Halloween has gradually become one our cultures most anticipated and beloved observances. Kids look forward to the night for weeks. Parents everywhere will be sending their children out in the streets to go door to door so that they can beg for candy.  They can dress up as a cowboy, fairy princess, favourite superhero, cartoon character… ghost, goblin, horror film slasher, the grim reaper or maybe Satan himself.  Oh what fun!

I will make no bones about it, I think Christian parents who are sending their kids out for Halloween are naive and uninformed.  Whenever I bring this up, well meaning parents think I am making too much of a big deal about it and that it is just good harmless fun.  Really?

Even on the very surface it is easy to see that Halloween is clearly rooted in the occult.  It goes back to the time of the ancient Druids in England.  These were Celtic pagan nature worshippers who celebrated their most important religious festival at harvest time called Samhain.  They believed that on this night the barrier between the natural world and the supernatural was removed, and the souls of the dead were able to move freely among human beings.

In AD 835, some year after Christianity was introduced to the Celtic people, Pope Gregory IV moved the ‘Feast of All Saints’ from the spring of the year to November 1st in an attempt to supplant Samhain and break the stronghold of paganism.  The night before (Oct 31st) was know as ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ (Halloween) and was a prayer vigil.  It wasn’t long before the original pagan traditions had crept right back in and reclaimed the night as their own.  The Druids believed that on Halloween wicked souls that had died in the past year returned to their original homes. In order to free yourself from their evil influence you had to set out food and provide them with shelter for the night. If they were satisfied, it was believed they would leave you in peace. If they were not satisfied the ghosts would cast a spell on you and wreak havoc in your home.  Historically this was the basis for dressing as ghosts and goblins and going from house to house asking for a treat, lest you give them a trick.  Today the night before Halloween is called ‘Gate Night”.  Again it is a throw back to Samhain and is considered the night when the these evil spirits are released from the underworld.  Delinquent youth use it as an excuse to roam the streets causing mischief and doing acts of vandalism.  Hello!  This should not be so hard to connect the dots.

Why on earth we have allowed our little children from their earliest age to participate in this blatant celebration of evil completely escapes me. “There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer. (Deut 18:10)  Apart from the fact that what we are doing is completely forbidden in scripture, there is at least one more reason to take a pass on Halloween.  When we entertain anything occultic or demonic we are giving Satan an invitation to intervene in our lives.  Eph 4:27 says, “Do not give place to the Devil”. Satan is not permitted to just run roughshod over us.  He really needs an invitation of sorts.  Jesus lived completely free of demonic interference.  On one occasion the crowd tried to kill Him and could not.  They tried to push him off a cliff… but He just walked through the crowd.  He clearly stated that no one could take His life but that He would lay his life down Himself.   Throughout His earthly walk, try as he may, the Devil could not touch Him.  Why not?  John 14:30 tells us;  “… for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.

There are all sorts of ways that we can invite evil into our lives; sin, disobedience, unforgiveness, drugs, spiritual neglect etc.  But nothing is more dangerous and damning than deliberate spiritual invocation through pagan rituals, witchcraft and the occult.  Like it or not, that is exactly what Halloween is.  It is unbelievable that an entire culture has bought into celebrating Halloween.  I will call it what it is; modern day, family-friendly, pagan witchcraft!

For the 25 years our church has been in existence we have always provided a Halloween alternative for our kids.  Some will think even that is an unacceptable compromise.  I don’t.  It is pretty hard to explain to a 6 year old that you are going to stay home with the lights off and spend the night praying, when at  the same time, all the kids from their school will be going out collecting huge bags of candy.  Instead we counter-program the night and do an indoor carnival at the church.  The kids wear wholesome costumes, play carnival games and win tons of candy.  Last year we had over 500 kids come for the evening, plus their parents.  I won’t lie, it is organized mayhem, the place becomes a complete zoo, but at least it offers a safe and superior alternative to inviting the Devil to make our lives a living hell for yet another year.

