Rod Bruinooge’s Roxanne’s Law (Further to A CRUEL HOAX ) will face it’s final vote on Dec 15th in the House of Commons.  If you have not signed his online petition please do so immediately and let your voice be heard.  SIGN PETITION HERE

I spent some time reading the Hansard record of the debate on the bill.  It was disturbing that the biggest objection was that many resented having to debate the abortion question and felt it was a closed matter that should never be discussed again.  Even Prime Minister Harper, who attends a bible believing church, says he will not support the bill because he refuses to entertain any attempt to re-open the debate.  What ever happened to freedom of speech and the open exchange of ideas?  The debate NEEDS to be re-opened because at the moment we have no abortion laws whatsoever.  Most thinking people, even non-christians or pro-abortionists, should realize there needs to be some limits on abortion.

In Canada it is legal to abort a baby at 8 months and 29 days of gestation.  As long as that baby is not out of the womb it’s very life is at risk.  It is an unconscionable legal state for a nation to be in and it needs be addressed legislatively sooner rather than later.  Rod’s bill is a responsible first step that should be supported even by the pro-abortionists if they really have any concern for women’s health, which they have argued all along is what motivates them. Unfortunately they are really a murderous lot that believe there is no cost too high to avoid being ‘inconvenienced‘ by an unwanted pregnancy.  Their short-sightedness sets the stage for a scenario where one day our nation could legalize euthanasia of the old and feeble who have become an ‘inconvenience’ to society… and guess what?  They will be the old and feeble.

An update on Birth or Not.  ( A CRUEL HOAX )

The ‘happy’ couple are going to keep the baby.  Personally I regard them as amongst the most irresponsible and despicable parents on the planet and they should have the baby taken away and given to a couple that actually respects human life.  It turned out that most of the votes to have an abortion were fraudulent and 74% of the people that actually voted honestly believed that life was worth preserving.  Maybe there is hope for us yet!

Total votes: 278084
Give Birth: 73.79%      (205,189 votes)
Have an Abortion: 26.21%  (72,895 votes)

This is quite the change from the original vote numbers:

Give Birth 22.37% (448,777 votes)
243,588 Fraudulent votes

Have an Abortion 77.63% (1,557,586 votes)

1,484,691 Fraudulent votes

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29 Responses to ROXANNE’S LAW

  1. Tammy says:

    I used to believe in “Pro Life” but after doing my project on the subject, I see the problems with it. The polar opposites are not pro-life/pro-choice, they are Anti-Choice/Pro-Choice.

    Women ought to be able to choose abortion without being discriminated against.

    Having a male-dominated group (government) decide what women do with their bodies is wrong.

    “No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself” – Friedrich Nietzsche

    It’s not a question of moral Right or Wrong – it’s a question of choice.

    a.) Should a man have any legal rights in determining abortion?

    b.) Should a man be required to get legal consent from his wife before he gets a vasectomy?

    c.) Should a wife (woman) have the right to order her husband to get a vasectomy?

    1. WHERE do we draw the line (as far as the law is concerned) with regards to abortion/deciding NOT to have a baby? Is pulling out ok? Is the birth control pill ok? Is the morning after pill ok? Is abortion ok?

    2. Whose life are we willing to deem as sacred? (we fight for legal rights of an unborn fetus yet we encourage young adults to go off to war.) Is there any “moral” reason that justifies that?

    3. Scenario: You are a woman who had sex (willing or unwilling) with a man and you ended up pregnant because neither of you used any birth control prevention. You live in a country where it is illegal to have an abortion and you are too poor/too restricted to go to another country for the procedure. You have no choice but to carry the fetus to term and you already have enough trouble trying to feed and take care of yourself. You don’t want to have a baby but you have no choice at this point. How will your attitude towards this baby affect his/her life, growth, demeanour, well-being, etc.? …..

    What are the consequences for the way society treats women who have abortions?(doctors have been shot for performing abortions, even more repressing of women…..)

    What about the way our society treats women who have had abortions?” (ex: being labelled a murderer…)

    At what age is someone considered to be a human? To be a person?
    When do you start having rights as a person?

    How do you think a woman who is refused an abortion will care for herself and her pregnant belly?

    • Phil says:

      Tammy I feel compelled to write a response to your post.

