Book Sale Event Nov 2nd

Book Sale Event November 2nd


This Wednesday at 9:20am we will be blowing out all of our old stock!  All books are brand new and will be sold for only $10.00 each.  The sale will go until worship begins and then open again during the coffee break.

Thank you to Pastor Duane for an incredible teaching on Prophetic Ministry!

Small Groups will continue with their regular study this week.

Chickie and Karen’s Groups will begin a new study by Craig Groeschel called “Weird.”  Blessings to your group as you venture into this incredible series.

Looking for a great blog to read?  Check out – here’s a sample of one of the posts.
Blog Post – Click Here

Prayer for Today:

Lord, heighten my spiritual senses
to see that which is not visible,
hear that which is not audible,
sense that which is not tangible,
believe that which is unbelievable.
Teach me to sort through
the noises of this world,
to hear and discern Your powerful,
wonderful, pure, precious voice.

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