Whoa Mark, you are stepping on some toes here.  Good, I sincerely hope so!  I think every parent, Christian or otherwise, needs to ask themselves this question; Is Halloween a trick or treat?  Trust me on this one. It’s a trick!

I do hope everybody understands that I am not standing in judgment of your choice but rather trying to provoke a deeper look at Halloween.  When we have been raised doing something (like Halloween… as I also was) it is very hard to see any hidden or inherent dangers.  I have been to countries were spiritism is very much part of their culture.  Places like that celebrate Carnival (Brazil), Mardi Gras (New Orleans), etc. live under incredible spiritual bondage.  These kinds of Halloween type festivals exist all over the 3rd world and have profound spiritual impact.  In many places they have become intertwined with their Catholicism.  In Uruguay we were in an evangelistic meeting where hundreds of people were under the influence of demon possession and needed deliverance.  Once you see firsthand the wholesale spiritual bondage that is possible, you would never ever consider Halloween harmless fun.  There are also hundreds of books written on the subject of Halloween many by people who have studied the histories of these spiritually bound countries.  But instead of reading them many Christians will naively defend their dearly held Halloween traditions.  Do a little poking around for articles online.  You might be surprised what you discover.

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46 Responses to DON’T BE A HALLOWEENIE

  1. Anessa says:

    Preach it Pastor!!

  2. Bruno says:

    The Halloween post and its following lively discussion is kind of my way to know that this blog has been going on for another year, I wonder what reactions you’ll have this time.

    I am sure you still get plenty of: “you have kids dress up, you give candy, it’s on the same day, how is it different?”

    On my end, like you said, people may be misinformed about Halloween, but in a purely practical way, what would you say is the key element that any Church needs to do if they want to do an alternative that will keep criticism to a minimum (can’t remove it completely, now THAT would be sorcery)?

  3. Elisabeth LaPointe says:

    Thank you, I was glad to read this artical as so many Christians don’t think halloween is harmful I was geginning to wonder if I was wrong. I hope and pray that a lot of people read it.

  4. Kathy Blatz says:

    Great article. I participated in going door to door, in a small village, singing for the
    older folks and getting candy…never thought anything of it. But when we got married and had a family and saw how much differently Halloween was celebrated, it made me shudder and we always did an alternate activity with our children, because I just knew it wasn’t right. Now, you have put words to what my spirit was feeling. I’m going to share this article with some of my co-workers who just don’t understand why I feel an aversion to Halloween. Thank you!

    • Betty says:

      Halloween is certainly a “sacred” night for devil worshippers and I have heard through very reliable sources that when Halloween lands on a Sunday there is a greater celebration of the dead including human sacrifice of a virgin. I know this from the folks who rescued their daughter from a night such as this. She wasn’t the sacrifice but a very shocked participant who too, hadn’t realized how very real a huge community of devil worhippers celebrate this night. The devil claps his hands every time a Christian ignores or participates in the eve of the dead.

  5. Steve says:

    I agree Pastor Mark, Halloween is pretty evil. A celebration of the lighter side of evil. An easy way for satan to lure through a false sense of coolness. Making light of a lesser evil in order to trap people into a greater evil. Making it look harmless in order to cause harm down the road.
    I think many people are hurt in the Christian Church and don’t trust anymore. That could be why so many don’t care about Halloween or other things in their lives.
    I believe it is pain that causes a holiday like Halloween to exist in the first place.
    People want to get their aggression out and express their pain.satan loves pain.He uses it to trick people into believing a lie.
    I’m glad love is the answer to all that pain. Forgiveness,kindness,gentleness,mercy and grace. The answer to Halloween and everyone’s pain, not to mention the begining of a powerful move of His Spirit!

  6. Leanne says:

    Thank you, Pastor Mark!!! If we as Christians all stood firm and together on this, it wouldn’t seem so confusing. It would be easier for our children to understand and not feel left out. Keep shouting the Word of God and stepping on toes!

