I remember an old Peanuts cartoon where Snoopy is lying on the peak of his doghouse in his usual fashion.  Charlie Brown has just brought Snoopy his dinner dish.  He is going on and on about how intelligent pigs are.  Way smarter than dogs, he says.  As Charlie Brown walks away, the thought bubble appears over Snoopy.  “If they are so darn smart why do they call them pigs?” 

It is intriguing to me as to how many scriptures in the Old Testament are devoted to dietary laws.  Pages and pages on what God’s people should eat, how they should prepare the food and what foods are in fact outright forbidden.  You do not have to be a nutritional expert to realise that God’s purpose in it was to keep his people in good health not to make their lives unreasonably miserable.  My question is this; So, the New Testament arrives and all of the sudden these foods have become healthy? 

I am deeply concerned with the prevalance of cancer in our world today.  They now say 1 in 3 will develope cancer in their lifetime.  At 51 years old I am the oldest living male in my family.  My elders have all died of cancer.  Every last one of them.  Last year it was my 53 year old brother of lymphoma.  It gives one good reason for pause.  My wife Kathy are on a journey to good health.  We have looked indepth into this epidemic of cancer and have come to some conclusions.  We realise that no one seems to know for sure what causes cancer but I think we have some good clues. 

When Albert Schweitzer arrived in Africa in 1913 he took note that there was almost no instances of cancer amongst the Congolese.  He eventually concluded that the most obvious factor was the significant difference in diet between Europeans and Africans.  Specifically that the Africans were eating fresh food and wild game and none of the refined, processed, canned or preserved foods of the Europeans. A fascinating modern day study has shown that the instances of breast cancer among Chinese women is very low.  However, once they immigrate to North America it only takes one generation for their breast cancer rate to jump to Western world levels.  This fact pretty much eliminates the genetic predisposition argument as the primary cause. 

The human body is a remarkable creation.  Every several years it completely recreates, replacing every last cell with a new one.  Cancer is simply some of those cells mutating into a degenerated form and then reproducing even more of these unhealthy cells.  Evidence points to the conclusion that these cells have been invaded by something from outside the body that has damaged them.  Something we breathed in (cigarette smoke) or something we ate.  Everyday North American’s are bombarding their bodies with toxins, poisons and preservatives in the food we eat.   The majority of us are overweight and undernourished because we fill our faces with crap all day long.  We are immensely undisciplined in how and what we eat.

There had a to be a very good reason for God’s preoccupation with diet.  God isn’t like the arbitrary father that says, “Cause I said so, that’s why”.  There is always a reason for everything God says and does.  The forbidden foods were less healthy or perhaps even unhealthy.  Scavengers (including pigs) will eat just about anything;  garbage, feces, rotting flesh etc.  Do you really want to be the next one along the line in the food chain?  If that wasn’t enough many of our foods have any nutritional value processed out of them and various suspect chemicals added in their place.  “Stays fresher in the jar than peanut’s in the shell”  What exactly is it that they added to Kraft peanut butter that preserves it for up to a 100 years? 

Christians generally use Peter’s Acts 11 vision of unclean foods as a basis for completely disregarding biblical dietary laws.  “Rise, Peter; kill and eat.’  “But I said, ‘Not so, Lord! For nothing common or unclean has at any time entered my mouth.  But the voice answered me again from heaven, ‘What God has cleansed you must not call common.’”  The context has NOTHING to do with Peter needing to change his diet and everything to do with his attitude towards the gentiles. 

In the last few years our family has embraced the biblical diet.  We do not eat pork or shellfish, in fact we have gone even further and don’t eat any red meats.   Unless you are eating wild or organically grown meats then you are feasting on unnatural growth hormones.  Our children are growing taller than us not because they are eating healthier but because they have been bombarded with the bovine growth hormones found in all modern farm produced dairy and meat.  The hormones (and toxins) are stored in the animal fat.  This is what God says about fat.

