The television industry is changing at an astounding rate.  Broadcasters, including faith based ones like us, have no choice in the matter, we have to keep up if we want to be in the game even in the near future.   High Definition is here and 3D is just around the corner. The picture quality has never been better… and I guess that makes up for the fact that the programming has never been worse.  I have an idea to take several of the most popular semi-reality competition shows like Dancing with the Stars, American Idol and The Biggest Loser and roll it into one show that could save us hours of TV watching time every week.  I would call it Dancing with the Fattest American Loser.  (My wife loves all three of these shows and doesn’t think this joke is funny at all.)

Speaking of saggy skin, Church of the Rock is now in High Definition.  HDTV is very unforgiving.  It shows every wrinkle, pimple and misplaced hair.  When I saw my wrinkled up face on HD for the first time I thought, “Wow, Mother Teresa and I finally have something in common.”


We have been working towards going HD for the last few years.  Virtually every single piece of television equipment we own is now obsolete.  The cost of switching over to HD has been in the 100’s of $1000’s.  But we started putting the funds together several years ago, so that when the inevitable came, we would be able to make the transition without having to borrow any money… which we didn’t.  Incidentally, I think every television ministry should live within their means.

Some of our more discerning viewers may have recognized that as of last Sunday Church of the Rock was in High Definition.  If you were watching on a standard definition channel you would have recognized the change by the fact that the picture will appear in a 16 x 9 aspect ratio letterbox.  The picture itself will not have been much of an improvement.  To watch in High Definition you will need to head to the HD channels on your dial.  They are usually in the upper ranks of 200’s or 500’s etc.  Here’s where you will find us in HD so far:

In the Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton we are on channel 214 with Shaw and 613 and 614 on Telus.

In the Toronto area we are on channels 519 and 583 with Rogers and 1214 and 1253 with Bell Fibe.

Some of the HD stations are from other time zones across Canada so don’t forget to check your local listings because you can often find the show running at a different times in your area depending on what city it is coming out of.  There may also be several other channel numbers as well that we are not yet aware.

Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec and the Maritimes are due to come on line with HD sometime in the new year.  If you have Satellite TV there are dozens of different channels and time slots where you can find us.  I have had letters from viewers that say they watch us morning, noon and night on satellite.  I guess those poor folks don’t get out much.

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  1. Betty says:

    Very interesting, Pastor Mark,and by the way, it’s still a nice picture!!.

    It is not only the older people, who have a hard time keeping up, with the technology and other things, the way everything is going now a days, even me,at my age and Praise God, we could upgrade some things this year.

    And as for the TV. shows, we have watched them too,and the reason I watched The Biggest Loser, is to see the positive attitude towards life, people get when they are healthier,and how important it is, to take good care of the tempel of God [our body],now that I’m healthier, then I have been before, Jesus said to me, some time ago,to keep my body healthier,I had to do my part.

  2. Victoria says:

    I am shocked.

    At how much you really do look like Mother Teresa!!:)

    We have Bell Satellite t.v, and also can get HD t.v. Looking forward to seeing you on it!

    God Bless, keep up your fantastic work!

  3. Bruno says:

    Oh wow, I can just picture your next speech…

    “We bring you a sharper message”

    “The Greek definition is, but the high-definition was”

    “A 180 spin in your life isn’t enough, it needs 1080p”

    Yep, looking forward 🙂

  4. Evelyn Bennett says:

    Thank you Pastor Mark for painting such a wonderful reality check about our appearance.
    Considering the fact that I like you I will ignore it, but come on!

    I still need to get ahold of that tape for November 21 in choir. I am unable to get the right foundation for my skin tone.

    Foundation hmmmm. As I ponder the word for a moment. If you are not comfortable in your own skin life will just get tougher; you wait and see.

    Wouldn’t it be easier if our choir wore clown makeup masks instead. All blemishes will magically disappear.

    Well it is just a thought.

