Discovery Online – Ep. 6 The Holy Spirit

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  1. Linda Conn says:

    Thank you for these lessons! It has opened my eyes to areas that I need help in, and will be praying about them.

    The H20 explanation about the Trinity was very good. I heard about the egg, with the shell, white and yolk, or water, ice, steam, but not this version. Pretty cool!! Very well explained for others to understand Bonnie!!

    Also the explanation about the Dead Sea not flowing but the stream and rivers did is a great explanation about the Holy Spirit when we are not flowing to others with His Word. I accepted the Holy
    Spirit in 1980 at Jubilee Christian Church with Pastor Percy and Sharon Giles and was on fire for God. Lately I have felt dead in my walk with Him and maybe like you mentioned at the end of this lesson, I need to ask God to refill me with His Holy Spirit. This was an eye opener for me.

    Tongues is another area that has grown cold. In my last church we use to sing in tongues as a congregation during worship and it was beautiful and you could feel the presence of the Lord fill the church!!! However there has not been a flowing this way for many years. I would also sing in the Spirit at home but this has died also. I’m beginning to understand that something is wrong or I have been robbed in doing this. I miss it greatly!!

    Could it be so easy as just to ask God for the Holy Spirit again? Never thought to ask. I thought that you needed to be prayed over by a Pastor for this.

    Had such revelation in this study and sad that it is over. I can’t thank you enough Bonnie for you taking the time to present this course online!! Blessings to you and Church Of The Rock!!

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