Last week’s blog saw a great debate in the comments section on Halloween.  Battle lines were clearly drawn and few were neutral on whether Halloween is inherently evil or not.  Thanks to all who participated.  This week I would like to pursue the subject of resident evil a little further.  A couple of decades ago Frank Peretti wrote a novel called This Present Darkness.  It was a huge best seller in Christian circles and sold over 2 1/2 million copies even though it was an absolutely dreadful piece of literature.  In fact, it might be the most poorly written book I have ever read.  It had terrible dialogue, weak character development and a disjointed plot.  But what it did do was introduce us to a look beneath the surface as to what the world might look like if you could see how the natural world and the spiritual world interact.  It was a great concept for a novel… too bad Peretti couldn’t write worth spit.

The story was set in the fictional town of Ashton and unfolded as a tale of how demons were trying to run angels out of town so that new age philosophies could be introduced into the local college. Despite the book’s inadequacies it accomplished the task of opening the eyes of Christians to the powers of darkness that lurk beneath the surface of our present age.  I am certainly not one for looking for demons under every rock, but the bigger problem today is that many fail to see them anywhere.  French poet Charles Pierre Baudelaire once said, “The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist?”

I really don’t want to re-open the Halloween debate but my biggest frustration is with Christian parents that cannot see how dressing our kids as ninjas and letting them go door to door could possibly be anything other than adorable.  Is it possible that we could be sowing the seeds in our children that there is nothing wrong with a little entry level paganism?  Look at how Harry Potter introduced an entire generation to soft core sorcery.   At some level do we start to sanitize witchcraft and the occult at an early age so that if they are confronted with something really sinister later in life they won’t even recognize it for what it is?   The house around the corner from me was decorated like a cemetery for Halloween.  It had a skulls and ghouls and tombstones.  I am pretty sure it was not the actual gate to Hell, but it sure looked like it.  Sure, you could have your kids take a pass on that house, but that is not what happened.  It was the most visited house on the block.  It drew kids like a magnet.  The tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the midst of the Garden of Eden had the same enticing effect.  Evil is usually tantalizing, not repellent.

Let’s try to move the discussion in another direction.  My question is; at what point do we end up entertaining evil spirits through our adult amusements?  What we know from scripture is that there was a war in heaven between Lucifer and his angels and Michael and his angels. (Rev 12)  Michael defeated Lucifer and cast him and one third of the angels down to the earth… not to Hell.  These fallen angels became demons and are loose on earth.  The simple math tells us that somewhere in the cosmos there are two angels for every one demon.  When Jesus walked the earth He made no bones about the existence of evil spirits.  One quarter of His ‘healings’ actually were deliverances where He cast evil spirits out of people.  These people ranged from the wildly crazy Madman of Gadara, to people who looked like they were just sick, to children who were deaf, mute or epileptic.  This should give us pause to think that many of the things we see around us are not psychological or medical at their root but demonic.

For me an even more fascinating example is in Matthew 16.  Jesus asks the disciples who people think He is.  Peter responds, “You are the Christ the Son of the living God”. Jesus is genuinely impressed.  “Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but my Father in Heaven”. Peter is pumped.  He got one right and was finally tracking with the Master.   Six verses later, count em six, Peter rejects Jesus plan to suffer and go to the cross.  “But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men.” (Matt 16:23).  Ouch!  One minute he was hearing from God and the next he was hearing the voice of  Satan himself.

What we learn from this story is how easily demons can influence our thinking, words and actions.  If Frank Peretti over-emphasized the role of demons in our world, most Christians have under-emphasized it.  The bible refers to the day we live as “this present evil age”.  No, it is not all evil, but because evil spirits are still loose in the earth, any time we entertain them we invite them to bring mayhem into our lives.

Anyone who has travelled the third world quickly becomes aware of the resident evil that holds these cultures in bondage.  Hindu India is under an intense spiritual bondage that effects almost every aspect of their society.  You cannot worship 330 million different gods and not invite demons to dinner.  (In reality it is not really known how many Hindu gods there are, but it is a lot.)  Unless you have actually been there in person and witnessed it you really have no basis in which to argue that what they are doing is not worshipping demons.

The animism in Africa, spiritism in Latin America or  Buddhism of Asia are all deeply rooted in the same.   The AIDS crisis in Africa has a prevailing spiritual root.  The witch doctors tell HIV positive men that the only way to be cured from the disease is to sleep with a virgin.  This immoral demonically influenced ignorance succeeds only in producing another AIDS victims.  Two million Africans die of AIDS every year leaving behind another 2.5 million new AIDS orphans.   That is the fruit of just one of the faces of evil.  I won’t even get into the tribal genocide that has been seen in many of these same countries.

If we think these same kind of doorways to the demonic do not exist in western culture you have to look no further than what is happening with internet pornography.  Pornography leads men (mostly) down a destructive path of sexual fantasy that will ensnare their lives, ruin their marriage, family, career and in the case of child pornography land them in jail.  Serial rapist/murderer Ted Bundy told Dr James Dobson that his dark murderous rampage all began with soft core pornography that lead him down the most vile of paths.  Too often we miss the important caution signs along the way.

The faces of evil that we worship in our culture look nothing like Krishna or Kali or Ganesha.  They look more like Captain Morgan (alcohol), Mary Jane (drugs), Hugh Hephner (porn), Goldman Sachs (greed), Harry Potter (sorcery), Quintin Tarantino(Hollywood immorality), Henry Morgenthaler (abortion), Ellen DeGeneres (homosexuality), Dungeons and Dragons (internet occult), Grand Theft Auto (internet violence),etc. etc. etc.  Make no mistake about it, the demon gods that hold us in bondage are no different in our culture, we just call them by different names.

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  1. Bruno says:

    hmm, I really hope I’m not hijacking or imposing a start-up tone by being the first to respond to those posts 🙂

    Although this time, I won’t be saying anything that opposes your post but rather complement it.

