Discovery Online – Ep. 1 God’s Forgiveness

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4 Responses to Discovery Online – Ep. 1 God’s Forgiveness

  1. Linda Conn says:

    I may already be a Christian, but felt a need to start over again, since I don’t believe my walk matches my talk. I have accepted the Lord again with this video and starting anew with Him. Thank you for this course, and your teaching Bonnie!! You are a breath of fresh air, during this stressful time in my life. I’m taking time away from churches for now, to just be with Jesus and praying for mental and physical healing with my Lord! I’ve been hurt twice by people in churches and people skills are my downfall. Not sure why people want to hurt and abuse me, but this has been my life since age 2. God must have a plan, but not seeing it at this time. God Bless you!

    • Tim says:

      Hey Linda! Thanks for the comment! That is so exciting to hear about your relationship with Jesus! You mention taking time away from church, what about attending church online! You can join us every week at for the current service.

      We have the current message, music, live chat and live prayer! It would be great if you come check it out and come say hello in the chat!

      Pastor Tim

  2. Tatenda says:


    I am taking the discovery online classes. I am not a new Christian though I am taking them because I recently joined Church of the Rock and it gain more understanding. Whilst taking the classes I was reminded of a scripture that troubles me which talks of the “unforgivable sin”. Mark 3:29 says blaspheming against the Holy Spirit is an eternal sin. To me this contradicts other scriptures which say all our sins have been forgiven. Can you help me interpret that verse?

    • Tim says:

      Great question Tatenda!

      When the Bible talks about blaspheming the Holy Spirit, or the unforgivable sin, it’s talking about an outright rejection of the things of God.

      You are right that our sins are forgiven when we accept that gift and enter into a relationship with Jesus. This would be talking about a rejection of that relationship and not accepting that gift.

      For a more detailed explanation, this article might be helpful:

      Hope that helps! It’s great to see you wrestling through these questions!

      Pastor Tim

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