  7. Lena says:

    I don’t see why we need alternative! Just go about our lives like usual & don’t participate with anything Halloween. My thought is exactly what “Bruno” said you would get thoughts on. Your kids dress up, you give candy & on the same day. What’s the difference? I don’t see any. Just because its not on the streets doesn’t make it any different!! Satan is probably laughing at your naiveness!

  8. Donald Jones says:

    While we’re on the topic of Christians practicing things that are “completely forbidden in scripture” I would like to remind everyone the words spoken by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ from Luke 16:18 ““Anyone who divorces his wife and marries another woman commits adultery, and the man who marries a divorced woman commits adultery.” I think this is a good opportunity to remind everyone that if we’re going to pick and choose what sins we should refrain from, any Pastor who re-marries people, or people who are getting re-married for reasons other than adultery, is committing massive sin according to the Son of Man himself, Jesus. Don’t forget while you consider Halloween everyone! I hope this message helps to add to your list of sins to be aware of, refrain from, and repent for!!

  9. Bruno says:

    I would definitely not go with naiveness… I think being confused about roots of a celebration seems like a given nowadays, and I do believe that some alternatives can make sense, but I would definitely be interested in the do and don’t.

    I have heard Christians hate on Easter or the specific natures of placing Christmas on Dec 25th. But in the end, what those days mean to you make or break you.

    If people destroy Christmas by making it a consumerism-driven venue, I’m simply wondering if picking candies door to door doesn’t kinda destroy what ritualistic endeavors of Halloween had, a “you wanted sacrifices, well ha! I’m dress my boy as a bunny, take that!” approach?

    • Donald Jones says:

      Most definitely Bruno. There are two general ways of approaching originally Christian holidays:

      Christmas for the Christian: A religious observance/celebration of Jesus’ birth. One date was chosen to mark this on December 25.

      “Christmas” for the Pagan: Everything ELSE out there – trees, presents, work parties, dinners, a STAT day off, etc. Not a thing wrong with those things, but, they certainly have nothing to do with the essence of Christ’s birth. It is a Winter Solstice Holiday celebration that has stolen the Christian terminology to celebrate, which is why my Sikh neighbour has a tree lit up in his living room.

      Easter for the Christian: A religious celebration/observance of Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection.

      “Easter” for the Pagan: Everything ELSE out there – bunnies, egg hunts, candies, dinners, a STAT day off, etc. Not a thing wrong with those things, but, they certainly have nothing to do with the essence of Christ’s ressurection. It is a Spring Equinox Holiday celebtration that has stolen the Christian terminology to celebrate, which is why my Sikh neighbour has an egg hunt in his back yard.

      And it is the same for Halloween Bruno. A pagan/generic way of having some fun, OR a dark religious event. It is subjective to each individual, and I’m under the assumption God grasps that concept.

  10. Sally says:

    Before the Lord saved me, delivered me and set me free,I was involved in the Occult. And it was a known practise to me that many witches,wizards and occult minded people fasted and prayed several days before Halloween and regularly one day a week so that satans influence would be great at this time. Fasting was done to send out curses and spells on all those unsuspecting children and people. It was also done to breakup Christian marriages and bring down Christian preachers. It is not just a fun night.It was known that demons would be released to harass and even possess children as they went around trick or treating. And if that isn’t enough to deter you, casting spells and sending out curses upon children should. This is not a night for anyone to celebrate or take part in.

  11. Steve says:

    I believe that it is vital in this hour that we as Christians seek Christ. Our first love.
    If Jesus doesn’t want someone to participate in Halloween, then they should listen. If someone else wants to use it as a chance to show the love of Christ to others,then they should listen to Christ.
    What is the Holy Spirit asking us in our lives to give up or to grab ahold of?
    I believe the Lord is calling His people to grab hold of humility, mercy, forgiveness, trust, and kindness. Basicly, He wants us to start loving each other and those around us, whatever the cost.
    We have all messed up royally in some way, and now Christ is asking us to change what we need to change, recieve His forgiveness and begin giving that forgiveness out to each other.