    First, I’d like to say that I love reading a vast variety of books and love watching a vast variety of movies, from Tarentino to obscure deep Korean dramas, but most importantly is that I played games since I was a little kid… all of that within a Christian family where my parents are still married today.

    I don’t know if I’d make you raise an eyebrow (well you’re a very articulate person, so probably 🙂 ) but I’d say that all of this strenghtened my faith in God. Why? Because I was able to visualize and have my parents show me the line between “reality” and “make-belief” by seeing everything, I could see what is real and what is not.

    So I’ll cut it short so that my reply is not the only one you read, but basically, I think it’s up to the parent to teach the kid what is acceptable in our world and what isn’t, because if they don’t, if they simply try to hide all the Harry Potters and all the movies with a nipple, then it makes the thing more powerful, the kid will be drawn more toward the “forbidden” they’ll start believing that this “forbidden” must be amazing and when they do find it, they’ll be lost in it because their memories has made them link that what is forbidden is amazing.

    Teach them what is right and wrong, so that they choose what is right, instead of only showing what is right in fear that they start wondering what’s wrong all about.

    I… hope, I make sense. I’m really glad your post incites conversations, it’s really interesting to see points of view.

  2. Victoria says:

    Your newly upgraded website….C’est tres chic!
    I am starting to understand your point about halloween…and how it may plant a seed in a young persons mind, regarding the occult.
    If your running to the corner store to buy milk,and your 2 feet from the door before you realize you already have milk,sometimes its easier to just buy more milk.

    I bought more milk this year.

    Besides that,I absolutely agree with you regarding the faces of evil that appears to our culture as “artistic expression”,whether it be movies,novels,or music.
    Obviously you seem to know which ones are the dead-on advertisements for sin, because as you stated you have seen and read a few of them,thus enabling yourself to make an informed decision.
    How can we teach our kids and ourselves to make informed decisions without exposing ourselves/themselves to the “dark side.”
    My personal teaching tool for my kids was “Star Wars”. I metaphorically refer to our ways of living as “Jedi”.
    Just,and righteous,fighting for good every day.But the devil caught on,because I was ordering t-shirts on-line from this t-shirt business, and they had t-shirts that said “Come to the Dark side-we have cookies.”This was written in the traditional Star Wars font to lure kids into thinking it was cool. I would never get my kid this shirt,but I wonder how many people would?
    It IS up to me to explain why my son can not have a shirt like this…right?
    Censorship isn’t necessarily the answer,but teaching exactly HOW the manipulation of our minds(and others) will take place, if we indulge in such stupidity.

  3. G says:

    Bruno: 1 Corinthians 10:23

    23 “I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything”—but not everything is constructive. 24 No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.

    To say that banning kids from something will make it more attractive is only an effective arguement if you simply ban it without explanation. I have told my kids that they are not to read “harry potter” or see the movies BECAUSE it is a potential gateway to greater evil. I did not simply bar them from reading, I explained why. When we refuse our kids something we should explain the reasons for that or we do cause them to wonder what the great mystery is. It’s like Cheif Wiggam from the simpsons said “why is there so much fascination in my forbidden closet of mystery?” Your arguement that hiding “bad movies” behind a nipple loses substance when you explain to your children why they shouldn’t see a particular movie or read a particular avenue of novels.

    While you may not have been negatively influenced by your choice of reading material you must still consider the example you give and leave for people around you who may not be aware of your level of ability to discern between fantasy and reality. Perhaps a preteen sees you in church and then sees you in the theater coming out of a violent movie, they might make a connection and think that “it’s alright for him so it’s alright for me” We’re commanded to govern our actions so that we don’t negatively influence other, less mature christians:
    1 Corinthians 8:9 (New International Version)

    9 Be careful, however, that the exercise of your rights does not become a stumbling block to the weak.

    Personally I don’t buy the implied arguement that the reading material and movies you choose to watch have no impact on you because you can see

    “the line between “reality” and “make-belief” by seeing everything, I could see what is real and what is not.”

    Everything we take in impacts us in some way and while it may not be a profound impact, it chips away at our attitudes and lessens our “tenderness” building callouses in our hearts and minds. I would strongly encourage you to examine why these movies and novels appeal to you and see if it truly brings glory to God in your life.
    None of what I’ve said is intended in any way to be perceived as a personal attack but rather to try to illuminate your attitude towards your choice of entertainment and your arguements in favor of allowing our children to be exposed to whatever the world is offering. We know that this world is plagued with demons and satanic influences, how could we possibly believe that the entertainment world would be a haven of safety from this? If anything, this is the front line of Satans battleground.
    I welcome your rebuttal

  4. Katie Emond says:

    I would like to thank you for sharing your true thoughts and feels on this matter! I agree with you. It’s takes a lot as a pastor to stand up and voice this. it would be a lot easier to leave it alone. so consider this a “thumbs up” and a “like”

    However I also feel at the same time it it important for us as parents to explain to our children why we are doing the things we are doing. I feel they have a right to know and should have a chance to ask questions and share their thoughts. I want to know what my children think about these things. I remember watching videos in youth that had turned me off from halloween. I plan to educate my children on every holiday.

  5. Lana says:

    I think my mom’s constant encouragement to my sisters and me as we were growing up was bang on: if you have to justify something that you’re doing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. That niggling feeling that you have to try to reason away is the Holy Spirit.

  6. Jane says:

    I think your pulling your punches Mark. Why do people call themselves Christians yet behave in the same manner as every other person. They go to the same shows, listen to the same music, etc. Nothing sets them apart from an atheist. Does anyone even ask would Christ approve of our past times would he spend his time like we do? Can you really see him dressing up kids on halloween and say it’s cute. Keeping up on the times is a cop out. Doing what you want cause you think you know whats real and whats not is just giving yourself permission to be weak and immoral.

  7. Bruno says:

    “Doing what you want cause you think you know whats real and whats not is just giving yourself permission to be weak and immoral.”