‘This shall be a perpetual statute throughout your generations in all your dwellings: you shall eat neither fat nor blood.”  Lev 3:17
“Speak to the children of Israel, saying: ‘You shall not eat any fat, of ox or sheep or goat.”  Lev 7:23
And the fat of an animal that dies naturally, and the fat of what is torn by wild beasts, may be used in any other way; but you shall by no means eat it.”  Lev 7:24

We bit the bullet and removed most animal fats from our diet including milk, cheese and butter.   We have reduced processed and refined foods and eat lots and lots of fresh fruit and vegatables.  The next question for us is always , “then where do you get your protein?”  The same place cows get it…from the produce of the ground.  There are all kinds of legumes and beans that are loaded with protein.  Lentils, which we eat a lot of, are 27% protein.  There is much more to this story than I can tell here but you get the picture.  If we really are what we eat, then we really are a bunch of pigs. 

I think we are slowly poisioning ourselves with our diet.  We can pray for people till the cows come home (pun intented) but the rate of cancers are just going to keep on climbing if we don’t make drastic changes to our diet.  Maybe, just maybe God knew what He was talking about when He told the Jews what was good for the bodies to eat.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Interesting post. Much food for thought (pun intended). Do you use a specific recipe book for a biblical diet (besides the bible, obviously! LOL!)

  2. Mark Hughes says:

    Kathy is the gourmet in the family and has dozens of ‘vegan’ cookbooks. There are 1000’s of resources. The Macrobiotic diet cookbooks are also very healthy. The vegetarian recipes have way too much dairy for our liking. Jordan Rubin has written a great book on the biblical diet called The Maker’s Diet but he isn’t as bearish on animal fat as I would be.

  3. Bill Smith says:

    This blog has really spoke to me because I have a BIG problem with food. I’m a morbidly obese man and it pains me to admit that. I have tried many things to lose weight but I always fall back to what I am now. I always known that God didn’t like us too eat pigs but I didn’t know that all fats where in there too. VERY eye opening because when I sit here and think about all the stuff that I love to eat most of them are in that category. Beef, chips, bacon, butter!! Just to name a few. I hate the way I am and I don’t like to use that word but it’s true. Thanks Mark for this and all that you do because you make a huge impact on many peoples lives. Last Sundays message was the most powerful message I have ever heard! You let it all out and suck your heart out there for the world to see and I have never been so inspired in my whole life. You showed us the true meaning of Faith!

    Your friend and Brother in Christ

  4. Evelyn Bennett says:

    I totally agree with Bill and what he said about it being hard to keep the weight off. The past five years my weight fluctuated so much I was tired of checking my weight. This year my doctor has seen positive results. I went the extra mile. I went through my closet, gathered all my FAT clothes, and donated them to Goodwill.

    From this day forward the weight will keep coming off.

    When you lose even just as little as 10 lbs you have a boost in energy.

    I will pray for Great Health for you Bill. From what I read you may have a some self image problems. The key is believing who you are in Christ.

    Your Christian sister Evelyn

  5. Karen says:

    Pretty hard today to get an “honest” organic diet. Pesticides blow around all the farmers fields like dandelion seeds! I lost my dad to colon cancer less than a year ago and as I see more and more chemicals being spread on fields, I see more and more farmers being plagued by this disease. What did farmers do before all the pesticides? My family also raised dairy and beef cows; my dad never caved in to the pressure of hormones like so many others around him. In fact, because of the chemicals in foods like cereal crops and beef, pork, etc, there are actually less nutrients in the foods we eat. It takes more of these healthy foods for us to gain the recommended nutrient value.

    We have a new rule at our house. If you can’t read what’s on the label, it doesn’t go in your mouth. It means that my garden is bigger, I spend a lot of time “canning” (old fashioned processing) and we eat out a lot less. I believe that God has given us the ability to produce and find different varieties of foods–we need to take advantage of that.

    Good on ya’ Hughes family…but I still appreciate a good, hormone free steak

  6. Don says:

    I hope you have read “Alive and Well” by Philip E. Binzel, Jr, M.D.
    “One Doctor’s Experience with Nutrition in the Treatment of Cancer Patients”
    And “World without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin.
    Both books explain the role of nutrition in the “control” of cancer and the benefits of vitamin B17(laetrile).
    Sounds like your approach will assure you many more healthful years.
    “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine”

  7. Rotimi Ojo says:

    How true this is! In less than 3 months of being in North America (from Africa), I discovered I had gained about 9 lbs! It was then I thought of the need to critically censor EVERYTHING I eat.

