Overcomers in Christ: Moving in the Right Direction

I first went to Overcomers in Christ a few years ago because I had nowhere else to go.  I had hit rock bottom.   My wife had left me.   I had no real friends or meaningful relationships with anyone, including God.  I had nowhere else to turn.

As a person I am far from perfect.  I have had a life-long struggle with pornography and a negative self image, among other things.  Because of this I had been ineffective in working for God’s kingdom here on earth because I doubted I was capable or worthy of doing anything.  I doubted that I was even a Christian.  I doubted that God could love someone like me.

One thing I have noticed about the people of Overcomers is that they have an incredible awareness of God’s love and grace.  And it shows: they exhibit God’s love in a way I had never before known or experienced.  They know they are far from perfect, they freely admit it, and they know that only God’s grace can save them.  There is nothing they can do to save themselves.  In Overcomers you learn that God wants us to change for the better, and that He (and only He) can help us do that.  You learn that willpower means your will and His power.  Overcomers is a place where God loves you through other people.

Overcomers is a place for anyone who wants to change but doesn’t know how to.  You learn that no matter what you habits are, no matter what behaviours you are engaged in, God loves you.   He wants to change you to become more like His Son.  He wants to help you change and He will if you let Him.  Overcomers is a place where God helps you to change.

This may sound scary to you. It did to me at first.  I had to step out of my comfort zone.  I had to get real; first with myself, and then with other people.  I had to admit my hurts, habits and hang-ups.  I had to face them.  I had to forgive them.  And I had to forget them. It hasn’t been easy: nothing worth doing in life ever is.  But the people in Overcomers support me and help me to do this.  They love and accept me as I am.  They support me and encourage me and help me to grow and change to be more like Jesus Christ.  I’m still far short of being the man God wants me to be but at least now, for the first time, I am moving in the right direction and making steady progress.  Overcomers is a place where you learn to rest in God’s forgiveness, grace and love.  You learn that He covers all things with His goodness, and that He makes a way when you’ve messed up the way.

No matter where you are at or how many times you may have tried and failed in the past to change, I encourage you to give Overcomers a try.  Many of us fall or stray at some point in our walk.  That doesn’t make you a failure.  You’re only a failure if you quit trying.  So, give Overcomers a try.   I did, and my life will never be the same.  Thank God.

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3 Responses to Overcomers in Christ: Moving in the Right Direction

  1. Sandra says:

    It’s 02:59 am on a Wed morning. I am in deep dispair,can’t sleep, have a million thoughts racing through my head, and i’m soaked in tears. This has been a trend as of the last little while, but has gotten worse over the last month, as I see my life falling apart with no way out. I feel this deep depression that is paralyzing me. Life as I have lived it seized to exist when my husband left me, and I have been rebuilding the pieces of my life, on my own, with no help, no God, no friends. And it’s all falling apart, everything. My hard work and dedication is not paying off. I am a few shorts months away from realizing my dream of becoming a Paramedic, and now I have no idea how i am going to conquer that. I am consumed with guilt, anger, fear, worry,financial burden and I can’t cope any more. I have always believed in God, attended church of the rock at one point, and made a couple of solid connections in a church out of town where i used to live. But where is God? Why am I in such a mess? People pray for me to get answers, or just pray for me to find a way out, but how is prayer helping? Im still no further ahead, I’m still sinking, with no resolutions to my problems, instead in sinking into a black hole more..Yet I keep feeling this tighness in my chest and the word God popping in my mind…In ways I can relate to your story. I have hit rock bottom, i don’t wanna give up on my dream, i am so close and have spent the last 5 years and all my life savings to get to this stage. I have a life long struggle with bad/wrong relationships, negative thinking, and low self image. It’s just getting worse, and I don’t know how to make it better.

  2. Sandra says:

    Concluding what I last wrote. I AM BROKEN, COMPLETELY BROKEN…I can’t do this alone anymore.

    • Isaac says:

      Hey Sandra. I am one of the leaders of Overcomers in Christ. Thank you for sharing your struggle! That’s very courageous! I know the man that wrote the testimonial you replied to, and like you, his wife leaving devastated him. It’s taken him awhile, but he now realizes that God never once left him, and he is much more hopeful and joyful and is on the right path.

      I think your last comment really nailed it on the head; you can’t do this alone. I hope you will seek out healthy people to help you deal with this, and help you see that Christ is with you. Overcomers deals with all types of hurts, and we’d be happy to walk along side you as you deal with this hurt. We walked with this man through his wife leaving, and he has said he wouldn’t have survived without us. There are other great groups too, but if you want to join us, we meet every Wednesday at 7:00PM.

      Take care.

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