    Although Mark will be better than me on giving his opinion on the matter, I think it’s also worth not dismissing other people who, in a personal opinion,are doing something wrong. Although you may not have referenced my statement and just meant it as your own, I think the same action done by two different people could have two different outcomes.

    Let’s take for instance “owning a boat.” I don’t own one and don’t want one, but I can think of Christian people who would like to own one and there lies a road split in twain. One person who owns a boat simply because he loves fishing to make his job easier or for simple leisure, is fine; the person who wants to own a boat to boast toward his neighbors, isn’t.

    I might be doing too farfetched of references, but what I ultimately mean is that, yes certain actions such as premeditated murder has no gray area, immoral things are immoral; however, other ones depend not on what they depict but how they affect your soul through your desire. It’s not the “owning” of the boat, it’s the “effect of owning” the boat.

  8. Mulinde M. says:

    Thank you Pastor Mark.

    Ephesians 6:12 – For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

  9. Steve says:

    All I have to say is WRONG! I’m not mad, just a little zealous when it comes to this topic. Jesus loves all the brothers and sisters and that’s why He got ticked off at people. He burned for God’s temple. He knew what supposedly little sin led to and big sin led to. They both led people to hell! Why do you think God threw Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden. Eating an apple doesn’t sound like such a horrible thing. Yet look at the horrific consequences of their sin. Billions of people are going to hell for eternity not to mention all the murder, rape, insest, war, famine, devastation,pornography,lying, theiving,sickness and whatever else. All because two people ate an apple they weren’t supposed to.
    In Ezekial, the Lord showed Ezekial the sins that the Isrealites were doing in the temple. But the glory of God was still there. Even though we sin and displease God, God still waits patiently for us to repent. But later on the glory of the Lord departed. His patience was over.
    We need to look at the little sins and hate them just as much as the sin of murder or the sin of rape. I agree with Pastor Mark that our world in Canada has just as many gods as other third world countries. God bless.

  10. Gord says:

    This is a subject I’ve been thinking a lot about lately; all the faces of Satan in our midst. Things like how how words like, “that’s karma, man” so easily roll off the tongues of those who have discounted the teachings of Christianity. Things like Santa Claus.

    Yes Santa Claus. Isn’t he supposed to be the embodiment of goodness? Beloved around the world? Based on Saint Nicholas?

    Maybe not. I grew up in a household that would loosely define themselves as Christian, at least in a survey or census. But strong Christian teachings? Not really. We were taught to be honest. We were taught right from wrong. But it wasn’t necessarily Christian.

    When I was little, I believed in Santa, and that was encouraged. But when I was ten or so, I began to see Santa was a so-called white lie. A fantasy for children. And when the concept of Santa died in my mind, there was nothing, no faith, in my heart.

    Think about it. Santa was watching me, seeing if I was good or bad. He knew was I was doing, even what I was thinking ……. and he would judge me and give me either a lump of coal or a shiny new toy.

    So Santa was essentially a false idol, and I worshipped him. Then he disappeared from from my heart and I had nothing left. I can’t help but feel that even though Santa seems innocent enough, the whole idea has done me and many other children a horrible disservice at the very least. At worst, he is a diabolical creation of Satan. Trouble is, children end up being adults, and they have perpetrated this fraud, thinking it harmless.

    This line of thought may seem like sacrilege, how can I attack the jolly old fellow? I found this video that captures some of what I’m saying.

    What do you think?

  11. Bruno says:

    But Steve, just to be sure what you’re referring to

    Wrong on what?

    Are you saying that watching a violent movie is always wrong?

    Even owning a boat?

    Or playing a sport that cost lots of money?

    Not trying to be a smart aleck here, but just trying to show the perspective and understand what you actually mean?

  12. Steve says:

    Sorry dude,
    I just meant about what the Bible calls sin. I know we all have areas that the Lord is working on. But if there’s a movie or video game that we know we would not sit down with Jesus and watch then it’s probably not something we should be watching or playing. Jeremiah 17:9 I think is the verse that says the human heart is decietfully wicked and that no one can trust it. That’s why we need to read our Bible and judge our actions according to the word of God.
    I wasn’t refering to the boat thing, just the notion that we can make decisions on our own without basing it on the word of God. God bless bro.

  13. Bruno says:

    Right, we’re on the same line, there 🙂

    Communication always makes things easier

  14. Bruno says:

    Hey G,

    Your posts seem to have surprisingly appeared all of a sudden, I’m not making this up, the post count was 8… and suddenly jumped 13 in two hours… yet it seems you replied yesterday.

    So, just to say that I wasn’t ignoring your answer to me, I just didn’t see it.

    That’s the nice thing about talking between Christians. I didn’t take anything you said as personal attacks and believe me when I say that I reply and write as calmly as anyone can be.

    I entirely agree with you that everything can affect you in a way or another, that there’s plenty of corrupted things in the world and the entertainment area is certainly as corrupted as the rest. I think the distinction that I tried to get to but probably failed to voice was that certain things may look tainted to one but fine to another, all depending on how they process thing.

    Let me… hmm.. try another example, since I think we see things the same way but just speak it differently. For some people, reading the Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a horror and I tend to agree, I have no interest to do so. I remember a Christian friend who told me that he was interested in reading the book to see how a man of great evil “thought” to better understand the workings of a very dangerous mind. While some people would be rightfully horrified, others could actually learn valuable things that will make a change in their heart. As such, I’m sure there’s very violent movies whose violence would actually make the viewer aware of greater things that will make him lead a better life. It may come from the unlikeliest of place, but it may start events beyond our control.

    Once again, I want to reiterate that, yes, that just like the apple that God said to avoid, there are things that are black or white and that yes, this isn’t a free pass to watch and do all the filth of the world, but do you agree that some elements that can appear wrong to one can actually be beneficial to others?

    I hope I make sense in my conversation and greatly love this thread.

  15. Victoria says:


    “Some elements that appear wrong to one can actually be beneficial to others.”