    I feel FASTING as well, aside its spiritual importance also have a nutritional advantage (I am not a nutritionist though). I am sure most American kids will see it as a death sentence to be asked to fast till 3pm.

    Thanks Pastor Mark. I have been blessed being a part of Church of the Rock as well as the International Student Group.


  8. Glenda says:

    Mark, I wish that you had done a little more research before you said those negative things about dairy products. I’m assuming that you don’t know that BST (that’s the hormone that US farmers are allowed to inject their diary cows with so that they produce more milk with the same amount of feed) is illegal in Canada. So, Canadian dairy farmers are not allowed to use that hormone in the production of milk. As for beef producers, there are a lot of us who don’t use growth hormones on our calves. You don’t have to go organic entirely either. Natural beef is beef that is raised in a way where diseases are treated and appropriate vaccinations are given. These cattle are fed with grain and forage produced right at the farm. It’s just that no hormones are used to enable the cattle to arrive at the desired finish earlier. All cattle will achieve that good finished weight even without hormones. It just takes longer.
    I really wish that people who have a place to speak in society would be careful how they use that voice.
    On another note, I really enjoy the Church of the Rock TV broadcasts every week.

  9. Glenda says:

    Sorry, I forgot to include this in my first comment.
    Did you ever think that the prohibition of pork and shellfish may have been because they are likely to have been carrying parasites?

  10. Pastor Mark says:

    I appreciate your comments and was really not trying to attack an entire industry. I am actually not that uninformed. I was a farmer myself and I am an Agriculture grad from U of M. Farmers are honest and hardworking people who are trying to produce food in an increasingly difficult enviroment. They are faced with massive government regulations, new diseases appearing every few years and chemical companies like Monsanto that are the most dangerous drug pushers on the planet. Their drugs, chemicals and GMO’s make their way into the bodies of billions of people.
    BST in Canada was not banned until 1998 because they discovered its link to cancer. That means many of our children were already raised on hormone grown milk. There is a list of other permitted drugs, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and vaccines used in farming goes on and on. And for the most part we no idea about the long term consequences. Then there are the genetically modified foods (GMO’s) that have me even more concerned. But that may be a subject for a whole other blog. I do not lay any of the blame on the farmer, their industry is under seige. My concern here is with the consumer that needs to learn how to protect their health in a day where the food supply, to put it bluntly, is being poisoned!

  11. John Luimes says:

    I very much disagree. I believe that God has given us these new technologies to use in order to feed a lot more people from a limited land base. The primary reason cancer rates are increasing is that as we live longer so something else doesn’t get us first. That being said, many in NA over consume and don’t acheive balance between caloric intake and output resulting in obesity. You will see lower living standards resulting from the current global economic recession take care of that due to the fact that food and energy will be relatively more expensive in the future. Also there is Mark 7:14-15 whereby Jesus is states that is what comes out of a man that makes his ‘unclean’ rather than what goes into him.

  12. RJ says:

    I don’t often think it use of valuable time to respond to BS when I hear it in public but this time I believe it needs to be said. If this is what you want to preach from your platform think twice. Politicians state their opinions from theirs all the time and it usually comes clear who they are as well. If you can preach this in a third world country please try and as well here to those who have less resoures than your self who has enough to even entertain this garbage. It sounds no different than what the “world” trys and is to misleading people with. My grandmother ate what she liked .Lot of salt,pork,beef,eggs,dairy,ounce of red wine a day and did not excercise.To explain that further she was widowed at 39 ,had born 6 children and my dad 13 at the time took charge of the farm and she was in my home as I grew up.She slept in the a small room next to sitting room where I slept and often I woke up due to her jabbering at nite and I say that with due respect cause when I asked if she was ok she would always anwser saying she was just talking to Jesus and I should go back to bed. Yes we were what you all call Menninites as a slure but Lord shows no respect to when the HS needs to intercede.Oh, yes she also had some red wine every day as well as at church communion.(The real stuff) She was my second mother whom after knowing what she “did,ate,and said (which by the way all lined up)earned my respect as a example of who Christ was and how he takes care of the one’s who are called by His name. She never held an office ,spoke at a public function, but had a great big family who were not all saved and not a one of them did not honour her. By the way her eating habits finally killed her at 103 years of age!( she was our Intercesser)
    If you want to state your opinions on your platform I will not stay quiet and let you disfame The Lords word or even the practical common sense as directed by the HS. For every statistic you want to site there is another that can dispute it. As well preach opinion of this nature belittles the Grace and Mercy of the Lord and that I will not recieve even from a pastors platform. As my Dad would say “You Know Better” You can do better