      First I notice you chose the terms “Anti-Choice/Pro-Choice” which automatically puts one side (the side you disagree with I note)in a negative manner. If you disagree, try out these terms – Pro-Children/Anti-Children or Pro-Life/Anti-Life and see how you feel about them. Both sides of this debate have chosen their terms deliberately, to not cast themselves in a negative light.

      Second, as far as the law is concerned, women are not discriminated against because they have had an abortion. However I recognize some people will discriminate anyways no matter how illegal.
      So legality is not the answer but morality is.

      Third. “Having a male-dominated group (government) decide what women do with their bodies is wrong.” The viewpoints of most Christians is (or should be) it is not our place to decide but God’s, so it is a moral issue (again) and the Bible is quite clear on it.

      The next several points are a lot trickier ones and these are just a few thoughts of mine, not God’s.
      “Should a man have any legal rights in determining abortion?” I think so since it is also his child. Does not he have a responsibility legally if the woman has the baby? With choices and freedom comes responsibility.
      “Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person who is unwilling to grow up, the person who does not want to carry their own weight, this is a frightening prospect.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

      As for the vasectomy issue all I have to say is that God’s plan was for 1 man and 1 woman to be married til death and my opinion is they should try to come to an agreement on ANY issue in their marriage prior to having to resort to a decision that is not agreed upon.

      Birth control: another hot topic! Prevention is not the same as reaction/consequences. Again both people should decide before they have sex.

      I don’t know of anyone who “encourages” anyone to go to war but there are some things that are important enough to fight and even die for.

      I don’t know too many women who have had an abortion and are willing to talk about it openly but the few there are in my life have regretted it immensely. One has been unmarried all her life, and not totally by choice – 2 guys she was engaged to broke off the engagement when they discovered she could not have kids due to 2 abortions from her younger days. The other said she “murdered her own child. What kind of person does that?” As far as I know noone said anything like this to her, she just felt that way.

      Noone chooses whether they come into this life but we all choose what we do with it.
      I have made lots of bad choices and been forced to regret them. I have also made some good choices and enjoyed the benefits. My hope is to always make the right/best choices and not condemn myself when I make the wrong ones but learn from them.
      “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself” (again by Eleanor Roosevelt) She must have been one smart lady!

    • jdude says:

      Couple of points:

      “Women ought to be able to choose abortion without being discriminated against… Having a male-dominated group (government) decide what women do with their bodies is wrong.”
      As a political science student (and a leaning anarchist) I find the “pro-choice” argument quite weak. You are pro-choice yet you place such faith in the state; that is to say a judicial monopoly, the dictator of choice. Why would you allow such choice to be determined by a judicial monopoly? Further, if you understood limitations that the social contract (theory) places on man’s freedoms, it appears you would view the state as thus illegitimate. The “pro-choice” argument clearly has weak political philosophical foundations.

      “WHERE do we draw the line (as far as the law is concerned) with regards to abortion/deciding NOT to have a baby? Is pulling out ok? Is the birth control pill ok? Is the morning after pill ok? Is abortion ok?”

      Why question the direction of law? Law merely establishes further questions, it continually builds the slippery slope “higher”. For example, the recent cell phone ban will undoubtedly lead to further bans such as bans on reading a newspaper in the car (drastic to highlight the point). Abortion is going to happen regardless of the law, something you appear to recognize.

      “Whose life are we willing to deem as sacred? (we fight for legal rights of an unborn fetus yet we encourage young adults to go off to war.) Is there any “moral” reason that justifies that?”

      I figured you would have a ‘Nietzschean’ answer relating to the ‘Bird of Prey’ analogy and/or the description of the ‘slave revolt against morality’. It appears that you merely copy and pasted the Nietzsche quote without understanding its questionable origins or truly understanding Nietzschean philosophy.

      “At what age is someone considered to be a human? To be a person?”

      Age is a funny pro-choice topic. Heck, pro-choicers would agree that bacterial life found on another planet is life.

  2. Jusuf Adibrata says:

    it’s difficult and tricky ‘issue’. Pro and contra just love to argue without any solution.

    1. I personally will need to draw a silver line between human being versus animal (example chicken). Human being is not food. Chicken is food, beginning from eggs for breakfast to chicken sandwiches and KFC for lunch and dinner.

