Adopt-a-Block October 2013

Hey there!

Just wanted to update you about Adopt-a-Block that happened this past Saturday October 19. We had a great crew of over 20 people come and help out! They came with a truck, a trailer, rakes, leaf blowers, and a great attitude, ready to serve! And serve we did! Here’s a short video:

We cleaned up and took away a trailer full of leaves, cleaned up a bunch of branches, and got to pray for one lady as well.  A number of the team members came up to me afterwards and thanked me for inviting them, and said that they had a good time and looked forward to coming again soon.

Here’s a picture of the leaves we raked, piled into the trailer:

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this Adopt-a-Block a great success! We could not have done this without you!

Our next Adopt-a-Block will be happening a little less than two weeks from now on November 2, 2013. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, I invite you to come out and join us then! We will meet in the Multi-purpose room at 9:30 AM. Also, send me a quick email at to let me know you’re coming.

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January 2013 Adopt-A-Block

WOW! Can you believe it’s already 2013! Well January has definitely been a cold month, with lots and lots of snow.

Even though the temperatures have dropped below -40, we are dedicated to going out and helping our neighbors. There were a couple of Saturday mornings that came just after a blizzard so there was plenty of snow to shovel. We talked with some of the people who were brave enough to open their doors on those cold days and chat with us for a bit.

Come and help out at Adopt-A-Block this Saturday. It is lots of fun and I think the cold snap is finished, at least for a while. Don’t forget to dress warm and bring your shovels.

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December 2012 Adopt-A-Block

The month of December is always a fun one! As usual we headed out to shovel snow and to see if there was anything else our neighbors needed help with.

We had some great conversations with people and talked about Christmas plans. This year we were able to deliver Christmas cookies to the homes on the blocks and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Many people were very grateful for the Cookies and appreciative of everything Church of the Rock has done for them over the years.

We even received a few thank you cards that people sent, wanting to show their thanks and appreciation.

Made any New Years Resolutions yet? Why not make coming out to Adopt-A-Block one of them! Come and join us this Saturday! Don’t forget to dress warm and bring your shovels.

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November 2012 Adopt-A-Block

The month of November has been a great month! Sure there is lots of snow falling and it is definitely cold outside, but God is good and is doing amazing things!

We have continued to connect with our neighbors as we talk with them and see what kind of needs they are having and how we can try to meet them. Mostly we are shoveling snow and getting opportunities to pray for people.

One weekend we were out, a random man saw our group and asked how he could get baptized! One of our group members told him that he could contact one of the Pastors at the Church for more information on Baptism. Through further conversations with this man, the Pastor discovered that it was actually a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that he needed first, so the man accepted Jesus as his personal Savior!

There are many other stories as well, where God has been answering the prayers of the community as we simply go out and show them God’s amazing Love. It is truly amazing to see God at work!

Come and join us in all that God is doing and share in the excitement!! Don’t forget to dress warm and bring your shovels.

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