  12. Paul says:

    Steve … I think you are 100% right. I wanted to add to what you said, but you summed it up nicely – just want to say, I agree. For some, Christ may not want them to participate, for others, He may. Thanks Steve!

  13. Faith Kent says:

    My Mother was a strong Christian but she [and I] disagree on your version-Yes it has been linked to the occult however Moms version[from the East coast]Was that the masks and costumes were meant to scare the devil and his minions back to hell because All Hallows was the only night they could come to earth–she and my Dad dressed up and handed out treats every year!

  14. Faith Kent says:

    Watching your sermon yesterday set me off again with you misrepresentation of Microwaves-They are between visible light and audible sound 6″ long[thus the micro]and the width of a pencil[why they cannot escape from the oven]it causes the molecules of the food to rub together at a hi rate of speed but can only penetrate 1″-so you have to let the food rest it keeps cooking for a few min. There is NOTHING to do with radiation and NOTHING to be afraid of I love your sermons but quit leading people astray!

  15. Brittany says:

    I think its super hypocritical to have any sort of alternative celebration on the 31st if you truly believe what you just said in your post. You’re still dressing up and having a celebration on the day known as Halloween. Therefore, you’re still celebrating Halloween. It’s no different than dressing up and going door to door.

  16. Bonnie says:

    I had somebody send me the link to this article. Thank you for posting it. I have taken a stand against “celebrating” Halloween as well. My father being a pastor, we were not permitted to go out on Halloween when we were growing up. Our own children, who are all now grown, only rarely went out, but it was contrary to my better judgement, and it seems now that with all the focus on the gore and with living in a death-culture that it is definitely something a Christian would want to stay far away from.

    I also want to add, that as you already mentioned, the Roman Catholic church created this event, and is another example of its syncretization, for which it is famous. Scripture warns us not live as the pagans do, and our culture is rapidly become more paganized. We are not to mix Christianity with paganism. Not only Halloween, but Christmas (“Christ-mass”) is another example of Roman Catholic syncretization, as is Easter: “Oestre” (meaning “egg”)/Ishtar, the pagan goddess. The early church did not commemorate the birth of Christ, and Easter’s origins are also completely pagan, having to do with pagan fertility rights. Christ’s death and resurrection are the fulfillment of the Feast of Passover. There has been some confusion about this in today’s church since “Easter” is mentioned in the Bible. At the time the Bible was written it was a pagan event that nearly coincided with the Jewish Passover. In fact, the Feast of Passover occurred earlier in the month, which was then followed by the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and Passover was already over when Easter took place (it is referred to in Acts 12:1-40). Many have been taught that the use of the word “Easter” is a mistranslation, but those who translated God’s Word into The King James Version got it right. It is the later versions that have it wrongly translated this word as “Passover” in this passage. Easter never was a Christian celebration, it was a Roman Catholic syncretization of the pagan celebration and the death and resurrection of Christ. It is time that Christians learn their history. Halloween, Easter and Christmas (the celebration of the sun god) ALL have pagan origins and the Roman Catholic church, first of all, and then later the Christian church have syncretized the pagan celebrations, which have nothing to do with Christianity, nothing to do with events in the life of Christ. How a Christian deals with these facts is on each Christian individually before God, and they will answer to Him. Would you want the celebration of the day of your birth moved to coincide with the “birth” of a pagan god just to satisfy the general population? Rather than have to explain the differences to non-Christians, I have personally chosen not to participate in any of these occasions, but to rather do the two things we are told to do in Scripture – be baptized and commemorate the Lord’s death until He comes. This has made my life much simpler, and also is a clear representation of what Christ came to accomplish in our lives.