  13. TB says:

    RJ, I understand not eveyone will agree and that’s ok. God gave us each freewill to form our own opinions. Good for your grandmother who lived a long life but this does not hold true for everyone. Perhaps you have not been touched personally by someone with cancer, I don’t know. My father-in-law passed away 5 years ago this Christmas. His cancer was a direct result of the chemicals he dealt with while working in construction, he died at the young age of 67. I completely agree with Pastor Mark and I, for one, am glad to have him using his “platform” to educate others on health risks and what God intended for His people to eat. We could all benefit to make a few changes in our diets.

  14. Bill Smith says:

    Thank you Evelyn for your prayers and kind words of encouragement! I do have a problem with my outer image for sure. As for my inner image I KNOW that I have a big heart and am a good person. I just wish I didn’t have to deal with some people sometimes. You know the ones, who like to make jokes and laugh at you when they have never even given me a chance to know me. Oh and I also love the new ones that LOVE to take pictures of me with there cell phones and send it too there friends and have a good laugh all over the world. I know that we all have stuff to deal with and I don’t want to come across as a whiner but sometimes it feels like it’s too much for me but I know I can deal with it because God never gives us more then we can deal with and with people like you, Mark, my loved ones and God, I know am not alone. 🙂 Thanks again!

  15. Steve says:

    I am disappointed in the approach to this subject and for misuse of science in defense of the position. Canadian farmers produce extremely safe food products which are regulated and inspected by a third party agency (Canadian Food and Inspection Agency). The comments about beef and residual hormones is one that has plagued the beef industry for years. If any creditable evidence was presented to the regulatory systems that beef hormone implants resulted in higher residual levels in the meat the use of such products would be removed from Canada. In fact, many vegetables such as cabbage or soy itself contain higher levels of hormonal activity than beef implanted with hormones.

    I too am a graduate from the U of M with a degree in Animal Science who has worked in the field directly with livestock producers for 15 years. So my perspective is not only based in the science but also in what is happening in reality on farms in Manitoba and Canada as a whole. The use of BST was allowed until 1998 but the number of farms that actually used it was low as managers quickly discovered that it was not a long term tool for success. In a time where over the last 18 to 24 months we have seen generational farms going bankrupt over low prices in the hog market, I do not think this is the time to suggest limiting diet based solely on opinion and selective science.

    The world’s population is growing at an exponential rate where our ability to increase food production is only growing in a linear fashion. This model is not sustainable for feeding the world and all of its children without the use of insecticides, pesticides etc… Yes the use of GMO grains needs to be monitored and researched for long term safety, but it is a tool we have to feed the world today. A main push of the organic food industry is to ‘eat locally’, meaning to eat food only produced within a given distance from your urban area. What does this do to the third world and developing nations and their ability to feed their people? With a shrinking land base for food production, organic farming today is not an option to feed the world, just those who can afford the premium placed upon such production system.

    I believe all people should base their diet choices for what they feel is best. But I hope they also do independent research on facts, as both sides of the argument bend science to fit their needs. After all, a diet that is varied and based on the idea of everything in moderation has been the base of Canada’s Food Guide for generations before us and for generations after us.

  16. SM says:

    Bill Smith, I’m sorry to hear about your problem. I’m going to give you a few tips. Avoid white bread. Eat alot of whole grains.If you want to eat something sweet,you can buy chocolate and stuff like that with sugar that isn’t refined.It even feels healthier when you eat it.Anything with msg is designed to make people fat.If you keep eating foods with msg you can forget loosing weight.Eat alot of organic foods.Yes it’s more expensive,but it’s a heck of alot healthier.Avoid sugar free products.I’ve looked into this.Aspartane and such chemicals make people fat and increase appetite.Do alot of walking if you can.Carbonated drinks also contribute to people gaining weight.Fast foods are insanely addictive.They are filled with msg and other chemicals.Avoid them as much as possible.Eating alot of fruits and vegetables actually helps you lose weight.
    RJ, I understand what you are trying to say,that we need to focus more on the kingdom of God than eating habits. Good point. We all do something that isn’t going to line up to someone elses standards. We need to accept people first before throwing some kind of expectation on them. This is what Christ did for us. Why should we do anything different?

