Discovery Online – Ep. 2 The Bible

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  1. Linda Conn says:

    I am great at reading God’s word, and have memorized some, can meditate on it too, however applying His Word has been a challenge. I have a jealous husband that wants me all to himself, so to talk on the phone, or have people over has been a struggle in the past. Since I have left church, he has been real sweet, kind, loving, and the man I had married 22 (almost 23 years ago Dec 24/14 anniversary). He is the one that has encouraged me to do this Bible Study with Church Of The Rock since he watches you every Sunday on TV at 9:30 am. He is excited that I am getting fed with your ministry so that is a good thing. He loves the humor in your talk Pastor Mark! There is ways I have applied His word when I am out and he is not there, so God opens doors for me, to do my part when the time is right. We are both older now (I’m 61 and my husband is 71) but believe that God is not done with us yet. Music has been the gift from God to help us with all the stress and abuse we both have had in our lives. You can visit our songs that we wrote at This has been our ministry to reach the world for Christ so believe in our heart that this is our main way of applying God’s Word to reach the lost. I had stopped for a couple of months since was told it was wrong for me to do this, but my husband has encouraged me to continue since God and him knows my heart to reach the lost and this is the only way I can do so because of my life situation. Blessings for your course!!

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