    I disagree.Smut is smut-pornography allows some men a healthy release, free of the risk of disease, which can be perceived from one level as “beneficial”
    .. But on another level, it brainwashes the viewer into a false reality of expectations when it comes time to share with their partner.
    There IS a mental disorder/disease that does not have visible symptoms called Porn Creep-it freezes the ability to have intimacy with actual PEOPLE. So I guess the devil wins here because he entices and THEN eventually removes the pleasure you originally thought you had.

  16. Bruno says:

    No, you’re not fully listening to my point…

    I did say exactly wht you said.
    “there are things that are black or white”

    Here, let’s keep it short.

    Smut Pornography is bad

    Owning a boat is fine for the guy who just wanted leisure and is bad for the guy who wanted to boast to his friends about it.

    And in such, owning a boat could have two different outcomes depending on what the person’s intention is heart were.

  17. Bruno says:

    hmm no edit button,

    Victoria, maybe if I say it the other way around, you’ll agree with me. Since I do agree with you that there is things that have no gray area.

    There’s plenty of things that are “okay” that could be “evil” if the intentions in your heart are different

    +Owning a car
    +Owning a TV
    +Having your kids play hockey

    All of these things CAN be just fine for any Christian out there, but any of these examples COULD be evil if the intentions in your heart are not at the right place.


  18. Mark Hughes says:

    “Owning a boat is fine for the guy who just wanted leisure and is bad for the guy who wanted to boast to his friends about it.”

    No, owning a boat is always good no matter what the reason. You need to find another example.

  19. Victoria says:

    I think we need to move on from this point.
    You can explain it a million ways to someone that already “GETS” it,(me 🙂 ) or we can take this to another level:

    *We can learn to teach ourselves and our children “how to define evil in our everyday lives….”

    (pastor Mark could probably teach us a few tricks)…as the only GRAY areas in our lives,
    are the filmy veils of personal justification.
    Not many people can admit they were wrong about something, instead they just try to justify what they may be doing,by making up an excuse that seems logical, but at the end of the day, is not really Godly.

    I am writing a book for our children based on the successes and failures my husband and I have lived through.Giving the next generations a heads up explaining how to combat the dev**, will give our world a FRESH and STRONG advantage!

    I think we may be forgetting that we as a people EVOLVE. We get smarter, because some men,women,and children, suffered,and we are able learn from their experiences.
    Gods children will continue to get smarter:
    but the dev** is always up to the same old tricks.
    It’s up to US,fellow bloggers!

  20. Christie Braun says:

    Harry Potter is one thing, but if we are talking demons, then the creator is the name to emaphasize – JK ROWLING. (as in rowling in the dough) Always the big smile on her, eh?

    Great job Web site!
    For the Church of the rock the world is a safer place. Thank You.

  21. Sally says:

    Whatever becomes our idol is wrong no matter what flag it flies under eg: love of money, pride etc.,because it takes us away from our First Love.Jesus Christ, God the Father and Holy Spirit! He is a jealous God and wants our total devotion.
    I am glad you brought this subject up Pastor Mark because I see the how so many people, even Christians, who are under such deception and who are ignorant of how the enemy operates.
    With the rise of Harry Potter,vampire movies etc the dark side is being glorified and protrayed as good. As the Bible says in the last days “evil shall be called good and good evil” Even now we are seeing more and more of the attacks on our Judeo-Christian values and morals and it may be soon that we ourselves will soon be severely suffering persecution for our stand for good. We are in the last days, or at the very least,in the begining of them. As more and more people get involved in the occult, more and more demons are released into the world to take part in the tribulation against us believers. Our only hope is knowing who we are in Christ,knowing what we are up against and to know what our weapons are and how to use them against all increasing demonic activity. In your blog you mentioned that the greatest lie satan has ever perpetuated was that he was not real and I believe the second one is that demons can’t hurt you!
    Thanks Pastor Mark for once again provoking us to think and for exposing the truth about evil!

  22. Victoria says:

    I don’t agree with you that “God is a jealous God”-God is LOVE-he is an example of how we should act.

    And I am starting to get a little irritated at the fact that “US Christians”are being referred to as “ignorant” all throughout this blog.
    We are not a stupid bunch-we are all smart enough to have a discussion on-line about how we can better the world for ourselves and everyone in it, Christian or not.
    God is love,God is love, God is love!

  23. Victoria says:

    The Christ of God to glorify,
    His grace in us to magnify;
    His Word of life to all make known—
    Be this our work, and this alone. —Whittle

    “Let your testimony be written in large enough letters so the world can always read it.”


  24. Karen says:

    VICTORIA,maybe you need to read the bible before you make a comment!”You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God” (Exodus 20:4-5).

  25. Sally says:

    The dictionary definition of the word “ignorant” is is simply “lack of knowledge of”. God in His Word says that “my people perish for lack of knowledge. He is speaking to us, His people.
    I believe the biggest reason that we are lacking in knowledge is that we are not in the Word enough. We are instructed to be in the Word so that we can give a timely word in due season and to learn how wield the Word as a sword. We can only do this by studying to show ourselves approved. This takes time reading and meditating on the Word(the Bible)until it becomes part of our character and nature. And this takes a deliberate, concentrated effort on our part. If we don’t plan it you can rest assured that the enemy will see to it that we are so busy and distracted by the cares of this world that we will not have time to accomplish it! I just want to encourage everyone keep reading your Bible. It is so worth it!

  26. Victoria says:

    just because I can’t quote sections of the bible, does not give you the right to censor my opinion.

    I admit I have not read the bible completely through, but I didn’t realize that this was a pre-requisite in order to make a comment.

    Is it pastor Mark?

    Perhaps I misunderstood your reference to “making an idol out of anything”, and simply dislike the word “jealous”.
    I am trying to grow spiritually everyday,but I will admit, reading the bible from front to back has never been my priority…I have 3 kids,have moved to 3 different cities, and am always busy.
    But that has not stopped me from following and teaching the basic 10 commandments to my family. I am actively using these laws in my everyday life.And I have an strong personal relationship with god.My intentions are sincere and my heart is in the right place.

