For the last 6 or 7 years Winnipeg churches have been partnering together in an amazing campaign called Love Winnipeg.  We got the idea from Love Abbotsford which does a one day blitz of random acts of kindness in their city.  We expanded on the concept and do two full weeks.  We don red Love Winnipeg shirts and hit the streets to pick up garbage, remove graffiti, feed to poor, clothe the homeless, plant flowers, mow grass, rake leaves, paint fences, visit nursing homes and on and on.

The campaign kicks off with the Red See Rally.  Thousands of red shirted christians gather at the Manitoba Legislative grounds and then we fan out to clean up the streets and spread the love of God.  This year we got rained out on May 30th so we have rescheduled to Sunday June 13th at 3 PM as a wind-up instead.  If you are in the city on Sunday, come join us!   Our church has adopted an area of town called Osborne Village.  The Village is one of Winnipeg’s most unique places with a mix of trendy shops, street kids, drug culture, homosexuals, etc.  We found a dozen street kids living under the Osborne bridge.  A group of our young people cleaned up their somewhat disheveled abode.  We hauled 99 bags of garbage out of the Village in just over an hour.  Here are some of us last year as we were gearing up to head into Osborne Village.

June 6th we did what we call Caring for the Core.  The 85 or so participating churches concentrate our efforts on the somewhat economcally depressed core area of the city.  We do dozens of major carnivals in varous neigbourhoods.  The people come out in droves and are gracious and grateful for the food, fun and fellowship.  Church of the Rock’s chldren’s ministry did a project called Love on Wheels.  A group of men fixed up a couple of dozen bikes and gave them away at one of the carnivals.   They were all gone in just a couple of minutes. Every age group in our church gets involved (by kathleen).  It is touching to see our suburban young adults interacting with the inner city kids.


Everyone gets into the act.  This little girl is maybe 10 years old and spent the whole day face painting other kids at a street party on Sherbrook.


Over the course of the two weeks 1000’s of lives get touched with the love of God.  It is easily the most effective thing the church in Winnipeg does over the course of the year.


If you live in another city there may be a campaign going on there.  If not, talk to your pastor about getting one started.  Even if only a few churches get involved at the beginning, others will join.  Our tag line is; The only thing missing is You! Here’s our promo video.  Enjoy!  No, better yet, get involved!

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  1. Jamie says:

    These are some awsome pics! Especially the one of my daughters painting faces 😉 I am so proud of them for all the love they have shown their neighbors. Even at ages 7 and 5 they can make a difference. What a great opportunity it was for all of us to show the love of God and we can’t wait for next weekend!!

  2. Christie Braun says:

    This morning, changing my desktop background, after trying on a few different city scapes, I said, “What city would I like to see?” So I have put on a wonderful summery Winnipeg pic., and so how nice to see “Love Winnipeg” first thing on the blog.

    I have been looking forward to going to Winnipeg for years; since the first time I fortunately, accidentally watched a Church of the Rock episode; and subsequently turned my face back to God after a many year absence.

    I wish you all the best. And praise God, in the name of the Son of David, for the Church of the Rock, its team, and Pastor Mark.

  3. Betty says:

    That is awesome and exciting to be part of.
    Since I live in Landmark, I call it LOVE LANDMARK, [under Church of the Rock].
    I have told many people, about our church and LOVE WINNIPEG, so
    here is one story I want to share with you.
    Last week wednesday, some of us ladies were making blankets,[in Steinbach] for M.C.C. and one of the ladies that came, said: “She had been sick for more then a month”, so when I went down town, I brought back a gift for her, and told her about our church and Love Winnipeg, Jesus touched her with His love and all she could say, was,” God Bless You.”

  4. Evelyn Bennett says:

    The joy of the Lord spreads like wildfire when it comes to Love Winnipeg.

    The churches that are participating increased from last year.

    I was felt humbled when I saw so many children and youth taking part with the clean up. They do know the value of God’s Love.

    I hope that Love Winnipeg will continue to eternity and beyond.

  5. Isaac says:

    It’s so much fun being part of Love Winnipeg, and it’s just so right. One guy I talked to on Sherbrook was really sincerely touched by the coffee break block party. He said “there is so much sadness here, but this is a bit of joy.”

  6. Kendra says:

    What a wonderful idea! Please continue to do this! I looked on the love Winnipeg site but the events aren’t loading. Can you let me know what is happening this weekend?

  7. Victoria says:

    It has been 11 years since I have been in Winnipeg…. and I absolutely cannot believe that there are street people living under the Osbourne villiage bridge! Come on!!!
    I lived by the Donald street bridge area for awhile (in apartments)and spent my time going to the village alot, only to enjoy the coffee culture and the window shopping! I am saddened to hear that there is alot of garbage… seems like the cities I moved to are much more concerned about garbage pick ups, and remain very clean.Thank God for the churches, Pastor Mark- my hero, and the good Christians who are picking up the slack for everyone else!

    God has finally found a the perfect place for me, in Quebec.
    I live in a clean little town, down a block from a french church that has lovely bells that ring every day. There is a cookie factory that is near by that produces a rich deep strawberry smell, that I inhale as I drink my morning coffe. God has given me the gift of early retirement as I am still raising young children, and stay at home, in a lovely duplex with a garden and Yes there is less money, but there is less stress and more pleasurable quiet moments. I am in love with my tiny city. So I think I`ll keep it a secret!
    Home is where you make it-and lord knows , I`ve had many, Winnipeg being the one I spent the most time in, and trained in my profession in, and met my husband in,had my first child in,became a Christian in, and remember the most fondly of!

  8. Victoria says:

    To cc;
    Tell us about you, then. I would like to know why you are writing on this site. Maybe because you learn new things about others?
    This is a blog for Christian fellowship, sharing our life experiences – good or bad, and asking for advice on Christian issues.
    If you like I can share with you how I lived in a TENT, 3 years ago, in a shed with no running water, had to use a bucket for a toilette, hand wash clothes for 5 people and hang them to dry in the trees and still never lost faith in Gods love?
    All of our life experiences make up who we become, and I know that I truly deserve happiness at this point in my life, it’s a shame you don’t want to support someone else’s glory.
    So lets here about you, we all care on this site!

  9. Abby says:

    As far as Love Wpg goes, there must be a list on your web site that lays out all the places a person can volunteer?

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