The Dark Night

This message was recorded at our 1397 Buffalo Place campus on April 8, 2012, our Easter celebration.

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2 Responses to The Dark Night

  1. Michelle says:

    That was brilliant. I am sure Pastor mark caught some flack for people on this one! Our family initially had mixed feelings about iT and didn’t want to go to church. I watched Jesus Christ Superstar the night before and decided that this movie was quite controversial for its time too. So I convinced my family that what he was doing might seem controversial and I believed that Pastor Mark is a man who loves God and would not, based on my experience do him, do anything to offend. I also said it is possiblle he may have made a mistake in his choice of genre and asked if it would be okay if he did he did make a mistake. Could we keep our minds open to wherever he is going with this? We agreed that we would go. I can tell you that there was no mistake. It would have been a mistake for us not to have gone. whole thing sure got our family talking and thinking and that was brilliant!! Keep on being yourself Pstor Mark. I certainly love your controversial ness ! God Bless.

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