    Beauty comes from within. Hold your head up high and say “I am beautiful”

  5. Tanja Geber says:

    Hi, Pastor Mark:

    I just watched the broadcast on Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which I quite appreciated, and I was feeling led to contact you about something that came to mind.

    Interesting that you have posted a photo of yourself looking like Mother Terersa in high-def. (I can see the similarties.:) As you mentioned, she epidomizes mercy, one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. She was able to look at ALL people outside of the world’s value scale and instead to see them as God does.

    When you were speaking of your Mother’s gift, you referenced a tragedy. A fellow that you knew committed suicide. God has given all of us His gifts, EVEN this fellow, yet he was judged by the world’s value scale as a “loser,” rather than being measured by the truth of his value as a child of God.

    Evidently, he bought into this deception and took his own life. Even though consensus on an earthly level couldn’t seem to see much value in this man, God could. We are 100% in Him!

    So many people buy into the deception of the evil one and hold others (and themselves) in judgement, rather than holding them in who they REALLY are in Chist Jesus as the Word instructs.

    Unfortunately, this man had a really “hard time” here on earth and perhaps his gift(s) never reached full fruition here. Now he knows his truth.

    Thank you for this opportunity to share my thoughts. I wish you and yours a happy, joyous and blessed Christmas season.

  6. Victoria says:

    Pastor Mark.

    I have been waiting for you to post something about Christmas.

    What is up?

    Is there anything nicer that we can talk about that celebrates peace and goodwill to all?

    Christmas is 2 days away.

    So to improve my own feelings of goodwill, and contribution to our society I am attending the Christmas eve service @ 7:00 pm this year at our church.

    I haven’t done this for years and I have received a lot of support from my church.My 3 boys were baptized this year, and I will be married to my partner of 13 years-at this church, finally!!

    I will be able to give back a little as they are having a special Christmas offering.

    I dream about being able to pay off our debt to the diocese of $52,000 so we can ensure that our church will continue to flourish into it’s 101st year!

    Well,until we win the lotto I guess I’ll just have to give 10% of our income.Is this the normal? Does it say in the Bible how much to give?

    I do know that it makes sense to give money to the churches as they are changing the lives of many,especially at Christmas.

    So don’t forget to be generous to your local parish,and help celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!

  7. Betty says:

    That is awesome, Victoria.
    It sounds like you will have the best Christmas ever, including, celebrating the important choices you and your family made.

    Have a Blessed Christmas everyone.

  8. Jane says:

    Hi victoria, this is for you. I know Pastor Mark teaches tithing, but in this we disagree. You will not find one place in the new testament for gentiles to tithe. Free will offering yes. I believe it’s necessary to give to help spread Gods word. Tithing was for the priestly tribe of Levi, and they really needed it they did not get rich from it. Read in the OT why. Most TV Evangelists teach giving 10% and free will offerings, which they get extremely rich from, and live a ridiculous pampered life. I’m not saying that is the case with Pastor Mark.

    The law of Moses, the civic and ceremonial law ended with the death of Jesus. Only the moral law remains, which can be summerized in the two laws Christ gave us. You notice the saterday sabbath is not taught, yet the tithe is. That is done because most of our ministers hate to let it go. But that is wrong. Don’t take my word for it study your bible, it will tell you the truth.

  9. Jane says:

    Just an add on tithes, for some people 10% is way to much, for others not nearly enough.

    We are not under the laws of Moses. Time and again Paul talks about our freedom from the law. We are under the love of Christ. Works will not save us but we show our faith by our works, which has nothing to do with the Mosaic law.

  10. Corinne says:

    Just thought I would tell you that you look great in HD… so not to worry.

    But interestingly enough, my husband and I were just recently told by our Daughter-in-law (who works at Sephora) that they now have “HD Makeup” just for that purpose 😉

    PS… we very much enjoyed your sermon in Calgary today and loved the music!!

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