  17. Clarence Klassen says:

    I think if people studied the bible as much as the occult they would see that Jesus succeeded at what he came to do. Which is die and be resurrected to pay for our sins. Which means we are set free. So the bottom line is that all this Halloween stuff is just Halloween stuff. If people at going out wrecking things, if it wasn’t Halloween they would do it another day. Thanks

  18. Heather says:

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that Halloween is the biggest “holiday” in North America next to Christmas. As believers, we are to be alert and not to allow the enemy to gain a foothold into our lives – no matter how innocent something looks. I agree completely with this article. It is so unfortunate for our children that the culture has turned this day into the “event” that it is. We must continue to pray for our children & guide them through these times.
    Thank you for your frankness Mark.

  19. Kim says:

    I too have been too many places and seen to many things to find anything ‘fun’ or ‘harmless’ about Halloween. Even when a person hasn’t, however, I find it so hard to believe that selling bloody body parts and evil costumes in the grocery store isn’t a major check for those who haven’t thought hard enough about it. Satan certainly has blinded the eyes of people! I shake my head at how ‘we’ celebrate this holiday, gore and all, but then find it so shocking when horrific crimes occur. What do we think we are playing with? I’ve researched much and have many scriptures and reasons to stand against this ‘celebration’ but at the end of the day my family just cannot take part in it because the Holy Spirit of God will not allow us. If your confused as to the many arguments people have, ask HIM.

  20. Crystal says:

    I just wanted to say that we as kids first started going out on Halloween until my parents learned what it’s really about and what it was based on. And now my husband and I having 3 boys chose not to celebrate in it also for that reason.
    The difference between Halloween, Easter and Christmas, is what they are based on. Easter and Christmas are both based on love…..which Halloween is NOT! If the world looks to Christians and sees us take part in such holidays, I would pray that we would be strong enough to make a example to God that would be pleasing to him! The world is full of peer pressure and my hope would be that we would stay strong and do the right thing.

  21. Laurie says:

    Hmmm, where to begin. “Christian parents who are sending their kids out for Halloween are naive and uninformed.” I’m pretty dismayed that you would make such a generalization. By saying this, you are basically indicating that any Christian parent who allows their child to participate in Halloween has no idea what they’re doing and has no clue about the origins of Halloween. Really? In today’s world of information saturation, I think it’s naive on your part to actually believe that.

    The rock-o-rama that happens at the church is…let’s call a spade a spade…a halloween party. You can justify it any way you want using pretty semantics, but come on. It’s a halloween party Mark. Kids get dressed up and get candy. You say it’s a
    “safe and superior alternative to inviting the devil to make our lives a living hell for yet another year”. Again, a sweeping generalization and a huge judgement on Christian families that go out on halloween night, other than to your party that is. You are telling us that we are inviting satan into our lives? Be serious.

    Christian parents who allow their kids to dress up like a bumblebee or a princess or a clown or a pirate etc. and go with them from door to door to fill up their little candy bags, is a far cry from inviting the devil into their lives. Please. I get the whole witches & ghosts & goblins thing, that’s embracing the evil side of halloween. But this day has greatly evolved over the centuries to become simply a day of fun for the vast majority of people. Yes, there are many who may use halloween to worship satan but I would suspect they would be the type of people who engage in that behaviour more than once a year.

    Whether I take my kids out for candy in our community among friends & neighbors or take them to Church of the Rock for their candy bags to be filled, I am doing this as a fully informed Christian parent who teaches my kids to walk in the Lord on a daily basis. I cover my kids in prayer and I fully believe that He is in them and around them at all times. We do not engage in satanic rituals or worship or any such thing. For you to imply that and throw that judgement in my face makes me want to rethink where I want to park my butt on Sunday mornings. My kids know they cannot choose a costume that is evil-looking – they know halloween is just for fun and all they care about at the end of the day is the pillow case full of candy.