    2. I believe in Life begins when the sperm and the ovum are united creating a new form of unique individual. (ref.:
    This new form can die just like an adult individual who will die naturally.

    3. As human being living in the mother womb or as we are living in this planet, there’s time for ‘survival’ (including war, sickness, other people mistake etc) that unfortunately can make these human being die … that’s just a part of life.

    I see this issue will benefit to many profession, because there’re need to educate all boys and girls to preserve human being.

  3. Cam says:

    I think that it really isn’t about a persons choices, because after all sexual conduct of people at large has become greatly exagerated through out history. I think the reason people oppose keeping a child stems from a person’s desire not to explore the complete truth. It is said that 80% of the population spend 80% of their lives reacting from prior hurts, hearsay, and fears stemming from prior instances. Never taking the time to explore the situation and determine if what they are deciding to is actually true now. I also think rather then building truth in their lives they are more appted to believe experiences from others who also didn’t build foundational truths.

    I can’t help but recount the words of Joe Vitale who is a famed speaker on the law of attraction, and he saids you always get what you put energy thought and focus into regardless of it being good or bad. And all your prior habits determine what you get.

    In the instance of Roxanne Fernado she was a victim of a boyfriend that was fearful of the repercussions he BELIEVED to be real to him. So adimant was he that he resorted to violence to get his point across. But I can bet he never researched the decision or the idea around keeping the child. But rather thought his honor would be at risk, “what would the world think of him?” yet another example of a miss guided truth, considering 99% of the population never notices anyone with colored hair let along a unplanned pregnancy.

  4. Jasmine says:

    I think we’re talking about two different issues here, one being anti-choice versus pro-choice (which applies to anything in life) and the other being anti-abortion versus pro-abortion (which is a specific topic).

    If you look at what the bible says, a husband and wife are no longer separate beings, they are united as one: “Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator made them male and female, and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and will be united with his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Matthew 19: 4-6

    And I don’t think it is a question of whether or not we have a right to our own bodies because we all have a right to choose, but the real question is whether or not we choose to submit to the other: “It is not the wife who has the rights to her own body, but the husband. In the same way, it is not the husband who has the rights to his own body, but the wife.” 1 Corinthians 7:4

    God gave us all free will, now what will we do with it? Do we continue to defend our rights as individuals or do we surrender our right to ourselves in obedience to God’s will?

    “Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God with your body.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

  5. Sally says:

    The real issue is sin. Abortion is an act to cover up the sin of being “caught” in either an adulterous relationship or a relationship outside of marriage.Everyone knows that adultery and fornication is wrong so No man or woman want to end up having a baby as a result of these relationships. It points to their sin. This society will go great lengths to cover it up. Abortion is a means of covering over the fact that we have disobeyed God’s laws. It has also become a form of birth control.

  6. Janet says:

    We, as Christians, have misrepresented our Saviour. We’ve forgotten that it was for women who have had an abortion that He died. We’ve forgotten that he ate with those who were rejected and hated by the religious elite.

    We, as Christians, should be very careful about standing tall on our moral soapboxes. Jesus Christ knew, and knows, our humanity. Whether couples hide their sin through abortion or we hide our sin through attending church regularly – really doesn’t matter much. It is time, as Christians, we humble ourselves understanding that it is through LOVE that healing begins.

    Frank Schaeffer and his father began the “Pro-Life Movement” and he admits it has developed into a religious right monster – dividing us.

    It is God’s job to judge, the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, it is our job to love. [Billy Graham]

  7. Sally says:

    Speaking from experience, I know that God does and will forgive all those who have had abortions; but just because God is a loving God and does forgive sin does not mean that as Christians we are to hide our faces in the sand and and not take a stand against it.
    There is a big difference between judging and speaking out against injustice. We are to be the voice of those who can’t speak for themselves. We are also speaking for the women who are being influenced by society that this is an ok thing to do. They are under a beguiling deceiving spirit as well. We definitely are not condemning them as they too are victims.