    There are many books I am reading that contain Christian content. You should read “Intimacy with the Almighty”by Charles R. Swindoll

    “The Kingdom of God is a party”by Tony Campolo.

    “Women Food and God-An unexpected path to Almost everything” by
    Geneen Roth

    These are a very good read.
    Today I will sit and read Exodus so I can better my knowledge.Have a great day!

  27. Sally says:

    Reading good books are a good thing no doubt but it doesn’t compare to getting into and studying the Word for oneselves. So glad that you are reading Exodus!

  28. Anonymous Please says:

    This is my first appearance on this site. I have been to Church of the Rock before, many times, and enjoy your services, but enough of that. Time to go on topic…

    This discussion is a huge part of what I’m dealing with today, yesterday, and any day for that matter. It has bothered me ever since I was introduced to the ‘demons’ on Earth. Many include drug abuse, alcohol, pornography, and detrimental situations.

    I have been raised to banish these demons from my life, and to move on to a greater goal. But what I have to say is, it is extremely hard to ‘banish’ these demons. The thought of these ‘demons’ is so exciting (drinking, smoking cigarettes/weed, pornography, and decisions on life), that I begin to doubt what I think. I have had ‘mind battles’ with myself, considering if it was God (or Jesus) talking to me, Lucifer talking to me, both, or I am just going crazy and talking to myself. I would pray to God (mostly) every night, and would have conscience discussions, ranging from what I should do next, how I feel about current events, and answers to questions that deal with history. I’ll explain some events.

    I have recorded myself one night, and viewed it the next day, surprised at what I have said. It scared me at what I said, since obviously a record can not record my conscience. I’d like to not repeat what I said, but the bottom line, it scared me greatly, to the point where recording what I say, is not a good thing.

    Another event, which was probably the most scariest, was when I was 15. I was a very troubled child at that time, and was still confused on who was talking to me. I also had doubts of Gods’ existence. Though, during one night, a voice spoke my name, going from soft to loud, to quiet. I had a full body experience, including a hot flash, cold sweat, followed by fear. I knew then that there was a God, Lucifer, and these ‘demons’. Though, I could not tell WHO it was.

    A year after (not exact) the previous event, I was sleeping after I had prayed. I had prayed for “happiness to all that doesn’t harm another, success to all that doesn’t give birth to sin, and protect everyone, regardless of their sins”, and still pray that to date. Though, I had awoken out of this sleep, and everything was shaking. It was not an earthquake, but my vision. I cried for help, but no one responded. I got out of my bed, and moved slowly, holding my balance. I sleep on the second floor, while my mother sleeps downstairs. I wanted help, and all I could think of was my mom. So I came to the stairs, and had almost tumbled down. I sat down on a step, and slowly moved down, sitting on each step. My mother finally realized I was crying for help, and assisted me. I didn’t visit the doctors, but oddly, my mother had forgotten this happened… I have mentioned it a few times to my mother, but she has no recollection of it…

    So through these events, I know God exists, including Lucifer, and these ‘demons’. I have come to realize what the ‘demons’ are, but I have no clue HOW to defeat them. I cry myself to sleep, asking God for help, asking ANYONE for help, spiritually. I can not bring myself to ask my mother for help, as I did previously, or even my friends, as I am ashamed of these ‘demons’. I have asked for help online though, but people online are cruel (4chan is a great example) and religious groups ignore me. I even asked help from a Jewish community, and have slammed me for ‘asking for help in a public domain’, but they have tried to help me in a single personal message, and invited me to there local synagogue. I didn’t go though, as I see it as an invitation to conversion. I am Christian, at least I’d like to think I am…

    So please don’t exclude me, please don’t delete this (you can edit if necessary), and please give me some help…

    My questions are:
    1) How can you tell who is speaking to you? Am I just speaking to myself, or is it God/Lucifer/a ‘demon’ speaking to me?
    2) How do I defeat these ‘demons’? Do I have to defeat these ‘demons’? Or is there something else I am suppose to do?
    3) Am I praying right? Should I being asking God to help all, regardless of the persons sin?

    Sorry if this troubling, or confusing. I am keeping stuff from the public, as it is to personal, and may raise some eye brows, or an invitation for slamming me for saying such blasphemy. Please ask any questions in regards to me, and I’ll answer them (unless it reveals stuff that is too personal)

    Thank you.

  29. tim says:

    Pastor Mark,

    I would like to comment on your your post Resident evil.

    I agree that Perettis’ Book ‘This present Darkness’ was a difficult read at best. It was a plodding portrayal of spirtual fiction of the possible spirtual warfare here on earth. Even though the book wasn’t great I feel it wasn’t deserving of the borderline litigious lambasting you gave the author.

    Your commentary on the halloween debate has quite the gaps. It seems you like to go to great lenghts to prove a point without having any factual data based on empirical evidence to support your position. Having said that, when you don’t support your position or statements with factual evidence your postion becomes presumptious or anecdotal at best and leads us (the reader) to believe that it is an an opinion expressed by the author and has no real genuine influence on the topic at hand and/or is essentially hearsay.

    I feel the quote from Baudelair is interesting but misrepresentative(unless I missed something). Charles Baudelaire is a man considered by his own peers to be a self-indulgent drunkard who used illecit drugs, frequented brothals and was chastised for supporting satanism in his literary works. One just needs to do some basic research (Litany of Satan by C.Baudelaire) to easily discount this mans opinion.

    Another mis-construed illustration is that of internet porn leading to destruction of all (mostly men) who view it. Granted it is a very un-wholesome past-time and very sinfull in nature. Personally, I agree with you and don’t support it. But I don’t support the fact that Ted Bunby was used to manifest your position on internet pornography. Bundy was executed in 1989. His crimes and incarceration all occured well before there ever was the World Wide Web and thus the absence of internet porn. What may have been an influence was the fact that he was born to a single mom, raised by his grand-parents never knowing his biological father and all along thinking his mother was his sister. He was also anti-social and was an avid downhill skier. His murderous psycopathy is described as complex and multi-dimensional in nature. Not just caused by a penchant for soft porn as Dobson is running with.

