New Neighbors

This Saturday was a beautiful day to be outside! There were three of us that headed out with lawn mowers to see what we could do to help out our neighbors.

We managed to talk to a few people who wanted their lawns mowed. One woman was very thankful that we were there to mow her lawn as their lawn mower had just died half way through cutting their grass. We were able to finish it for them. She asked if we took donations and it was a great opportunity to share with her that we are not doing this for donations but rather to show the people of this community, God’s love! We got to explain to another family what the Adopt-A-Block group does for the community and they said their family was going to check out the church on Sunday.

We are continually meeting new people as some move away and others move in. It’s great to be able to do something nice for people who totally do not expect it. Come and join us this Saturday if you haven’t already!

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