  17. Mark Hughes says:

    I am always amazed at how the subject of diet hits a nerve with people. When we tell people that we eat mostly a vegan diet they are often offended. I actually don’t think it is anybodies business how I choose to eat. Nor am I telling others that they should eat like I do. (My son is a serious carnivore.)
    Having said that, my interest here is to provoke others to consider that maybe, just maybe the epidemic of cancer in our world is largely a result of the dangerous levels of chemicals and toxins that we consume every day. We give the Government and it’s agencies way too much credit if we think they can safeguard the food supply. All one has to do is read the label on the back of the package to realize we are ingesting all kinds of chemicals and preservatives that are not natural to the food that is supposed to be in the box.
    God gave His people very specific dietary regulations because, as the Creator of the body, He knew better than anyone ever will what was good for it. I decided that instead of dismissing the Levitical dietary laws as merely Old Testament I would study them carefully and see if there was wisdom that could be gleaned for today. And of course, there is. For example, as mentioned earlier, He forbade the consumption of animal fat and blood. When they did eat meat they were to cook it in such a way that there was little fat or blood remaining. Today we know that most of the toxins and hormones are stored in the fat and the blood of the meat. Imagine that, God knew what He was talking about all along.
    I will trust my health to the Creator before the Canada Food Guide any day of the week. What others do is their business.

  18. Steve says:

    You don’t speak for me Steve.Instead of taking sciences word for it, go and look up some statistics on what foods cause cancer.If you think our government is looking out for us think again.The FDA is one of the biggest jokes.They would feed us rat poison if they could get away with it.

  19. Steve says:

    Whether people are looking out for us or not in government,we still should pray for them instead of complaining like I just did.And listening to God’s way for us to eat is a good idea.Great advice Pastor Mark.

  20. Heather says:

    This is a very interesting topic!! Obviously a lot of controversy. Since the war on cancer began in the 1970s, the medical community openly admits that very little, if any, progress in halting the rise of cancer rates has taken place. The medical community now states that prevention is the key. I think diet and avoidance of toxins is important, but it is only part of the picture. We also need to look at the role of stress (fear) in our lives. There is a clear scientific link between stress and the growth of cancers. Stress lowers our immune system, raises our corstisol levels and prevents our bodies from detoxing properly. I realize this is a bit of a tangent from the whole food issue, but after our family radically changed our diet, we realized (over time) that it wasn’t the entire answer. I think the issue that needs to be discussed is that we are body-soul-spirit beings. Everything we do in one area affects the other. Thus, it’s important to look at all areas. God, clearly, addresses all areas in HIs Word (thankfully, somebody has all the answers). But, thanks Mark, for bringing up the issue of the body. Perhaps, a future blog on stress?!! Anyway, time for lunch…a nice vegetarian, bean burrito. yum!!

  21. Cindy says:

    Awesome insight Pastor Mark.

    Anyone who wants to learn more … there’s an amazing DVD you should get called “FOOD MATTERS”.

    You are what you eat … you know it’s true!

  22. Cindy says:

    and another thing … Steve you said, “They would feed us rat poison if they could get away with it.”

    … well, they do, it’s called Warfarin and it’s a blood thinner … it’s also the main ingredient in RAT POISON!

    Just thought that was a bit funny!

  23. Louise says:

    Hi Mark,
    I’m glad to see that you are sharing the good news about our physical health as well as our spiritual health. I believe that’s all included in Jesus words, “I came to bring life, and that more abundantly!”.
    I’m very aware of the benefits of a Biblical diet, but have not been as diligent about following it as I used to. Thanks for the call to return to better discipline in this area.