    I also don’t agree with your position on Hindu’s and India the statement “unless you have actually been there in person and witnessed you have no basis to argue”. Well one might argue that even though I haven’t been to the stratosphere I can assure you the sky isn’t falling. or I haven’t been to Niagra falls but I know it is really wet and if you go over in a barrel there is a good chance you may get hurt. Incidently, Christianity is the third largest religion in India. Millions there worship the Lord.

    Finally, I am really dismayed over your statement ” This should give us pause to think that many of the things (deaf, mute or epileptic) we see around us are not psychological or medical at their root but demonic. Once again back to my original point you can’t back that theory up with any data other than your personal opinion. First off, CT Scans, MRI’s radiographs, Pet Scans, ECG, stress tests, lab values etc. DON’T LIE they are infallable (if performed correctly). The interpretations of them may be inaccurate but the actual test results are factual. So are you suggesting that potentially someone with a chronic auditory nerve conduction pathway disturbance (physical in nature) caused by an organic source (bacterial mengitis) is just in need of excorism to restore of their hearing? or would antibiotics have been preferable? if the former, what are you waiting for? I know if I could save people from illness, pain and suffering I would in a heartbeat. Conversly, has there been people freed from demons via excorcism that may have just needed some anti-epileptic medication to treat there medical affliction. I could provide examples far excedeing the scope of this forum. Not to mention the horrible offence millions of people with medical diagnosis/disabilities (my aunt and uncle born deaf/mute)would possibly expeience if they were privy to your contort.

    I would like to see some video of demon possesion if it exists. Or is it as rare and subtle as the Loch Ness monster, Ogo Pogo, or Sausquach. This leads me to think that there might be some hidden agenda, scare tactics or obstensible motivation.

    Finally, I agree with you about halloween activities possibly entertaining evil spirits. But what about the other 364 days and the fact that we have a global consumeristic society. All the Illustrations of demon worship that you mention have one common thread. Mammon. Just look at the likes of our heavily financialy endorsed North American entertainment superstars like Crosby, Toews, Phaneuf, to name a few you get the point.

    Just like candy lots of other temptations the devil uses to attract us appear sweet.

    A heartfelt thank you to all the men and women who have served or are serving our counrty. Lest We Forget.

  30. Barb says:

    Am I the only one who loved the Frank Peretti books “This Present Darkness” and “Piercing the Darkness”…

  31. Sally says:

    No you are not the only one Barb! I thought Frank’s books were excellent in exposing the way the enemy does work in our lives and society. Some of us need things to be presented in a way that is simplistic so the average person like me can comprehend it. I must say these books were insrumental in getting me started on my pathway to healing and deliverance.
    I think the word deliverance has been hidden deliberatedly in the church for many years so Franks books helped expose the need for such a ministry today. I see many people who are still struggling in the same areas over and over again and know that they are still in need of deliverance.
    Jesus in His Word said “he came to set the captives free” and He is still the same yesterday today and forever.
    Getting set free was a process for me with more knowledge and understanding first and then the actual process itself.
    In reply to anonymous’s questions, you know that you are oppressed when you are not at peace and if you hear voices and they cause you to run and be afraid it is not God. Holy Spirit brings peace and will not cause us to be fearful. If you are a born-again believer and have made Jesus Christ your Lord and Saviour, then you have the indwelling Holy Spirit living in you. Then you have the Name of Jesus Christ and the Blood of Jesus as weapons and you yourself can command the demons to leave. However I would suggest you get help from seasoned Christians who are practised in helping you get free of oppressing demons because there may be a root and they may have a legal right to be there because of a generational tie or and unconfessed sin. Please seek out furher help!

  32. Betty says:

    Hello,anonymous please!

    Please do not give up, no matter what happens around you and to you.
    Some years ago, I sendt a letter to an awesome Ministry, very much the same as your comment is now, and Praise God, I got awesome help.
    Jesus Loves you vey much, for who you are,[His child], and as my friend sometimes says,”Jesus would have died on the cross, even though, you were the only person on the earth, that’s how much He Loves you and cares for you,” and when Jesus speaks to me, it is always in a Peaceful way and filled with His powerful Love for me.
    Jesus HAS already forgiven you, all of your sins. Wish you all the best.

    And for a reply, to Pastor Mark’s story.
    So many people think, Oh, when you are a christian, then you can not have any fun and it’s a bunsh of do’s and don’ts, maybe that’s why, so many people, do so many things the same way the non-christians do, so you would not know by their actions, that Jesus lives in them, like the saying goes,”Actions speak louder then the words do”, someone is watching us.
    And in some countries,those people that worship Buda ect., Peter Y. has said many times, they have a spirtual hunger and when they ask them, “Have you heard about Jesus and who He is? it hurts him, to hear, they never heard about Jesus.
    There are many things, we can do and Jesus gets the glory and Honer of it.

  33. Steve says:

    I’ll tell you what helped me overcome demons in my life.
    First of all, you can’t defeat demons. Jesus can. So make sure you have Jesus.
    Secondly, (this is what really helped me, and I know Christians might get mad at me for saying this) if we keep on in our sins, we could end up in hell. That is spoken in love, not to condemn you. Jesus does not want you to go there. He knows your sins will drag you there if they are ruling your life. Our mental strength cannot do this. Our persistence in thinking positive cannot do this. But believing in what the Bible says can and will with the help from the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus has given you the victory if you have Him in your life. That means you will overcome. He loves you so much He is willing to cause you grief in order to push you in the right direction so you don’t have to pay the ultimate penalty in the end.
    When you persist in faith by reading the Bible and believing what Jesus said you can do, you will overcome sin, and you will overcome any devilish oppression that has attatched itself to you.
    This is the truth, but it takes the faith of a mustard seed. A mustard seed starts out small but is able to push obstacles out of it’s way over time. The Bible says with the faith of a mustard seed we can move mountains. This verse is talking about spiritual mountains in our lives. God bless.

