Overcomers in Christ: Found Her Answers.

For many years I have struggled with addictive behaviour, failed to maintain relationships, and I felt like God didn’t love me. I’ve been a Christian for 20 some years, but my life reflected no proof that I knew Jesus, and there was no evidence of a solid relationship with Him.

I have had many addictions which include drugs, sexual behaviour, cutting, and pornography. On many occasions I tried to quit, but always ended up going back to my addiction. I felt like a failure. Nothing I did worked. I felt powerless, out of control.

I joined Church of the Rock just over 2 years ago. I was introduced to a group “Overcomers in Christ”, by a very good friend. Though hesitant and nervous at first, I bit the bullet and dove in head first. To my amazement, I found there were other Christians that were struggling just like I was. As the weeks went by I was comfortable enough with these people to share my hurts, my habits, and my hang-ups. It is great to be in a safe place where you can share your thoughts and feelings, and relate to others as well. I have learned a lot about where my addictions have come from, and also I have a better understanding of how God can help me through my struggles. In this group, I have been able to build and maintain friendships with others, as well as have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I definitely recommend Overcomers to anyone who is struggling with an addiction and looking for some answers.

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