Missions Giving Update

With our donation deadline of Aug. 31 now past, we are encouraged to report that just over $35,000 has come in as missions donations to be sent for humanitarian relief (through WorldServe Ministries Canada) in answer to the crisis in the Horn of Africa.  In addition, the Canadian Government will be matching this amount through the CIDA program.

Please continue to pray for the people of Eastern Africa—precious men, women and children enduring tragic suffering—asking for God’s hand upon their leaders to bring peace and for the strength and wisdom of those on the ground working valiantly to serve in the midst of such tremendous need.  Please pray for WorldServe and the many other ministries and relief organizations, that they would be empowered with the love and power of Jesus Christ to share  light and life as well as the important practical resources of food and shelter.

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2 Responses to Missions Giving Update

  1. Jenn says:

    Wonderful message and worship today. Wondering if the couple working the mission in the Phillipines could use clothing donations? If there is any way to pass this along to them or the appropriate person i would appreciate it. I have four kids with too many clothes! Thanks

    • Larissa says:

      Hi Jenn,

      I realize this is a late reply, but I thought it might help to post an update for future consideration.

      With regard to clothing donations, due to airline luggage limitations (as well as extensive travel from city to city during their time in Canada or the US) it does not generally work for our missionaries to gather and carry donations with them personally.

      However, they have suggested that donations would be welcome from anyone who would want to take on arranging a “box” to be sent overseas on their own. There is a whole process to go through and it costs about $75.00 per box regardless of the weight (that may be a US price, I’m not sure). The company for shipping that they mentioned is called “Door to Door”, which you may want to check out online, or you could contact Philippine Frontline Ministries directly via their website: http://www.thefrontline.asia/ … and ask if there are particular needs in the area of clothing (i.e. sizes, specific items, etc.)

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