  24. Keith Mander says:

    Wow… this is interesting from a guy who used to poke fun at me for my health focus in my diet. I’m not a big fan of vegan’s diet as it usually leads to a lower PH, and not enough acid to burn off toxins to support our liver function. I have been using grass fed beef for years ( highest level of “organic”, which needs to be clarified as not all organic is the same). Grass fed has three times the level of omega 3 fatty acids then regular beef, and much higher then chicken. It also is a fantastic way to get iron, and acid support for our liver. However, we still manage to mess it up in the manner that we cook it… straight over the open flame at temp’s above 300 degrees … recent studies show that any red meat (including pork which I avoid) that heated for long periods of time above 200 will develop toxic cells that are linked to cancer… the longer, the worse. Therefore a rare steak is healthier for you then a well down steak. Another reason it is healthier to cook ur steak less, is that some of the very powerful amino acids are more active, as well as a natural ingredient call creatine. Weller done steak nullifies the creatine that stimulates greater muscle growth in our bodies. Proper marination of the steak not only makes it tender and tastier, it helps to saturate the meat, and thus effective keeps the temperature with in the meat around the boiling point. This helps prevent over cooking, and significantly reduces the toxic cells that are created in the meat exponentially. I will not buy into that no meat argument, as some of the healthiest 100 plus year old people I know have eaten good quality meat their whole life.
    However, beware to “meatatarians” (Wendy’s commercial). Eating a diet lopsided with meat protein will produce very high acidity in the diet, and cause problems with ulcers, and nutirent absorption. Years ago when I was trying to consume so much protein any way I could (meat, whey, dairy), I discovered through my own investigation that most of it was not absorbed efficiently thru our digestive systems. For the last 4-5 years, I have used a reduced amount of Whey, but always combine it with greens (spirilina, etc, commonly found in a combination of dark green vegi’s), soluble & insoluble fibre, essential fatty acids, and probiotics (proportioned). Together these ingredients aid digestian, and help sustain longer fuel burning (higher metabolism over a longer period of time), and a cleaner engine that allows less opportunity for pockets of toxins. These ingredients are used in my breakfast everyday (no fat yogurt, dehydrated vegi greens, skim milk, flax and fish oil, psyllium husks, multi-sourced whey with no sweetner, and mixed frozen berries).
    I cut back on pork because of the nitrate imbalance it produced in my body, which decreased the effectiveness of protein absorption into my muscles. I avoid shell fish, and shrimp because I never saw a benefit to them. Wonder why God created cows, and other herding animals, that are virtually defenseless (like sheep)? I’m more into calculated moderation then extreme reactions. I’m not stating that this change in diet for you is an bad decision, but it does seem reactive & motivated by a personal emotional experience. My experience was Chrone’s disease when I was 11 years old (21 when I was operated on).

  25. RJ says:

    It may seem as I was somewhat hard and final in my last submission and come across as a salt laden meat eating carnavore which happens not to be the case. What I failed to see mentioned was the the substantialy different lifestyles that all are in but our eating habits don’t reflect different when they should match our form of work we do be it physical or none as it may be. For example if you put in 8 plus hours of hard physical labor you eat what you do because you need to but when you sit behind a desk for your job as I do 50% of the time you still should eat only as you need to. With all the garbage on our store shelves even that can be fatal. I was on a farm where we grew and processed our own and yes we did as scripture indicates ,animals were bled out and fat was processed to soap but salt was used as a preservative and with work on the farm we needed the salt to keep from getting sick before the end of day at times. That was when I was young and yes my grama ate the same but much less quanity as she was an invalid in a wheelchair. To sum up the key is to keep in mind the word moderation which also is used in the Word. Also if we start supporting the smaller shops in produce and meat if you like that will give you a fresh product rather than that preserved with (what)for the $ saving would help our health. As for vegan or carnavore I believe both over rated and not healthy for relationships first and bodies second. What I say in this is that if I am invited to any place as a guest I will eat what they so have prepared unless its lemon pie of course and if anyone looks I will fake that as well. In turn I expect the same in return as I hold my wifes cooking sacred next to the Word itself so of course visiting (teenagers at the least) will eat what is given them at our place.
    What I find revolting is ,for example someone dies of whatever people all die of, all to often we hear people discussing after the fact that if they had not done this or that they would probably still be alive there by giving the dead person or live relative one last kick. I ask where were you when they were alive and did we try to walk with them to help or did we just talk behind their back. I don’t like this topic any more now because I don’t believe its done much for any of us and I preferr to be face to face with people . I apoligise for offending some of you for writing what I believe due to my interpretation of the Word . I believe it is our business to watch out for our brothers and sisters in Christ when we see them eating what could kill them as we do with any other habits that church deems unacceptable so yes it is our business.