  8. Steve says:

    I agree with you on that Sally. Christians need to take a stand. But like I’ve droned on a hundred times before, how can Christians take a meaningful stand when we are deluded in so many other ways? We do not treat the poor properly. We hold people with high end jobs in higher respects. The Bible tells us if we do this we are judges with evil intentions. We use our money to commercialise Christianity instead of letting the Holy Spirit truly do His work in our hearts and in our churches. We listen to false doctrine on a daily basis(prosperity gospel) and we forget our first love leaving Him in the back as we spew our own agendas above His agenda. He has a plan and we are doing everything humanly possible to figure out how to make this plan work except we forgot to allow Jesus Christ to pour that plan into our hearts. His ways are better than our ways. We will learn willingly or God will allow us to learn the hard way. Why don’t we just let Him tell us what to do instead of telling Him how we’re going to make His kingdom prosper? Let’s all get right with our Creator first and then maybe our fight will mean something.

  9. Steve says:

    Just so you know that last comment was not made against you Pastor Mark or Church of the Rock. It’s just something I notice in churches all over the place. And I think the petition is great. God bless you and your church in the fight against abortion. And I pray God uses Church of the Rock in a mighty way.

  10. Sally says:

    It seems to me Steve that the Christians you know and are hanging around with are a sorry bunch. Most of the Christians I know are much more likeable and on the right track. Most I know are out there helping the poor, feeding the hungry and looking after their fellow man. We Christians may not have all our ducks in a row but there sure are a bunch of us doing our best to follow the Lord and his ways. If you look at the 3rd world countries you will find it is the Christians that are out there giving them a hand. And a lot of these prosperity Christians are the ones giving there money to help those less fortunate than themselves. If you look past your cynacism you will find some truly wonderful believers out there!

  11. Janet says:

    Sally misses the point, completely. It was never implied that Christ followers should not stand for injustices. The point is that in the process of standing up for injustices, we Christians have yelled hatred and condemnation. Praise God for Roxanne’s Law. Finally, a constructive approach to a dividing problem.

    While we Christians live in our Christian bubble…..there are non-believers out there repulsed at the Christianity they see in the form of Anti-Abortion Protests, hatred against homosexuals and self-righteous behaviour. (All of this is a generalization because I am well aware that not everyone is a bad apple) They do not see love. May we, as Christ followers, follow his example which is to be more interested in redemption than condemnation. While yelling in protest to “protect those who don’t have a voice” we have lost our redemptive message and communicate the condemnation message. That is the point.

  12. Steve says:

    Sally,I do have some cynacysm, I must agree. I just seem to be one of those black and white kind of dudes. I think alot of what I said is true, but there is probably some things I could work on in my thinking. God bless.

  13. Sally says:

    Nothing wrong with being “black and white” Steve as long as it is tempered through the eyes of God’s love, seeing people as Jesus does.
    Just another comment on this subject.I think there are a lot of people who say they are “Christian” and do a lot of things that dishonour the name of Christ, but are they really Christian? To my way of thinking they are just “religious” or at best misguided baby Christians.
    And unfortunately, the liberal media likes to portray Christians as these arrogant insensitive self righteous buffoons who are just out to malign and take advantage of people. And yes I know that there are those fellow believers who have fallen and caused dishonour to the Body of Christ but that is not the norm.On the whole most of us are just your average person trying to serve the Lord the best way we can.
    The media have done there best to paint us in a bad light whether it is true or not. You can get two homosexuals holding up a placard saying they are being discriminated against and it will make front pages of newspapers and television; while on the other hand you have thousands of Christians gathering together to do random acts of kindness for their city and you won’t even see one line of coverage anywhere. And believe it or not after awhile if you hear the negative often enough you will be influenced to believe the negative. What better way to keep us Christians separated and at odds with one another. How can we be unified if we are constantly pointing out each others faults. Jesus’ last words to us were be one as the Father and I are one.
    I still have much hope. The true body of Christ are the ones out there in the trenches doing what Christ actually did. There is rising up a group of people who are sold out for the cause of Christ willing to give up their lives for Him. And yes maybe the North American church is lagging in its stand but we can’t give up and paint the whole bunch with the same label.
    Thankfully I am seeing so many Christians loving their fellow man with God’s love. And as a result many people are coming to the Lord! Praise God!

  14. Amanda says:

    Have we stopped to think about the situation that perhaps these ladies are in? While I’m sure the point about terminating a birth at 8 months, 29 days was made to illustrate the lack of law – I wonder about compassion.

    Compassion for the woman struggling with the idea that she will soon be responsible for bringing life into this world. A daunting thought for anyone – even couples who have been planning and wanting a baby for years.