  34. Victoria says:

    Dear Anonymous’
    You are a child of God and you will get through this! You have our prayers!
    Take a deep breath and relax….you have opened up about your fears, that’s the first step to healing!

    Release your fears and the devil will flee.

    I have been fighting similar situations during parts of my life,and am no longer afraid. But so you have some peace of mind, I will explain what I have learned:

    1-The voice of God is not auditory-it is a spiritual connection that we make, when we know the right and godly thing to do.(It comes through your sub-conscious)

    2-The voices of demons are earthbound-yes you will actually be able to hear them.This is why the devil is able to do so much emotional harm to some, causing them to question their own sanity,such as yourself.

    3-The voice of reason is in your head,and can sometimes be troubling if its not what you want to hear.

    4- Tourettes is a condition (read about it below)that may be inherited or caused from emotional trauma.

    What is Tourette syndrome?
    Tourette syndrome (TS) is an inherited, neurological disorder characterized by multiple involuntary movements and uncontrollable vocalizations called tics that come and go over years. In a few cases, such tics can include inappropriate words and phrases.

    The disorder is named for Dr. Georges Gilles de la Tourette, the pioneering French neurologist who first described an 86-year-old French noblewoman with the condition in 1885.

    The symptoms of Tourette Syndrome generally appear before the individual is 18 years old. Tourette Syndrome can affect people of all ethnic groups; males are affected 3 to 4 times more often than females. It is estimated that 100,000 Americans have full-blown Tourette Syndrome, and that perhaps as many as 1 in 200 show a partial expression of the disorder, such as chronic multiple tics or transient childhood tics.

    The natural course of Tourette Syndrome varies from patient to patient. Although symptoms range from very mild to quite severe, the majority of cases fall in the mild category.

    What are the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome?

    The first symptoms of are usually facial tics–commonly eye blinking. However, facial tics can also include nose twitching or grimaces. With time, other motor tics may appear such as head jerking, neck stretching, foot stamping, or body twisting and bending.

    Tourette Syndrome patients may utter strange and unacceptable sounds, words, or phrases. It is not uncommon for a person with TS to continuously clear his or her throat, cough, sniff, grunt, yelp, bark, or shout.

    People with Tourette Syndrome may involuntarily shout obscenities (coprolalia) or constantly repeat the words of other people (echolalia). They may touch other people excessively or repeat actions obsessively and unnecessarily. A few patients with severe Tourette Syndrome demonstrate self-harming behaviors such as lip and cheek biting and head banging against hard objects. However, these behaviors are extremely rare.

    Tics alternately increase and decrease in severity, and periodically change in number, frequency, type, and location. Symptoms may subside for weeks or months at a time and later recur.

    Let me repeat.You are not alone,most of the people on this site have experienced some kind of unexplainable event,but don’t want to openly share it for fear of being shunned. You won’t even post your name!

    2 weeks ago,my son yelled out in the darkness of night for me.
    He said “MOM!I heard a really scary devil voice say “hell….”to us.”
    (He sleeps with his brother)
    So I approached the room without turning the light on and said to them..
    “Our father who art in Heaven…” The Lords prayer. In the middle of the prayer I saw a darker shadow than the actual darkness run around me and out of the room.
    It is that easy.
    Release your fear, memorize the Lord’s prayer and empower yourself by going to church and socializing with these people. Join a alpha group to further your education.
    Empower yourself.
    Good Luck.

  35. Steve says:

    Releasing your fear will accomplish nothing. It is sin that causes fear. Fear never existed before sin came into this world. Get rid of the sin through Jesus who will forgive you even if you mess up after you give your life to Him.
    He wants to destroy sin in our lives because it is sin which entangles us and destroys us. Anyone who thinks sin is ok is not of God.
    Jesus hates sin because He loves us. His way is better than our ways.

  36. Victoria says:

    So in the words of Steeeeevvvven:

    If you release your “SIN”,(your FEARS)
    and ask for forgiveness,and make an honest effort to change the negative actions in your life….
    do you hold grudges?
    are you vindictive?
    do you lie?
    are you a busybody?
    …..the devil WILL flee.(these are only examples)
    Whatever it is, get right with God, and stop reading into everything those demons lay out for you.None of us are perfect, but only God knows if your trying. 🙂

  37. Steve says:

    The point is, sin is the problem. Leave it up to God by being obedient to Him in whatever way that may be. Let Him fight our battles instead of fighting them our own way. We will always fail somewhere. The point is we need to see that the sin in our lives is not helping us, it is destroying us.
    I know the devil loves to tell us that sin will comfort us or will help us in some way. And the only way to find out how much it is destroying us is to actually wage war on it till God defeats it in our lives. Then we will see what devastation it was causing us and how much more the Lord has given us in return.
    People think sin is their friend somehow. Just like smoking. It’s like your little buddy that’s always there for you. But it’s laughing the whole time it’s killing you. Once we turn from that sin and allow God to fight for our victory, we realise how that thing was sucking everything that was good away from us.
    That’s my two cents anyways. I know from experience that this is true.