    Another thought, if we are engaging in such insideous and evil behaviour by participating in halloween, why on earth would you encourage people to hand out bibles along with their candy? Hypocritical?

    Usually your blog is pretty insightful but this one is nothing but a huge judgement against fellow believers. I think I may have read something in the bible somewhere about that…

  22. Michael Kowalson says:

    I greatly respect Mark and his views. AT one point in our faith life we were involved in a community where a LOT of mischief occurred on Halloween night every year. One year we organized a walking prayer vigil around that town and it experienced it’s lowest amount of vandalism etc. The year before even had pet killings but that one was tame. The next year we couldn’t get the same response and it occurred again. So I HAVE to agree there are some places where spiritual darkness increases on that night.

    ON THE OTHER HAND – I can have the same prayer covering over my children, the same education and the same positive effect by sending them out in the middle of it with the right costumes and correct perspective and possibly positive peer influence.

    There is benefit in both perspectives and awareness of the surroundings you are in! One noted item – A|ll Hallow’s Eve was once claimed by the Christians – and allowed to degrade again into paganism – seems to me it was the Christians who fell asleep on this one – it’s up to us to return the prayer vigil and Rock-O-Rama doesn’t really do that.

    When we took our kids to it two years in a row – they only came back disappointed – with a lot less candy than they got going door-to-door and saw more than a few bone and devil costumes from kids who came to the event. It simply wasn’t different enough for me to say to them they should keep going. Instead I have to say education and personal responsibility and choice is more effective. not to mention the positive effect you can have by handing out candy as well.

    In the end, I have to say God is powerful and can overcome in both ways – both can be steps in the right direction and while I applaud Mark’s conviction and how he acts on it – it comes down to personal choice. – The same personal choice Mark exercised in not emphasizing the church youth ministry to his kids – and choosing to emphasize it in his own home instead. The result was still strong – church-involved kids – sometimes there is more than one way to a good end.

  23. Jerica says:

    And just like that satan has got his way again. It’s really sad how easily us fellow Christians bad mouth each other and push each other down. This stupid, money grabbing “holiday” has divided us so much that the spirituality behind it isn’t even the problem anymore! It’s the way we are treating each other and satan is just loving it. In James 1:19-20 it says ” Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters! Let every person be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger. For human anger does not accomplish God’s righteousness.”
    Let’s build each other up with love and kindness and make our Father proud.

  24. Sally says:

    It is interesting to see how we try to rationalize our position on whether to trick or treat or not. As James 4:4 says: Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? I believe God is bringing us to the place of: Do we believe His Word or not, and if so, are we going to be the difference that people see or not? I think we are heading for a time where we will have to take sides and be counted one way or the other.

  25. Charlotte McCarthy says:

    It actually surprises and saddens me that there is any question at all over whether Christians should celebrate Halloween, as I think it’s rather obvious the answer is no. The only reason I can think of for parents to even consider it is because of peer pressure and not wanting our little ones to be disappointed. If not for our own spiritual sanctity, we should abstain to show the secular world that we are different and don’t condone such obvious celebration of the devil and the. “dark side”. Whilst we know that Jesus accomplished what He set out to on the cross and whilst we can be prayerful, God has also given us wisdom and discernment and to join in with celebrating such a pagan festival can not be something that is Godly or supported by the HS. If something evangelical is done at Halloween, then great – but we should be wise in how we conduct it.

    I have 2 young school- aged boys and we have always made it clear that we disagree with Halloween and the reasons why. They are allowed some sweets at home but we make a point of abstaining in everything else. In fact we often go out as a family that evening so that we’re not at home having to answer or avoid answering the door!

  26. Steve says:

    I believe like I said before that being filled with the love of Christ for others is most important on Halloween and any other day. Surrender to His love!

    • Dee says:

      Missy, I send you positive vibes that you pursue the actions of that new teacher.

      It would be difficult and challenging to oppose the teacher, but Pastor Mark inspires us to stay strong in the face of opposition, with more than one blog that says “Good!” when people accuse him of stepping on toes.