    I don’t ever think that one comes to Abortion as a solution without much thought. But perhaps we need to step back and as WHY abortion is their choice. And – if done late in the pregnancy, I have to wonder why again. And perhaps rather than judge and mar them we reach out a helping hand and try to understand them. And above all HELP HEAL them after having made a decision that WILL affect them for the rest of their life.

    I think generally, we need to stop being a reactive society, and work harder, be more compassionate and become a proactive society.

    • Jim says:

      I agree completely, abortion is never an option NEVER…God creates life, and only God can take it Christians we should be very angry at abortions conducted, as, to my thinking, this is the most heinous form of human behaviour, and degradation, which violates the most sacred trust between a mother/woman and the child in her womb..if that trust is broken human life has no more value..which is what we are seeing in society now. Unfortunately, the big churches are rather quiet on this and other terrible social issues..I guess this is because they do not want to upset governments, for fear they will take away their tax exemption status..sad,but by this practise government actually controls churches…time the churches broke out of this they can speak independently from government…

  15. Mark Hughes says:

    Compassion? There is a long list of couples waiting to adopt a baby that will take it in a heartbeat. This is a no-brainer. Abortion should never even be on the table as an option.

  16. Amanda says:

    Thanks for proving my point about there being a lack of compassion Mark. Is a couple really going to want to adopt a baby that has been born from a mother who didn’t fully understand the special care that she needed to take care of herself, because she was forced to have a baby that she could not care for. Some of these women may barely be able to feed themselves, or take care of themselves as it is. Let alone the extra care that is needed for a pregnant woman. No one can deny the emotional and mental turmoil that a women considering abortion goes through. While yes, a man should be able to give his opinion, in our society the man can very easily walk away and have nothing to do with the life after its made.

    Also, there are PLENTY of children in our adoption system that aren’t babies. If those parents unable to conceive children on their own want a child, then perhaps they wouldn’t be so concerned about wanting a brand new baby. I personally have been involved with the foster care system and there are incredible children out there who will never know what it’s like to have a family because they aren’t a baby. And perhaps some of these children come from mothers who felt forced to carry a baby to full-term and take care of it, and since, there is no compassion, if any of their children are ever put into this situation they would choose to abort because they know first hand what it’s like to be born to a mother who wasn’t able to take care of them. Perhaps I’m wrong, but compassion could very well be what helps stop Abortion, by CHOICE and education, not by law.

    • Leanne says:

      In response to Amanda’s comments: “Is a couple really going to want to adopt a baby that has been born from a mother who didn’t fully understand the special care that she needed to take care of herself, because she was forced to have a baby that she could not care for. Some of these women may barely be able to feed themselves, or take care of themselves as it is. Let alone the extra care that is needed for a pregnant woman.”

      Yes. Twice. There is a reason for each and every conception. Even these children, who often are born with many strikes against them, are precious. There ARE people (and I personally know many) who are willing to adopt these children.

      If you feel these children are better off being terminated and killed, then you need to spend five minutes with my two adopted kids and you would likely feel differently.

  17. Sally says:

    Yes Amanda women would give their eye teeth to have a baby to adopt. Most women dream of holding a baby in their arms from the time they are young girls. God has uniquely placed that longing in their hearts. Look in the Word of God and you will see the story’s of many women who longed for a baby. And would go great lengths to receive one. The story of Sarah being one of them. And no they don’t care where the baby comes from. Even today in China women are hiding themselves from the authorities so they can have another child. Unfortunately, in China they don’t care if you are two weeks away from birth, they induce you and kill your live baby anyway as they did to one poor unfortunate mother. There they have no choice to have a second child and here we are willingly wanting to kill our children. How beguiled and misled we now are, all for the sake of freedom.
    It amazes me at how hardened women have come in this day and age. We don’t hestitate to kill our own off spring all for the lie of womans liberation. Unfortunately the womans movement to free women which started out with some decent aspirations has now become a millstone around our necks. It has killed the dream of the young girl to want to be a mother and replaced it with the desire to kill her offspring all for the sake of being right in her own eyes and mans eyes. However it is not man that we will face on judgment day, it is a Holy God asking and what did you do to stand up for those who are being led away to slaughter. As for me I want to be on God’s side.

