Discovery Online – Ep. 4 Becoming a Follower of Jesus

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  1. Linda Conn says:

    Wow, God sure has led me to this Bible Study!
    Who’s the boss – my husband and myself
    Who or what is running my life, #1 my husband #2 – a deep seed of wanting to be popular. This comes from my childhood when my father promoted, encouraged and helped my older sister and younger brother with their gifts and talents. My sister became a dance teacher with his help, and my brother became a Magician with his help. I was the one abused and got no help with my gift of singing and playing piano or guitar. I self taught myself. He did take my sister and I to bagpipe lessons but that was not where my heart was. I wanted to be a Country singer and musician. Now 61 that dream has died. I have always wanted flowers on stage after I have sung a concert, but never sang on stage as a country singer or got flowers from my Dad like my sister did. My dad has now passed on (3 yrs now). I have tried myself to achieve my dream, but when you have no help from others a lone ranger does not get far.

    Food has also been where I go for comfort and now trying to lose the weight I put on. Not easy at my age.

    Now I have chose my husband over God and His ways.

    My choices has brought lies into my life, fear, loneliness, emptiness by allowing myself to dominate in my life.

    Years ago I felt God’s love and had a Spiritual experience where I was in His Light and felt His peace that passes all understanding. There is nothing like it. My question is after those experiences, why does myself rule instead of giving my all to Him? I’ve been driving my Spiritual car with Jesus in the backseat. How unfair of me to do this to Him.

    Not sure after all these years, how to change, or reverse my choices and put Jesus at the wheel of my car before I end up in a collision in life. Please pray that this old women finds a way to put Him first in my life.

    Please pray for our mouse infestation. I am a sensitive women and our landlord gave us traps to catch the mice in our apartment house. We live on the main floor. So far caught 6 and it is breaking my heart to kill these living creatures. I know it has to be done for our safety and health, but it is extremely hard for me to set the traps and remove the mice. I cried all morning when I found 2 more and grieved their death and said to them how sorry I am that they had to die.

    Thank you for this lesson, and I too will pray for God’s help to change. They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but like you said, all things are possible with God!!

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