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September Adopt-A-Block

The month of September has been really amazing! The weather is warm for fall and everything looks so beautiful with all the fall colored leaves.

The majority of the work in fall always consists of raking leaves, so it has been nice to have the extra hands come and help out as there are plenty of leaves that fall on the two blocks.

There has been a lot happening this month with people moving in and out, lots of people answering their doors and wanting to chat which is nice. We were able to pray for a lady who almost had a friend of hers pass away in her arms, but has thankfully recovered. Another lady gave us a praise report from her doctor that told her she has 100% full mobility in her hips after being prayed for! Had a conversation with a man about how Jesus came to earth to die for our sins and that our good works don’t actually save us. Shared with a young mother that we do Adopt-A-Block because Jesus has shown us so much love that we want to share that love with other people by helping them out.

All in all it was a fantastic month for Adopt-A-Block. God is doing some great things in the hearts and lives of our neighbors. Come on out and join in on the fun!

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August Adopt-A-Block

The month of August has been a great time to finish off the Summer. There have been several people that joined in helping once a month with Adopt-A-Block and the weather has been beautiful!

August has been a bit slow in connecting with people as many are still on vacation or out at the cabin but for those that have stayed home, we were able to connect with and help out in several different ways. Many lawns got cut and we were able to help some people beautify their gardens by pulling weeds. No matter if we are able to help or not, people are always appreciative of our willingness to be there for them and help them out.

Thanks to everyone who came to help out during the Summer! We look forward and are excited for what God has in store for our neighbors this year. Won’t you come and join us?

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This weekend was another beautiful Saturday as three people headed out with lawn mowers to mow lawns.

Many people were away this weekend but the group managed to mow a few lawns and pull some weeds. Chatted with some people about Summer plans and what they have been up to.

Just a heads up to those of you who read the Adopt A Block Blog. We will be changing the frequency of the Blog updates from weekly to monthly. So rather than getting updated on what has been happening each week, we will be updating everyone on the things God is doing on a monthly basis. Another added feature is that the Blog will be also posted on the Church of the Rock’s main Website page under Latest News and Events which is exciting and will hopefully get Adopt A Block a little more exposure!

If there are any questions/concerns about the new changes or maybe you are interested in joining us for a Saturday, feel free to stop by the church on Saturday morning or give the Church office a call @ 261-0070.

Thanks to all of those who have been following the Blog and keeping updated on what God has been doing in the lives of the people we serve in our community!

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New Neighbors

This Saturday was a beautiful day to be outside! There were three of us that headed out with lawn mowers to see what we could do to help out our neighbors.

We managed to talk to a few people who wanted their lawns mowed. One woman was very thankful that we were there to mow her lawn as their lawn mower had just died half way through cutting their grass. We were able to finish it for them. She asked if we took donations and it was a great opportunity to share with her that we are not doing this for donations but rather to show the people of this community, God’s love! We got to explain to another family what the Adopt-A-Block group does for the community and they said their family was going to check out the church on Sunday.

We are continually meeting new people as some move away and others move in. It’s great to be able to do something nice for people who totally do not expect it. Come and join us this Saturday if you haven’t already!

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