New Neighbors

This Saturday was a beautiful day to be outside! There were three of us that headed out with lawn mowers to see what we could do to help out our neighbors.

We managed to talk to a few people who wanted their lawns mowed. One woman was very thankful that we were there to mow her lawn as their lawn mower had just died half way through cutting their grass. We were able to finish it for them. She asked if we took donations and it was a great opportunity to share with her that we are not doing this for donations but rather to show the people of this community, God’s love! We got to explain to another family what the Adopt-A-Block group does for the community and they said their family was going to check out the church on Sunday.

We are continually meeting new people as some move away and others move in. It’s great to be able to do something nice for people who totally do not expect it. Come and join us this Saturday if you haven’t already!

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Is it hot out here or what?

The weather was amazing this past Saturday as four of us headed out to pick up garbage and cut grass.The group had a great time of fellowship together and with the neighbors.

One of the people on the blocks were getting ready to build a fence so we were able to help move a bunch of the fence panels into his yard for him. We had a great time talking with him and getting to know him better. Others on the block asked if would let them know the next time we are bringing the trailer around to pick up garbage.

Everyone is really appreciative with what Church of the Rock and the Adopt-A-Block team does for them and their community. Come and check it out some time!

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Garbage Day

We had a great day this past Saturday.  We had a little bigger group and as such, were able to accomplish a lot.  We had three lawnmowers going at once (sometimes all on the same lawn) and we mowed a lot of lawns (by kathleen).  We also brought a trailer along to load up garbage that people from the community were unable to get rid of on their own.

People were so appreciative of our willingness to haul away their unwanted junk for them.  It  is always so rewarding to see the looks of shock, and appreciation on peoples faces when we do something like this.

If you have never come out to AAB before, or have not come for a long time, maybe it is time for you to come check it out.  It is such a rewarding ministry to be a part of!

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God Heals Today!

On Saturday, there were just two of us that went out to the blocks. We left the lawn mowers at the Church and headed out with garbage bags instead. It was a beautiful morning.

There was not much that we were able to do but we managed to weed a few flower beds and talk to people that we haven’t talked to in a while. One lady had injured her back and was not able to plant the flowers we handed out for free last week, so she asked if we would be able to do it for her. We said sure and planted the flowers, afterwards we asked if we could pray for her back and she agreed. God miraculously healed her back completely! We could tell that God touched her in a significant way as she began to open up and share more of her life story with us.

It was truly amazing to see God heal her and have her open up to us so that we now have a deeper relationship with more people on the two blocks.

Come and be a part of the amazing things that God is doing in the lives of our neighbors.

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