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I am on the road this week with little time to write.  So as I promised last week here is a video of actual Sunday morning services we have done at Church of the Rock.  No, we don’t do this every week, it’s a ton of work to put together.  But if there is a special occasion we raid the costume room and have a party.  Many of you will recognize all the songs but listen closely because many of the words have been changed.  Man, I love my job.  And to think they pay me to lead this bunch of crazies!  Enjoy.

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Every once and a while I preach a message that knocks a whole lot of noses out of joint.  To be honest, I never really know which ones they will be until the emails start coming in Sunday afternoon.  I must confess, I do rather enjoy rattling people’s cages more than I should.  This week I am in Ottawa speaking at the Billy Graham School of Evangelism so I don’t have much time to write.  So instead I am going to leave with you this 9 minute video segment on the rapture, which got more mail than any sermon yet.  Both for and against.  Enjoy!

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