Phillipines Mission Trip (Dec 2012)

In December, 2012, a team lead by Bruce & Jeannette Klekta went to the Philippines.  The team also had Paul & Val Hagen and James & Bonnie Wilder.

The team visited  Jeff & Rowena Pessina’s team at Philippine Frontline Mission in San Pablo, Laguna;  Rob & Chris Vanden Bos’ team of Touch of Grace Ministries at Virac, Catenduanes; and Pastor Joey Tupe’s team of People of Grace Ministries at Quezon City, Manila.

At the churches, the Church of the Rock team taught on Dating and Relationships, Healthy Sexuality and Family Matters and provided a Marriage Seminar. They also ministered to the leadership community and did some jail ministry, hospital ministry, feeding of street people and visited the local dumpsite, where many live and make their living.

The trip was a great success and much was accomplished. Married couples and families were instructed and encouraged, young adults were instructed in choosing a life mate and individuals and leaders were instructed on healthy sexuality, sexual abuse issues and how to be healed from sexual abuse.

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