is what leads to repentance!

  6. Joy says:

    Hi Pasto Mark, another great blog. I agree wholeheartedly. I did watch the “Animaniacs” , (didn’t know it was created in the “30’s), and found it amusing, but I don’t watch, nor do I care at all about Jay Leno and the other guy. I would much rather watch the History Channel, HGTV,TLC, PBS, Christian Shows, etc. There is alot of good on television-you just have to dig for it.
    I feel very sad for those who put all of their adoration into a movie star, singer, or sports figure. They do a job they love, usually it’s not very difficult, or back breaking-and they get paid a riduculous amount of money, most of us will never ever earn anything close to it.
    The Military , stay at home Mom’s,day-care workers, Teachers, etc–they should make the big bucks, oh yes, and Pastor’s.!!
    I don’t watch Oprah, but did the other day. It was about the “Happiest” place on Earth-Finland. It was very interesting. They actually take a job because they love it, not for the money. They almost all make the same amount of money, whether you are a Doctor, plumber, etc. They are all educated and it is paid for by the Gov’t-no poor, no homeless. I would love to live there.
    Keep up the great blogs

  7. Merle says:

    Hi Pastor Mark! I’m new to your blog, but I follow you on T.V. I really enjoy hearing your down to earth messages. I find that it’s so easy to point out egomaniacs like the one’s you have mentioned, but I also try to examine my own life in this area. As a man I am very prone to allowing my own ego to be inflated. In fact I find it the hardest to battle, when I’m trying to be humble. To clarify, my career involves helping others and I love it. I get praise and recognition from others for what I do. I don’t do it for that reason, but it’s nice to be recognized. I am good at what I do as God has blessed me with these talents. Just last week I was called to cross the stage in front of a room full of people to receive recognition, even though I try to tell of how God has blessed me and that it’s only because of Him. Yet as I shake hands and hear how well I’ve done from others, I start to think ” Yep! Merle you’re really good, good job!” Even as I type this it confirms that as a child of God I’m just as vulnerable to this temptation as Jay and Conan! The difference is I recognize it and pray that God will help me overcome it! While He continues to use me as His vessel. May God continue you bless you and your family, as you are a blessing for being obedient to His call in your life. P.S. Don’t let it go to your head LOL!

  8. Cori Jones says:

    Ahh, I gave up on Hollywoodians entirely when the 911 “craze” hit. Somehow, it became all about THEM! I love you Mark for not being afraid to give “ouch moments”, even when it may be what people WANT to hear.

  9. Steve says:

    I said the repentance thing there because I don’t think insulting people makes anyone change but I agree totally that hollywood is not worth watching.I saw a video clip of that guy from Pen and Teller (I don’t know if that’s the right spelling).He is a complete atheist but he said some guy came up to him after his show and complimented him.Then the man gave him a Bible and said he wanted him to have it.Pen or teller(I don’t remember which one he was) said he knew there was no God but also said that this guy was a really, really good man as he almost looked like he was going to cry. He said if you believe God exists,how much do you have to hate someone to not tell them about salvation?This all came from a total atheist.A little off topic but it makes a person think about how people who look like the epitomy of selfishness can be affected by a person who cares about them.

  10. Evelyn Bennett says:

    I will only watch those shows that only attention seek for good causes. (That does not include actual acting shows).

  11. Victoria says:

    “To be noticed by man or to be noticed by God….”
    All I want,is to be noticed by God,I am trying so hard to act godly and in a christian manner…but it is sooo hard when your being bullied by your upstairs neighbors. They follow me upstairs as I walk from room to room,and when I stop to pack my childrens backpacks,they stomp on my head! They call and say it’s too late to watch a movie because it’s 9pm and they can hear it,they steal my garbage bags, dish soap, light bulbs,laundry soap, make-up, and toilette paper. They complain more than once a week to my poor landlord,who is totally stressed about their demands,and accusations.He has a mortgage to pay, and they are being unfair to him and me and my children.I called the police yesterday for the 3rd time since I have lived here, and they can’t do anything.What can Mama Bear do, with my mixed up emotions of anger and stress. I just want to throw a brick through their car window! Thank God for this Blog-pray for me, that this situation will resolve itself in a godly way, pleeeeaaassse!

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