  18. Harry says:

    I guess it is not only the prime minister that doesn’t want to debate this issue.

  19. Evelyn Bennett says:

    The fact remains I have been in the presence of women who have felt guilty when they miscarried. This isn’t even making the choice of an abortion. Can you imagine the impact it would be on one’s mental health for their remaining days on earth. You carry that burden for the rest of your life until you lay it down at Jesus’s feet. Are you truly living life then knowing that another’s life could have been spared?

  20. Jasmine says:

    Amanda, your question: “Is a couple really going to want to adopt a baby that has been born from a mother who didn’t fully understand the special care that she needed to take care of herself, because she was forced to have a baby that she could not care for. Some of these women may barely be able to feed themselves, or take care of themselves as it is. Let alone the extra care that is needed for a pregnant woman.” doesn’t seem relevant when you think about the majority of pregnant women in this world who do not have access to good health care and other social services, good nutrition and fresh water and yet they choose to keep their babies.

    I was born in a poor country and my mother lived on grapes during the entire pregnancy. “Special care” flew out the window even though I was planned and wanted. I was born weighing 4 and 1/2 pounds (and I was overdue) and my mother is glad that she had me, even without access to “special care”.

    I am certain there are many couples out there who would be overjoyed to accept the gift of a child no matter how well – or not- the mother was able to take care of herself.

  21. Sally says:

    Well they voted! Round one is over but like Wilbur Wilberforce there will be round 2, 3 or more until this law will be passed. In the meantime, we keep on praying for righteousness to return to our land! We say a big thank you to Rod bruinooge for all of his effort in trying to get this bill passed!

  22. Victoria says:

    I wanted to find out when the first abortion was done so I looked it up and was extremely surprised!

    The first recorded evidence of induced abortion, is from the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus in 1550 BC.

    [3] A Chinese record documents the number of royal concubines who had abortions in China between the years 500 and 515 BC.

    [4] According to Chinese folklore, the legendary Emperor Shennong prescribed the use of mercury to induce abortions nearly 5000 years ago.

    [5] Many of the methods employed in early and primitive cultures were non-surgical.
    Physical activities like strenuous labor, climbing, paddling, weightlifting, or diving were a common technique.
    [6] Others included the use of irritant leaves, fasting, bloodletting, pouring hot water onto the abdomen, and lying on a heated coconut shell.

    Soranus, a 2nd century Greek physician, recommended abortion in cases involving:

    health complications

    as well as emotional immaturity, and provided detailed suggestions in his work Gynecology.

    Diuretics, emmenagogues, enemas, fasting, and bloodletting were prescribed as safe abortion methods, although Soranus advised against the use of sharp instruments to induce miscarriage, due to the risk of organ perforation.

    He also advised women wishing to abort their pregnancies to engage in energetic walking, carrying heavy objects, riding animals, and jumping so that the woman’s heels were to touch her buttocks with each jump, which he described as the “Lacedaemonians Leap.”

    Now I think our doctors of today would have a hard time getting paid for prescribing “Lacedaemonians Leap”,don’t you?

    Perhaps the real issue is how much money they can legally make?

    I am not sure,but they woman that chooses an abortion no matter how natural,still has to be haunted by what “might have been”. She knows it is wrong-her heart tells her. And who are we to control what her direction in life will take? This might be why we find babies in garbage bags in BFI bins.

    God in heaven please educate us and help us to have a clear understanding,for all sides of this issue.

  23. K. Ross says:

    Roxanne provides that after abortion, euthanasia. That made me see abortion in a more favourable light. I cannot understand why a God who has provided free will as an option would not expect us to choose very different things from one another without placing blame on one another or villanizing anyone.Birth and death are entry and exit experiences and neither should be feared.

  24. Mark Hughes says:

    That may be the most ridiculous statement posted here yet. How about because there is such a thing as right and wrong? The greatest evil is shedding innocent blood.
    I bet you would learn to fear death real quick if someone threatened to beat you senseless with a wrench.

  25. c w says:


    I would just like to thank the blog writer for taking the time to support the law, and remember Roxanne. I knew Roxanne personally, and knew what a good hearted person she was.

    Having said that, it is unfortunate the bill did not pass. However, there are people that are in discussion to build a memorial for Roxanne in the Winnipeg area. She was a remarkable person, and deserves to be remembered in Canada.

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