      May you have Great Big Never-ending Toe Stompers!

  27. Missy Little says:

    Well Pastor Mark,
    it has been a few years since I have written in your blog.My kids are growing up and my oldest is now 13.We took the children out to a few doors to collect candy with the rest of the crowd in our small town.In reality we were walking up to get free coffee at McDonalds.Yes they had dressed up at school and wore innocent costumes-dinosaur,superman,skeleton.
    We were surprised and outraged that a new teacher at our school handed out assignments to the grade 5 kids a couple days before halloween, to create a spell.They had to list the ingrediants , in a live presentation and demonstration.I was pissed.Why are they allowing this kind of teaching at the schools,but we no longer have to recite the lords prayer,or sing God save the Queen? I am really upset with this new teacher at St.Lambert Elementary. My husband had a meeting with the principle,but it did not change anything. I think they could of least presented a recipe and introduce how to follow a recipe to create some type of food….how do you think I can approach this again…for the sake of the children’s perspective on this-we are not enrolled at Hogwarts for Pete’s sake!

  28. Bernie says:

    I agree with Laurie but really this issue is just another one of those things that seems to divide us. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. These are the things that are important. To me this haloween question is very much like the question of what food is acceptable to eat which Paul addresses in Romans and probably other letters. It’s complicated and I’m not sure there’s any right answer but I think some of Paul’s advice in Romans is helpful.

  29. Alice says:

    I assume you do not watch tv or listen the radio Eric as well…. Since all of that stuff has ‘sinful’ things on it.
    My child dresses up in innocence….she loves Jesus…. And she is constantly telling her friends about Jesus.

    Sometimes I think people go too far.
    My friend has rebelled from the church and God bc her parents would not TEACH HER about anything good- just told her what was bad.

    I’m sad that this is the teaching of your church. Glad I attend somewhere else.

    Teach your kids about what is good. Teach them the difference between the fun tradition of Easter chocolates with the real message of Jesus in the cross.
    Don’t take away childhood! Teach!!!

  30. Cal says:

    Plastor Mark, sorry but you’re missing the mark on this one! I started reading your article on halloween and thought, finally a pastor that’s got it right! Then you started talking about a kid friendly alternative. Sorry but you contradicted yourself. What happen to being in the world but not of it. Dressing up as a princess is no better than being a ghoul in reality. Do we have to partake in everything society deems fun and friendly? Sure go ahead and have an event for the kids, but loose the costumes.

    In love, your brother in Christ

  31. Sally says:

    There will always be two camps on this question and every Bible believing Christian has to determine in his or her heart, what it is they believe about this celebration of death.
    Whatever we do, we do as unto the Lord…is it pleasing to Him or not? I have heard all the comments as to do everything in love, don’t spoil the fun for the kids, why would we want our kids to go out and beg for candy or that it is a harmless event etc, etc, it all boils down to what does the Word of God say and are we going to follow it or not?

  32. Steve says:

    Halloween is the least of our worries.
    God’s gettin ready to bring us back to the Acts church!
    We’ll have to leave our egos at the door in the Acts church. We won’t be able to talk over what the Lord is saying in the Acts church! Now that will be community!

  33. Steve says:

    I don’t think they would celebrate Halloween in the Acts church, and I don’t think they would be arguing about it either.
    They would’ve had better things to do like praying for their city and getting together in love and mercy for each other and being filled with the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus would’ve been their strength,not their
    standard of morality.Our first love is Jesus and His standard is love.Love destroys immorality!

  34. John says:

    Came across this blog post and realize that I am not the Pastor’s intended audience (no fixed religion). Seems to me, all religions pick and choose a lot what’s good and bad depending on what the interpreter wants you to believe. The bible states eating pork and shellfish is “bad”, yet Christians eat them all the time. The Christmas Tree is a pagan affectation, so are Easter eggs. Never heard the Easter Bunny described as Satanic , but I hardly go to church (and based on this will continue to give it a miss) This church doesn’t celebrate Halloween but gives out candy to kids in costume on the same night yet judges others who do the same thing door to door as “unChristian”. Pork chops and breaded shrimp anyone?