  38. Jane says:

    hello Anonymous Please.
    I have had discusions with and tryed to help others with some of your problems. This does not attact a small portion of society as we would like to believe, but a rather large one. If you have not asked Pastor Mark for help, nor he you, Then please do so. he has more resourses than the rest of us, and I’m sure he would be more than happy to oblige.
    First you must rule out any medical problems, considering how intricate and awesome our minds are made it’s a miricale more does not go wrong. If your still giving in to alcohol and drugs then your playing with dynamte. If your quest for a deeper understanding is honest then hard or not you must get rid of those things, preferably with the help of Medical professionals. I is not hard to tell God speaking from Demons. God will never ask you to do anything wrong, unloving or goes against his word or your principals. I hope between all we’ve helped some. Keep smiling and praying, you will win God said he would never give us more than we could handle. God Bless

  39. Sally says:

    There is a differnce between confessing ones sins and deliverance. If a sin has become a stronghold then simply confessing our sins will not get rid of a demonic stronghold. We need the help of others to get out of this bondage. Strongholds happen when we have given into sin and then it becomes a habit which we on our own cannot break out of. It may be the result of a generational curse or propensity that has come down from your gandfather/great grandfather etc.If you find yourself continually doing the same thing over and over again and cannot quit it then it is likely you have a stronghold in your life. Unfortunately, just confessing your sin or (fears whatever you want to call it) isn’t always successful in getting rid of demonic activity. We then need to go to those who are experienced in casting out demons to help us get free. Jesus cast out many demons from the demoniac of Gaderra living in the ruins. I am sure that poor man would have confessed his sins many times over, had he thought it would’ve helped him. He only received his deliverance when Jesus took his authoirity over his demons and cast them out of him.
    This is where the spirit of discernment comes into play. One needs to be able to discern whether the person has a stronghold or has a mental/medical problem. Once that is determined the appropriate solution can be implemented; whether that be deliverance or medical help.

  40. Victoria says:

    Here we sit at Tuesday November 16,and we are still on the topic of Evil.

    I am a little upset that Remembrance day wasn’t even mentioned.

    My husband watches me log on and check this blog regularly,and he asked me why we don’t educate other Christians on how to be positive thinkers?
    How do we change the negative attitudes and make them more healthy and happy?
    When I was working,way back when….
    I attended a seminar where Tony (Anthony Robbins)was speaking. He inspired our whole group to trust,love, and overcome mental obstacles. It was a fantastic learning experience that I remember vividly today! I wish to see pastor Mark speak on this, as I know he has fought the battle also!

  41. Terry says:

    Oh boy Oboy Pastor Mark…look what you started!I think everybody should re read the entire article again…meditate on it in its entirety(instead of disecting each word or sentence)…then in a couple days start living for Christ,loving your neighbor and move on….Pray folks and talk to as many humans as possible about your faith.Cheers.

  42. Steve says:

    Confessing sins doesn’t bring deliverance. Turning from sins brings deliverance. Unfortunately, anonymous seems to have been rejected by Christians. So telling them to get help from people who’ve rejected them will probably be unhelpful. Jesus is the answer, not Christians. Belief in Jesus.

  43. Steve says:

    But there are some really good Christian people out there who won’t reject you anonymous. Ask the Lord to lead you to them.

  44. Truth says:

    Hi mark I hear a few of your sermons on the nov 14th sermon you talked about Bill gates being a good man and giving it all to charity. One of the Charity that this money is given too is called LA RAZA witch means “the race” and is basically a plan for these mexican imigrants to take over the southern united states in what was once Mexico and slaughter everyone above the age of 16 who is not Mexican. These Illegal immigrants are given the driver’s licenses so they can vote.

    To sum it up bill gates is given over one million dollars to the Mexican Klu klux klan. Yet the demonic influence paints him as a good man

    Yet there is alot of these rich men at the top who are called Luciferians. They have many names they go under one is the Illuminati. At the top they worship Lucifer as the true god. Tony Blair former PM of england would admit to going into a luciferian trance every morning for half an hour where he would receive “instructions” / “inspiration” of what to do.

    The demonioc influences run very deep in this world and these guys worship Goldman sachs.

    In the interstest of eduction you should check out this website (he keeps his content to family listening and has a great love for the lord). His name is Alex Jones of

    Even the world council of churches tell us what to think and their influences aren’t too far from the group of elites.

  45. Mark Hughes says:

    Truth – Please do not misquote me. I never referred to Bill Gates as ‘good man’. I merely said that he spent half is life amassing wealth and is spending the second half giving it away. It was in reference to the emptiness of making money and how he was now searching for something more meaningful to do with his life. It was not an endorsement of the charities he gives to, some of which are noble and others that are humanistic at best and arguably evil at worst.

  46. Steve says:

    Sadly Truth, Alex Jones is decieved himself. Not about the NWO or their plans, but that he thinks humanity will defeat it.
    The devil runs humanity. Jesus and His sacrifice have already defeated every ruler and principality and they are the ones who are in trouble. Believe in Jesus and let the light shine in you. That is the best defense against darkness.
    God is in control, to the horror of His enemies.

    • Truth says:

      The devil really does run humanity, there is no doubts about that. To say the least the more people that wake up to the fact whom the real masterminds and the fact you can’t just vote in the other party to fix the problems.

      Personally i would like to see Marc to cover some of the NWO agenda. He has terrific speaking voice, he is humorous and already has a big following.

      People have to have to wake up in Canada if all the churches were to wake up and towns and provinces went the way of quebec we would by some time. Maybe then we might defeat the NWO.

      The longer the end times are delayed the more souls are saved in matter of speaking.
      Where as the world council of churches likes to push the rapture and to be good little boys and give your rights and family up to the government. Then when any thing bad happen you will all be whisked away to heaven.

  47. Steve says:

    Hey Truth, I think that churches need to get tough on themselves. I believe this is the end times. Revelation gives the churches some tips on what they are doing wrong. I don’t think evil would prosper as much as it has if the churches were living in holiness like the Bible tells them to.
    Look at Isreal and how they would go after idols. Their prophets were false and Isreal would listen to them because they said things that made them feel good. I don’t think we’re far off from that these days inside alot of churches. It’s become taboo to even mention the word sin. Repent is also a taboo word these days. We got people always searching for ways to ge rid of their problems and never solving them because they don’t get to the root which is sin. You can pray till your tonsils fall out but if there is sin that needs to be dealt with, you will keep going through the motions and never be healed.
    The absence of the conviction of sin the church sees as ok is what allows evil to prosper in the area. If the church allows greed to prosper but goes against another sin they all agree is awful, what good will they do to stop it. None. The church needs to suck it up and admit where they have failed. No church in particular. Just a general observation. I love the church that’s why I’m hoping for some real power to be unleashed in this city. And I’m talkin power here.

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