Discovery Online – Ep. 3 Prayer

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  1. Linda Conn says:

    Thank you Bonnie for your videos in this course! We are close to the same age, I’m 61 yrs young and you are such an example to me in facing your fears and doing this course.

    I may be 61 but I felt like a child and cried through this teaching especially about the tithing part. This is a struggle for my husband and I for we don’t agree on what to give God. I have tried to give 10 % of my allowance, or money I have earned, and with my disability, but could not be truthful to my husband about this since he did not agree about the 10%. I felt guilty and shameful that I had lied about where our money was going since he gave me the job of taking care of our finances. I came clean with my husband and asked for his forgiveness and all is well with us now, but could not go back to my church and not give God His tithe of 10% and was shameful to give only $10 per month like my husband wanted me to give. This was one of the reasons I quit church. Caught in the middle and mentally could not handle it. The abuse threat the other reason I quit.

    Please pray for me. I so love my husband and happy that I am honest with him now and have peace about this. However I love my Lord oh so much, and my heart is tore that I have let Him down. God wants us to be cheerful when we give, and I’m sure He did not want my money when I was dishonest to my husband or feeling so guilty while giving it.

    Your course is helping me to stay afloat with my Lord, and like a little child, relearning the basics to build a stronger foundation so I can serve Him in the future in a much better way then I have.

    I became a Christian in 1980, then was raped by someone at church and turned my back on church for 10 years. My husband Gord is the reason I came back to church. He really helped me and taught me God’s Word which has helped me to attend various churches and I have grown closer to my Lord over the years even during the struggles.

    I believe that my struggles in life are for a purpose, and that He is not done with me yet. I so love Jesus! Thank you Church Of The Rock for this online course!! I don’t feel so alone with my issues!

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