I am on the road this week with little time to write.  So as I promised last week here is a video of actual Sunday morning services we have done at Church of the Rock.  No, we don’t do this every week, it’s a ton of work to put together.  But if there is a special occasion we raid the costume room and have a party.  Many of you will recognize all the songs but listen closely because many of the words have been changed.  Man, I love my job.  And to think they pay me to lead this bunch of crazies!  Enjoy.

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  1. Gord says:

    Clearly, you’re all nutty, talented and lovable! Faithful servants all. Looking forward to seeing you all in the Vancouver area early next year.

  2. Connie says:

    I must be blind because I can’t find the video when I log into here 🙁

  3. Sandra Mac Donald says:

    Right on, excited to see you in BC soon I hope.

  4. Connie says:

    Must have been my work blocking it cause I see it now! Awesome! I hope that you come back to Edmonton again soon! God bless!

  5. Perry Pichota says:

    That was an EXCELLENT video! It certainly looks like everyone enjoyed themselves! I wish I lived in Winnipeg only to attend Church of the Rock and be part of Pastor Mark Hughes’ congregation. I would move there, but it’s too Brrrrr… for me.

  6. Phil and Sophie says:

    Thanks! Being so far in Mexico it’s a real treat to see some of these clips again!

  7. Laurie Deisting says:

    Oh, how refreshing to witness the humour that you folks expend! I witness God’s humour quite often and most think I am crazy. Glad to see that I am not alone. Thanks for your ministry.

  8. cindy says:

    You guys are geniuses!! Man alive!! You guys should create a drama group with all the music people…
    Really creative and amazing!!
    I am truly impressed!!

  9. Victoria says:

    Well, I am slowly making it through all the months of the year to read your stuff…and I laughed my — off! Soooooooo cute, and well done. I am a d.j myself, and I remix electronic music sometimes with religious undertones, or play it…(try and find “RISE ABOVE YOUR TROUBLES”remixed by Dr.Trance in Toronto) It is totally uplifting and brings out God’s power inside of all of us. Someday I’m going beat the devil again…

  10. Fallon says:

    I love these little clips ROFL! Derek in a mullett LOL too funny, Tim as a rapper HAHA! I almost died laughing, I wish I was there to see those live 🙂 Big Fan of the praise and worship team lol turning 13 April 22, 2010 🙂 love y’all and your work 🙂 keep praising the lord P.S. the guitar player with the glasses in we’re not gonna make it without the Lord is my brother’s guitar teacher 🙂 🙂 <333

  11. Sheryl Schultz says:

    Using Classical Rock Songs with revised Christian words is a fabulous idea, and a great way to ministering to a wide variety of ages (especially baby boomers!) It also shows how ministry can be both effective and fun! Please contact me as to how I can forward this YouTube portion of your special music presentations to our W&A department, to try this same method on occasion, even if just trying it in our Singles Ministry to start. Thanks for the great inspiration! Rock On For Jesus!

  12. Joy says:

    I cannot believe that this “Church” would play music that is so clearly inspired by the enemy and attempt to make it “christian”. It just proves that Church of the Rock will use anything just to get more people in the door. Another example is “church of the rock is a party”. Really? Church should not be a party, it should be worship, praise, prayer, not singing horrible songs that were designed by the devil to distract the minds of young people away from what really matters- the message, prayer, the Bible and God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I hope that this Church “changes its tune” to actually do Gods work, and not simply try to please the people with “fun songs” and a “party”

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