  26. Sandi says:

    I’ve avoided pork and shellfish for the last five years, after reading about the toxins they contain, because the common denominator is that they feed on waste. Jordan Rubin, Don Colbert and Joseph Mercola have explained it well. If I do eat those things on occasion, I notice that my system doesn’t react so well, and I actually feel ill.

    With regards to vegetarianism, while it’s great in theory, it’s not something I could ever do. After doing much research, I’ve learned that there are three different metabolic types: Some people function well on a diet that consists primarily of carbs. Others do well on a mixed diet of protein and carbs, and others do best with good fats and protein combined with fruits and vegetables, avoiding even complex carbs. (Not extreme protein consumption as in the Atkins diet.)

    When you eat, your food should give you energy. If you feel tired, sluggish or experience indigestion, then it’s likely that a different food combination would be more appropriate.

    I’ve tried a vegetarian diet, and I was constantly tired and gained weight. A mixed diet caused indigestion. The best combination for me is eating good fats with protein and fruits and veggies–five to six mini-meals a day. It keeps my mind clear, mood stable, energy up and weight off.

  27. Steve says:

    RJ, if people always agreed with everything we’d all be a bunch of robots.It’s refreshing to see people standing up for what they believe is right,even if everybody else doesn’t think so.I find that attribute honourable.

  28. Karen says:

    What a group of amazing comments! We are all individually responsible for our OWN food choices. Whether it is the diet of choice or if you are like me, a serious Hawkins cheesie addict, we are still all responsible for what goes in our mouth.
    After reading this, I thought of a few questions. Is there too much choice out there for us? Because of our food choices, are we subconsciously demanding that food manufacturers process our foods in a manner that contains all of these preservatives, chemicals etc? How can we as consumers make changes to how food is labeled, processed (not sure that is the right word) and distributed? How can we make the gov’t sit up and take notice of our concerns?
    Food for thought….

  29. Mulinde says:

    Thank you so much Pastor Mark. I have really learned a lot through reading your blog entries. I have been doing research lately about healthy foods and have found that animal protein in general is not good for humans because it takes long to digest. Concerning milk (dairy) consumption, I was was surprised to find out just recently that milk is not good for humans because….wait for it….IT’S NOT MEANT FOR HUMANS! (surprise!). Among other things, milk contains a protein called casein which is not readily digested by the human digestive system. I have decided to adopt a vegan diet and have done away with milk, cheese, pork and i feel healthier than i did before. Thank you so much Pastor Mark. May God continue to bless you.

  30. Isaac says:

    Just re: the headline… some Mennonite ethical dilemma’s

    Free beer

    Free dance lessons

    Low fat perogies.


  31. Jay says:

    I appreciate eating right and agree with all you said Mark, but the decision seems made out of fear. It just came accross while reading about your family dying and how you are the last, it just seemed very fearful.
    I could be wrong, but we are supposed to examine our hearts, and not that i disagree with your choice to eat right, i would pray that there is no fear behind it because that is a major tool of the Ememy.
    Again, i am not saying that eating unhealthy is good, but there are always things to consider with every choice we make. Spiritual things.

    Pray without ceasing.

  32. Angela says:

    I am really curious as to the biblical relevance of the different blood types in the human race. Does anyone follow the bloodtype diet? We all look different, gain weight different, have different ailments and excercise tolerance. I wonder what God had planned here?

  33. Faisal says:

    I’m a Muslim, and I absolutely agree with Mark. And in reality both Old Testament and Al-Quran speaks almost the same about diets. I am pretty sceptical about the way even the so called modern HALAL chicken and beefs are processed. I believe there’s too much artificial processing is involved now-a-days. The artificiality is more in the developed 1st world countries. As I am from a 3rd world country originally, I know people of my country eat more natural things. Even so, I have to say, people all over the world are destroying themselves by adding so much preservatives in food.

  34. ariel edery says:

    Very important post – we are what we eat.
    As a Jew who follows Jewish dietary rules (the ones in the Bible, and with the 2000 years of interpretation and evolution until today)I like the article. But, did you need to use the old antiJewish demeaning stereotype in the title? Pork ‘on sale’ is no dilemma for me – I would hope for a bit more of respect for the people who produced and kept the very principles you are beginning to learn from.

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