    • Mark Hughes says:

      No thanks John. I don’t eat pork or shellfish.

    • The Truth says:

      Right on the mark John. Why people who label themselves as “Christian” choose to fight for the right to call pagan practices such as Holiday Trees or presents on Dec.25 “Christmas” is both ignorant, and insulting. Absolutely nowhere in the Bible is it mentioned directly, or indirectly that believers should light up evergreen trees or their homes during the Christmas period – this is not open for argument, it simply IS NOT in the Bible. Absolutely nowhere in the Bible is it mentioned directly, or indirectly that believers should spend billions of dollars to give each other presents during the Christmas period. This is not open for argument either as it is simply NOT in the Bible. Yet, so many “Christians” practice this in the stolen name of “Christmas.” Don’t get me wrong – I don’t see anything horrible about pretty lights or presents during the Winter Solstice period (it’s fun!). Where I do take offense is when Christians claim it is something to do with the birth of Jesus Christ. Don’t even try to claim the Wisemen’s gifts to Jesus has anything to do with this, because giving Him gifts on HIS birthday make sense. Splashing them all over each other on HIS birthday, does not, nor do the other things I’ve mentioned, and that includes calling chocolate eggs an “Easter” tradition. When true believers walk the walk and take the trees out of Christmas (a holy day), is when they will be respected to take the trick or treating out of Halloween. So odd that one pagan fun practice based out of an originally religious day is “bad” yet the other fun practices that blatantly STEAL the name of other religious holidays are “acceptable.” Let’s all take a look at Church of the Rock this season – any lights, any trees? Tsk Tsk.

  35. Tina Plett says:

    As for my house, I only participated in Haloween once. Years ago, in Steinbach, the praise and worship team called Streetbeat, organized a Prayer March around the city which concluded at city hall where we worshipped God together with believers in the community.
    There were busses that dropped off small groups all around the city. Each group prayed as they walked their section of the path. We did warfare and we had a euphoric sense of victory when we gathered to praise the Victor!
    The inspiration to do this was given to Dale Reimer who at the time pastored Calvary Chapel.

  36. Joselo says:

    What cute buttons! I have sarevel friends & relatives whose favorite holiday is Halloween. What fun it would be to have these buttons to make something for them!

  37. A modern Druid says:

    Wow. You, sir are rather uneducated on the subject. While you quote scripture and have some “facts” about paganism almost correct, you forget to mention a very important thing: Satan is a construct of Christianity. He has absolutely nothing to do with the old Pagan practices which existed in Europe and England LONG before Christianity saw the light of day. Satan is a Christian bastardization of the old Greek God Pan. Samhain is NOT about “evil spirits” coming to haunt you. It is about communicating with our gods and spirits of our ancestors. Also worthy of note is that if you want to remove the old Pagan beliefs from practice, you also need to ban Easter (Our spring equinox fertility festival), Christmas (Our Winter solstice festival. Yes, WE invented the Yule tree…), May Day (our Beltaine Fire festival) and Candlemas (Our Imbolc festival to mark the turning point of winter).

    To the rest of you “devout Christians” who undoubtedly preach the “one true god” philosophy: Do me a favour and pick one. You have no less than 4 deities in Christianity: Old Testament fire and brimstone vengeful God, New Testament pot-smoking hippie loves everyone God, Jesus, and Satan. (And you also have a whole host of Arch-Angels, Angels and Saints that you worship and pray to.)

    Don’t condemn other people’s faith until you’ve taken a good long, hard look at your own. Please remember that there is a difference between religion and spirituality.

  38. grungni's servant says:

    how do you expect to convert people to christianity when you can’t even agree on something like this

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