Pathfinders: Trust your GPS

This message was recorded at our Fort Garry campus on November 11, 2012.

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One Response to Pathfinders: Trust your GPS

  1. Patricia Brown says:

    Dear Pastor Aubrey,
    Thank-you so much for this message and thanks to the team that puts it online. It’s 9:40 am Thursday as I have just finished listening.
    I attended a conference at Calvary Temple over the weekend and learned about human trafficking. I was sick with fear, anger, and depression. I began falling into an old habit of obsessing in anger and hatred of God for “letting” such evil happen. I was still talking to God but I was having trouble reading the word. At WoW on Wednesday morning, during worship, we were given the opportunity to lay down anything that we wanted, so I layed down human trafficking. My anger and hatred of God went away. But I was left with an emptiness and began to question my relationship with God. Thanks to this message I realize it’s the old habit of letting fear become anger and anger (stuffed) becoming depression. Thank-you for the reminder to look up to Jesus and realize my life is about my relationship with the Lord and living and learning within the body of Christ. I cannot change the world alone, but maybe I can help one person in one small way. And certainly I can cry out to God to paralyze the heart of a trafficker today, reveal His heart to the person and give the person a chance to choose Jesus. Then I must rest in my Father God’s arms while He works, in Jesus’ name.
    Blessings and thanks and a Holy Spirit hug for you, in Jesus’ name. Hosanna!

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